Extra Punctuation Hardware is Gimmicks

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw

So, we have the PS4. And the PS4 has a big thing in the middle of the controller that has the function of a track pad but which you can press in like a button. So a track pad on a Mac, then. It's the specter of hardware gimmicks in new consoles again. When you're trying to persuade the users to throw their old consoles and all its games away, sometimes plain old slightly better graphics just doesn't adequately provide that motivation. So the other thing you can do to persuade people to move with the times is pretend that the hardware by which the games are played has had to be massively updated, putting paid to silly notions like backwards compatibility.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Oh lord, an article that uses "gimmick" and "PS4" in the same breath.

Flame shields up, people. This may get ugly...

1614d ago
Chapter111614d ago

I love what Yahtzee has to say, and I agree about what he has to say about next gen consoles. But he's really starting to turn into a PC elitest, isn't he?

HeavenlySnipes1614d ago

He generally doesn't like much console exclusives, I would be a PC elitist too if I had the same taste as him

Qrphe1614d ago

"It's a gimmick if I dont like it"

Down the wrong path again Yahtzee

cl19831614d ago

Whether you like an item or not doesn't qualify or disqualify something from being a gimmick. An item being a gimmick doesn't necessarily make it a bad thing. I don't have much hands on time on the ps4 controller to make any judgement of the touch pad, usefulness, but being that Sony tried to make it the big niche for the controller it is a gimmick. This also applies to Microsoft and their new trigger rumble system. It's up to how the developers use the item to see if it a good gimmick or a crappy gimmick that takes away from how the game's played. Sadly the DS3 six axis wasn't used well by the developers and that gimmick went away.