Lightning Returns Is The Best Final Fantasy Game Since FFX

Gary Swaby at The Koalition writes: We're less than a month away from the Western release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy, and demo's are finally starting to roll out to the public. I've praised this game ever since playing it multiple times at events, and after playing it once more my faith in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has been boosted.

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Snookies121669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Huh? I enjoy the XIII series, and will surely play this game. However, I've seen a lot of bad reviews for the game, calling it the worst in the XIII series. I don't see how it could possibly stack up to X.

Hicken1669d ago

To be fair, there probably aren't that many reviewers giving the game a fair shake, as has been the case since the first XIII. I mean, we've seen LR get hate since it was announced, with people even saying it was the same crap as XIII and XIII-2, despite it OBVIOUSLY being a very different type of game. Therefore, I have a hard time trusting negative reviews for this game.

That said, if it turns out to be better than XII- which was very good, in my opinion- then it's pretty much automatically the best since X. I don't count the MMOs, so that would leave X-2, XII, XIII, and XIII2. I liked XIII quite a bit- and quite a bit more than XIII-2- but perhaps not quite as much as XII. X is my second favorite behind VIII, and I'd probably put XII third in line.

Well, in any case, I'm looking forward to it. I like interesting uses of time in games.

rbailey1669d ago

Downloading now and will give my feedback in a little while.

josephayal1669d ago

lolWut? FF 12 is way way betta

trywizardo1669d ago

i thought Xii was better than X , everyone thinks Xii is better than X
anyhow yeah LR is great game (in my opinion) i hope it will get great reviews

thegreatklemba1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

except 10 stinks last true great final fantasy game that didnt have stupid leather clad emo whiney kids with werid janky plots was 6. This is my story, shut up tidus no one likes you and blizts ball is stupid. i still give credit that at least 10 had some input and strategy to gameplay unlike 13 that was autopilot with macros.
I still hate that most peoples first final fantasy game was etiher 7,8,or 10. thats the true downfall in the series as a whole. people want more of that crazy stupid stuff instead of an epic story with real character arcs like in 6. AH hell its just my opinion.People should go back and play older real classic rpgs and then tell me if these ff games are true ff games

Mutant-Spud1669d ago

I just wish they'd get rid of the ditzy "squeaky voiced girl" character they put in every game, crazy stuff is fine with me but in the last few there's always that one character who grates on me through the whole game.

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The story is too old to be commented.