Microsoft Isn’t the Only Company That Will Pay For Promotion on Youtube

In the last few days quite the hubbub exploded because of an agreement between Microsoft and Machinima to bring positive promotion for the Xbox One on YouTube, but apparently Microsoft isn’t the only company enacting that kind of practice. New sources show that Electronic Arts does it as well, and YouTubers confirm that it's a much more common practice that it seems.

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The_Infected1343d ago

They're the ones dumb enough to get caught though.

jackanderson19851343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

except Sony got caught in 2006 doing something quite similar

@below it's a story about the gaming industry as a whole (and others aswell) and his comment is heavily implying that only EA and MS got caught doing it

rarity1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Except This has nothing to do with sony

@AngelicIceDiamond oh ok thanks for that information

AngelicIceDiamond1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

I think @Jack means this

Before everyone jumps down MS throat allot of companies do it.

@Kayant Yeah that's right. Its not a good thing why are people pointing fingers at individuals? We should point the finger at the industry.

If people disapprove of certain hardware, games or whatever maybe they should release actual good games or hire a team to make good games they have the money they have the power.

Its low to pay people to say nice things about your products. EA, MS, Sony at the time who ever's doing now its just wrong.

Kayant1343d ago

"except Sony got caught in 2006 doing something quite similar" - They were caught and suffered the consequences of their actions did they not? If so no company should be exempt they should be call out similarly and face their actions. This shouldn't just be swept under the rug for it to just continue. What's the point of that?

Pogmathoin1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

But people are only complaining about MS on this site ssj4, so stating that Sony got caught before is very relevant here. How many times have people been told here, back in the day when xbox fanboys bashed Sony fanboys over the PS3 launch even if the article had nothing to do with the other... its the N4G way of things... certainly not the place for a rational discussion...Also remember a movie from Sony pictures, where people from Sony were shown a preview.... had them tell great comments about the garbage movie.... then got caught out... its a common practice in the entertainment industry regardless.... its only because its MS that people are stirring it up...

dedicatedtogamers1343d ago

Sony Too™

Seriously, how does this help discussion? The fact that Sony did it 8 years ago in a fairly unrelated way somehow makes this...okay? Or not as bad?

BTW, Sony got raked over the coals for doing it back then. Again, I'll ask: what does this have to do with Microsoft doing it now?

MysticStrummer1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

@Angelic - That is in no way similar to this. As allformats correctly pointed out below, the issue is that disclosure of the paid endorsement was forbidden. That is illegal.

@Jack - No it's not really the same thing. A fake blog to promote PSP, and the article linked says the company was "presumably" paid by Sony to do it, isn't the same as paying YouTube users to promote your product and forbidding them to disclose the payment. By the way, it's that forbidding of disclosure that's the issue, not the paid endorsement. That's why it's not the same thing. All commercials are paid endorsements, but when a person is paid to say they like to drink Coke it's a matter of public record.

jackanderson19851343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

@kayant not really, they actually made a joke about it in a press statement, updated the site to say it was paid by SCEA, took down the awful youtube video, deleted the positive comments and that was the end of it really. FTC did nada about it then again maybe if this gets big enough the FTC will actually do something about it rather than the generic statement of "we take it on a case by case basis"

@mystic they created a fake blog to promote the PSP it's the exact same thing, they even had a fake youtube video to go along with it... only difference was they paid actors to do it and didn't disclose the fact (until they got found out) while Machinima used gamers who are active in the Let's Play scene

@dedicated it's relevant because had the FTC actually did something beyond a "oh it's bad they shouldn't have done it" then the companies wouldn't be so blatantly engaging in it these days. Also this article is about the industry as a whole doing it and the 06 story just shows that it's been going around a long time and the FTC or their equivalents do diddly squat about it

