Mega64 gets cheeky with their Dead Rising 3 skit

"You may have heard about the new Xbox One update for Dead Rising 3 and its whopping 13GB download size. Mega64 certainly heard about it and has responded in kind with a new video that’s as cheeky as ever.

The hour-long skit perfectly captures what Dead Rising 3 players will probably be experiencing when the update is being applied. Might want to use that multi-tasking Snap function when downloading it.

Polygon reported that the 13GB patch is 56 percent of the full size of Dead Rising 3 if you were to purchase the digital version from the Xbox Games Store. The update promises to fix a number of stability issues, texture hiccups and mission scripting bugs, along with patching in support for the game’s upcoming third and fourth DLC episodes." - Patrick Kulikowski

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Nitrowolf21707d ago

This is freak'n brilliant XD

1707d ago
FamilyGuy1707d ago

Damn, I wish I could download 13Gb in just 1 hour lol.

This is funny but really screwed up.

Rainstorm811707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

13 GB for an update damn.....and i complained about BF3 massive 2GB updates on PS3

Anyone know what the update does?

30 mins in....."Almost halfway to your reward - a limitless array of new experiences" LMAO

Cant this download in the background??

(45 mins in) "Connection too slow? Consider upgrading your home internet package" Lmao surely these arent really on the X1 are they??


LMAO @ 97% Complete.....Every X1 update doesn't really say that....i don't believe it.... That's some Mass Effect level indoctrination there

Christopher1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

That's messed up. And not in a bad way. More people joking about this, the more Microsoft will, hopefully, learn from their mistakes. Hey, look what wonders it did for Sony?

SilentNegotiator1707d ago

...wait, MICROSOFT's mistakes? It's Capcom that should have been able to patch their game without it being half of the size of their game.

Christopher1707d ago

It's both, but I put more blame on Microsoft considering they pushed it from a 360 game to Xbox One (and Capcom accepted for funding) and allowed it on their system even though it obviously had flaws.

The age of Bethesda programming needs to stop and the responsibility doesn't rest solely upon the developer's head when everyone goes through a certification and testing process.

andrewsqual1707d ago

Love these guys because they are actual Americans who take the piss of Microsoft in all the right ways. Even their "Year Review" videos are hilarious where they act as 2 Xbox COD idiots bro high fiving on everything. :)

matrixman921707d ago

I f***ing love Mega64. One of the funniest internet groups IMO

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