Candy Crush Developer Sets its Sights on The Banner Saga with Trademark Opposition

Today it was reported about Candy Crush developer King going after several smaller developers after trademarking the word “Candy,” but that’s not all. They're now going after The Banner Saga

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sashimi1549d ago

Candy Crush...thinks they can do w/e they want now that they have one popular game /facepalm

1549d ago
ChemicalWorld1549d ago

What's up with all these retard mobile game companies?

Scratch that I know the answer, casual games makers = quick buck idiots, nuff said.

FarEastOrient1549d ago

Copyright and trademark laws needs to be fixed big time. Who in that gov office was dumb enough to approve this? "Saga" was used in titles back in the NES days, before was even dreamed of.

MiloGarret1549d ago

Making loads of cash based on a silly and simple game makes them idiots? These guys are fucking geniuses. Their PR department is pretty clever too, look at all this publicity.

LAWSON721549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I dont think they could win anything, like seriously "Saga". That is like trying to get some who uses war or dark. Then again trademarks and crap are so broken

hulk_bash19871549d ago

Screw Candy Crush and it's greedy ass developers.

Kiffy851549d ago

Shame they didn't go after The Twilight "Saga"

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