@mysthic SCEA came out themselves with a statement and said that they did it in a very jokey manner the article Angelic posted was just the beginning of it being found out... and it is similar as the blog (which were big back then supposedly) and the video (which was touted as a dedicated gamer desperately wanting the product) weren't ever said as being paid for by Sony until they were found out and had to release a statement about it

Machinima paid gamers to talk about the xbox (didn't even need to be positive a simple statement of "i'm on the xbox one" was suffice) while sony paid actors to actively drive the image that the PSP was a product in demand by "real" gamers and neither company disclosed it until they got caught out

AKissFromDaddy1343d ago

Why are you projecting this topic? Don't look a at Microsoft marketing in 2014, let's look back eight years at Sony's marketing in 2006.


That's in the past. I'm confident Sony received its fair amount of criticism. This is about Microsoft, Machinima, however this one is about EA. People think so lowly of EA, people are writing, "Of course EA does this, it's EA." People think highly of Microsoft, thus why is a hot issue. Gamers and loyalist don't want to think that of Microsoft because it's a turnoff.

It's bad marketing.

staticdash221343d ago

This has nothing to do with Sony. Nice bringing an article from 2006 in the discussion

Bigpappy1343d ago

I really don't see the problem here. These guys on you tube are mostly no credible fanboy. Might as well grease them a bit to give you some positive spin.

Now if IGN and Gamespot got caught taking some of this loot, the I think we would have a problem ... and a huge story.

starchild1343d ago

Haha look at the Sony fanboys trying to sweep Sony's dirty record under the rug. Rootkit anyone?

It's like "let's not talk about how Sony is dirty too, this is our chance to bash Microsoft and we're not going to let a good opportunity to bash go to waste".

You guys are funny. The irrationality and double standards are all too predictable and sad.

Kayant1343d ago


And did they not receive the backlash that they deserved for it. Did they not in the end acknowledge it. MS has yet to say anything on the matter. This was only Machinima responding. Or are use saying MS had not clue what was coming on in this campaign.

"Machinima paid gamers to talk about the xbox (didn't even need to be positive a simple statement of "i'm on the xbox one" was suffice)" - Lmaooo no that is not what the guidelines/rules say say.

2. You may not say anything negative or disparaging about Machinima, Xbox One or any of its Games in your Campaign Video;
3. You must feature at least thirty seconds (:30) of gameplay/footage of any Xbox One game within the first 2 minutes of Campaign Video
4. You must verbally mention that you are playing the game shown on the Xbox One console.

"while sony paid actors to actively drive the image that the PSP was a product in demand by "real" gamers and neither company disclosed it until they got caught out" - Isn't that what is happening here or am I missing something this is pushing possible false impressions about a console/game. And again was Sony not call out. Are you saying because Sony Too™ MS shouldn't be called out for their actions and all should be well and rosey.

So this is basically Sony Too™ did it so it's OK but MS shouldn't be called out. "It's all standard industry practice".

DragonKnight1343d ago


You know it's funny, people say that Sony did this 8 years ago and yet no one has provided a link that proves it.

Also, FTC guidelines for this exact thing came into effect in 2009, not 2006, so what relevance does Sony's alleged participation in such stealth marketing have to this situation?

jackanderson19851343d ago

@dragonknight here ya go a link to it showing sony did the same thing and even admitting it blatantly

@kayant where does it say they've to speak positively about the Xbox one.... if they said i'm on the xbox one while showing 30 seconds of gameplay then there they met all those requirements you listed

and they're the exact same situation is the point i was trying to get across mystic seemed to think they weren't the same

and never once have i said it's ok because Sony did it i was replying to the original commenter with the fact that Sony had done it before and been caught so his comment (which any reasonable person would take as only MS & EA have been caught) is infact wrong and i was correcting it with the statement.

