Games Cost Too Much, but Lets Blame 'Sales'

Cinelinx " I was reading an article on GameIndustry International and they were talking about how an indie developer on Steam was complaining about game sales. According to the developer the fact that games go on sale totally ruin the industry. Why? Well “it creates a waiting game,” where people will simply wait for a game to be cheap before buying it. I don’t think it’s a logical complaint and perhaps the industry should look into the complaint, and how it was handled in a brilliant way by this developer."

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Meltic1667d ago

Delaying games COSTs much too. if they thought a bit before they would release a near clear game then they shouldn't have to delay the game. Delay a game just beacuse other good games comes. ''WATCH DOGS''

B1uBurneR1667d ago

I rather devs go hard on putting advertising in games to bring the price down before they raise the price of games

Saryk1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

The market will handle what it can. If a consumer wants to wait, then so be it. If a company wants to put the price out of the hands of the average consumer, then it has the right. But don’t bitch about it!