and i wouldn't say they got major backlash on it... sites reported on it alright but none were really calling for the FTC to get involved or calling them unethical liars to the industry or whatever else MS have managed to pick up in the last 2 or so days.... had this happened next year or the year after i doubt there would have been any response like this

and the FTC have had guidelines for advertisement/endorsements for a long time they've just gotten updated to include video bloggers (what sony did was used paid actors which was covered under the FTC act)

scott1821343d ago

Oh jeez, Sony's old viral marketing stunt for the psp. Actually back then people ragged on Sony endlessly, without mercy. Now Microsoft pays people to speak positively about the box and you see articles like this popping up defending it. And the same people ragging on Sony 8 years ago now "don't see anything wrong with it"

No Sony isn't perfect, you could go back many, many years and find things they did, but they learned from it and are a better company now. I love how much MS has tried to pull with the X1, and still they can do no wrong.

DragonKnight1343d ago

@jackanderson1985: You know what's interesting about your link? That no one specifically from Sony was named as having admitted to that and that the "admittance" is in suspect language.

What kind of corporation would admit to something with the opening sentence of "Busted. Nailed. Snagged."

And it's signed "Sony Computer Entertainment America" rather than a name of someone who works there.

Care to try harder?

JasonKCK1343d ago

It was never an issue before, it's only a problem now because it's MS. Bringing up the fact that other companies do it like Sony and EA, will just end up in denial and spin. As you can see already, the statement made by MS and Machinima is being taken out of context. Soon fantasy and speculation will take over what was actually said and done.

Where is my little shadow?

scott1821343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

And Sony's was actually a viral marketing ad, not paid for reviews by supposedly unbiased youtube personalities.

Yes the all I want for Christmas is a psp video was a very stupid viral attempt, it wasn't a review of a product.

JokesOnYou1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Yep sony too, so what if it was 2006 it might as well be today but they just have a seemingly unbiased company rep run a youtube channel...but who cares it's marketing.


If a potential buyer watches a youtube vid that says xbox is the best thing since sliced bread but it's not paid for by micro vs one that says the same thing but it is paid for by micro what exactly evil has occurred other than one is free advertising and one is not....unless you are sure that the opinion is not the authors own= it was forced or the content/facts are false then who has been harmed? Actually a forced opinion isn't wrong just sad that some would sell their integrity if they don't believe what they say and we see it all the time (celebrities pitching cheap products or cars they don't really drive, Shaq drives a Buick, yeah right!)...but from what I understand that's not the case, these guys aren't being forced they are just making a small fee to say positive things that they already were saying for free. lol, but really this isn't IGN so why would anyone take a youtube vid as the definitive source for buying info.

As a X1 owner who wants to see micro sell tons more consoles= large fanbase justifies more exclusive games by devs so I say Yep micro screw the haters use ALL your resources to *legally market your platform. Haters will cry cause they don't want you to be successful.

GameNameFame1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

another MS apologist.

It is against Federal Trade Commission. The agency who controls scams.

I dearly love the apologist who try desperately to defend MS when the commissions guideline clearly state this is illegal. It is prob too small fish for the trade commission, but amount of damage control is hilarious.

DragonKnight1343d ago

@Jokes: Please stop. Your wanton Microsoft defense is actually physically ailing. There's no proof that Sony did anything in 2006, and even assuming they did, they didn't pay an average joe to promote the PSP under the guise of trust and unbiased opinions.

And if you really think Sony did it based on the stupid "confession" that was poorly written and signed SCEA, then you're the most hardcore of Xbox fanboy looking to shout "SonyToo™" I've ever seen.

And did you really ask the difference between someone who voiced an opinion on their own and an opinion bought and paid for? Wow, there's no limits to how far you're willing to defend Microsoft and accept every shady business practice they use is there?

And sorry bud, but what they did was ILLEGAL. Not legal in any sense of the word. And if you're proud of the fact that Microsoft is so afraid that their console can't sell on its own merits that they actually have to buy positive press, then your standards are ridiculously low.

I swear, the more I see people who willingly accept Microsoft's B.S. the more I wish for a gaming crash. "We love a corporation calling us criminals and thus restricting our rights to buy, sell, trade, and play used games", "Video Games? Who needs them when my console has TV?", "Microsoft is paying people to say nothing but good things about the console even if it was exploding in people's faces? Sign me up, I want free money to lie."

That's what you Microsoft fans sound like.

starchild1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )


I don't care what you and the rest of the frothing-at-the-mouth Sony loyalists say. You aren't legal experts.

I care about my own judgement of what is ethical and unethical. Sony is just as guilty as any other large company of practices that border on, and sometimes cross over to, the unethical. The fact that you are either too stupid or biased to see it doesn't change that fact.

The amount of energy and hate you guys consistently must muster to continue your daily campaign against Microsoft and the Xbox is truly astounding, and seems to be almost pathological.

I don't own an Xbox One nor a Wii U and will unlikely ever own either one, but I don't spend time hating on things I don't prefer to own.

Rootkit, Sony employees writing fake reviews, Sony setting up fake "fan sites", Sony giving away free consoles and other swag to journalists...none of this stuff matters to you. But as soon as something negative about Microsoft is dug up it is latched onto, exaggerated, and a tremendous amount of energy is expended trying to froth it up into a big deal.

DragonKnight1343d ago

@starchild: You don't have to be a legal expert to read FTC guidelines. Here, I'll help you out with that...


You see where it says that full disclosure is a requirement where paid endorsements occur? Yeah, you don't need a degree in law to understand that.

So paying people to say the Xbox One is awesome and forcing them to keep the fact that they were paid to say that is ethical to you? And I suppose you have proof that Sony did that right? Because don't get it twisted, Sony paying a marketing company isn't Sony paying some average joe to lie for them.

There's also no proof that Sony ever did anything like this. The links that have been provided make a circumstantial link and provide a "confession" with unprofessional writing and no one taking responsibility.

So no, Sony doesn't do what Microsoft does.

Microsoft brings everything on themselves. And quite frankly, I don't care what you choose to say about what you don't own. Say whatever you want or don't want to say. You have no right to dictate what people can and can't say because your sensibilities don't apply to anyone but yourself.

"Rootkit, Sony employees writing fake reviews, Sony setting up fake "fan sites", Sony giving away free consoles and other swag to journalists...none of this stuff matters to you."

Well Rootkit doesn't matter to me because it has nothing to do with gaming at all, so that's irrelevant.

What "fake" reviews? Can you prove Sony did that?

What "fake fan sites?" Can you prove Sony set up fake fan sites?

Sony didn't "give away free consoles and swag"

Sony invited journalists to an event to give them PS4's to review because they hadn't given out any PS4's before that point. You'd know that if you'd paid any attention to Adam Sessler's incessant whining about it.

Oh, but you wanna talk swag?

Gee, I wonder if an $800 bag o' swag had anything to do with Halo 3 scores hmm? Nah, I'm sure it didn't.

You're free to be ignorant and sheepish all you want to, don't blame us for your foolish mistakes biting you in the a$$ down the road. What Microsoft have been doing for a long time is trying to exert total control over gaming and gamers, and this time they've had to actually buy positive press out of fear. Their practices are reprehensible and they deserve everything they get for them.

You don't like that? Well guess what? At the top left of your screen is an arrow point like this <- It means "go back" and will prevent you from having to read what you don't like to read. I suggest you use it.

JokesOnYou1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

"@Jokes: Please stop. Your wanton Microsoft defense is actually physically ailing. There's no proof that Sony did anything in 2006, and even assuming they did, they didn't pay an average joe to promote the PSP under the guise of trust and unbiased opinions."

-NO, no you just stop, sony were indeed behind the "pretend homemade vids" for PSP or do you really think many sites like joystq were making this up outright calling sony liars with no proof and not being sued=

"Furthermore, the site only uses lower case letters, always references "two" as "2," embraces hip phrases like "here's the deal," publishes fake user-generated comments like "this is the best site ever" under the alias of True Gamer, and posts homemade rap videos full of stage props and trite "izzies." The above video is sure to reach the top spot on YouTube by tomorrow. It just screams street cred."

"Because don't get it twisted, Sony paying a marketing company isn't Sony paying some average joe to lie for them."

-lmfao so let me get this straight, where you draw the line is that its OK to pay a company to make a pro sony homemade vid pretending to be a unbiased user but it's not OK to pay an average joe to do the same?...right OK, btw just because it's paid positive comments doesn't make it a lie.

-So what I see here is typical n4g one way bias, call me a defender while telling me to ignore 2006 and what might be going on as we speak in a variety of ways from sony. Oh but NO way would sony pay someone to advertise for them WITHOUT telling us up front cause ONLY micro does that so our agenda says conspiracy theories are ONLY valid if they are about micro and let's all conveniently forget here that Microsoft claims to not be the one who made this arrangement with youtube folks.

-I tell you what I'll openly apologize to ANY of those on this crusade to protect ALL OF US from these evil ad practices when you or ANYONE here screaming bloody murder against micro provide a 2006 or past link/comment against sony for the very same tactics. Until then since I dont give a damm about n4g popularity contests I stand behind my comments, and will once again label this under nothing more than hot air "OMG rants" by the ps elite soap box vigilantes.

DragonKnight1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Where... is... the... evidence? Hmm? Where is it? I'm not talking about a recitation of what was on a site. I'm talking about proof that it was SONY responsible for this. See, if you bothered to read the article you linked, you'd see this... "presumably one hired by Sony."

PRESUMABLY. That means they are presuming Sony hired this company based on the testimonials, not on any solid fact. So do you have anything to show me where a named individual from Sony spoke for Sony and took responsibility for this?


YES! Only someone completely dense in the head would think that a professional marketing company EXPECTED to do their job is the same as an average person being paid to speak positively. I can't believe that needs explaining to you. A marketing company fabricating positivity for a product is what marking companies have been hired to do since the beginning of advertising. Or did you believe Billy Mays when he said that Oxy Clean could get your whites whiter in seconds?

Paying an average person to fabricate an opinion is NOT the same thing. It's using the inherent trust that exists in the kind of "word of mouth" reviewing that people go to YouTube for and paying for it to be skewed.

Oh and umm this "just because it's paid positive comments doesn't make it a lie" line? B.S. If something is the truth, you don't need to pay for it to be said.

"So what I see here is..."

I'm telling you to PROVE 2006. Show some evidence, not just the word of some site that drew upon circumstantial evidence to make a claim that was never backed by anything legitimate. PROVE IT! What "might" be going on in a variety of ways from Sony? So now your speculation equals proof, or are you just looking to throw in your SonyToo™ in the mix to make what MS did ok because someone else MAY be doing something similar as well? Which, of course, is something you have no basis in fact for.

Your gut feeling that Sony "MIGHT" be doing the same thing is nothing more than the wishful thinking of a Microsoft fanboy who can do nothing but defend every shady business practice Microsoft does by trying somehow to link other companies to doing the same thing.

I, nor anyone here, give a damn about your phony apologies and why would anyone provide you a link to comments bashing Sony for something that it's NEVER BEEN SUCCESSFULLY PROVEN THAT THEY WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR?

Give me a name Jokes. If Sony confessed to this, why isn't there a name? Why does the language of the confession look like any douchebag just made it up as "proof" that Sony did this and why is it signed SCEA without an official PR person or executive name which would add real credibility to this confession?

Oh, I forgot, when it can be used to say SonyToo™ then even the most vague of circumstantial evidence is 100% proof and it legitimizes Microsoft paying people on YouTube to outright lie for money right?

I guess your parents never used the "if your friend jumped off a bridge..." speech to you did they.

I would love to see the logic in stating that a marketing company launching a viral marketing campaign because that's the job all marketing companies are hired for, is the same as a corporation paying average people to make claims that at best can't be considered credible all while making it a requirement that the fact that they were being paid to make these endorsements has to remain a secret. And if you really think Microsoft "didn't know" about that part of the contract, your naivety will likely end up seriously injuring you.

SilentNegotiator1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

It wouldn't be an article regarding something bad that MS did without some Sony Too™ comment regarding something that was done almost a decade ago.

JokesOnYou1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

"Where... is... the... evidence?"

-Are you actually saying that when this news was being reported all over the internet and the same site that created this posted confirmation saying it was sony behind it, and the marketing company ZIPATONI was identified/confirmed to work for sony, that it's all just a lie by countless sites:

-lol and you want to sit there with a straight face and tell me that countless sites posted a source saying sony was behind it were lying yet sony NEVER DENIED, but its fake because you a extreme sony apologist say, talk about delusion, pfft.

-Here I'll help you with a name:

Next-Gen contacted SCEA PR boss David Karraker who answered a couple quick questions. When asked about the magnitude of this PR mishap, he replied, “Buzz and viral marketing is a common practice across the industry. In this instance, SCEA hired an outside agency to create a humorous ‘underground’ PSP site for the holidays. The tongue-in-cheek nature of the site didn’t come across as intended and we have since altered it.”

-Yep there it is David Karraker SCEA sony PR admits this is COMMON PRACTICE in the industry.
Now what, will you continue to deny

-Yet you keep waving your pom poms for sony demanding evidence of their involvement, as if sony does not currently release official statements signed yet you contradict yourself over and over again ignoring this:

"Microsoft has provided a new, non-joint statement on this matter. It seems to further imply that the covert nature of the promotion was Machinima's doing. 

"Microsoft was not aware of individual contracts Machinima had with their content providers as part of this promotion and we didn’t provide feedback on any of the videos. We have asked Machinima to not post any additional Xbox One content as part of this media buy and we have asked them to add disclaimers to the videos that were part of this program indicating they were part of paid advertising.” – Microsoft spokesperson"

-The difference is Im not up in arms constantly attacking, although I think this type of advertising is cheesy I dont see it as a evil worthy of a crusade, you however conveniently ready to set fire to micro headquarters but clearly the line of wrong doing can only expose micro. When shown evidence of sonys misguiding your reaction demonstrates the epitome of someone with an agenda who constantly contradicts himself.

MRMagoo1231343d ago

Its always the same thing when ever MS gets caught doing something illegal or stupid, someone has to say Sony Too™ , its not about sony , sony didnt do anything like this and the thing that they actually did they got caught and paid the consequences.

Anyone else know how in the living hell Jokesonyou, one of the biggest MS fanboys on this site manages to keep all those bubbles ??? Anyone else think he is a troll alt account that a mod on this site ownes and gives himself bubbles? I cant see any other reason at all , everything he says is unfounded BS like misterxmedia yet no bubbles down.

JokesOnYou1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

"Sony Too™ , its not about sony , sony didnt do anything like this and the thing that they actually did they got caught and paid the consequences."

-lol, Once again you damm right it's perfectly revalent to point out sony does the same thing and none of you started a crusade to protect us and you conveniently want to say "well forget about that this is about micro", yeah OK sony are saints right.

-Here you go again MrMagoo try not to look at the facts and just go with the diversion about bubbles, how exactly did sony "paid the consequences"?, lol they got caught redhanded after a few days they apologized= sony responded to the fake homemade PSP marketing with this:
"Next-Gen contacted SCEA PR boss David Karraker who answered a couple quick questions. When asked about the magnitude of this PR mishap, he replied, “Buzz and viral marketing is a common practice across the industry."

-You are just pissed I expose the BS hypocrisy on this site.

-Where you at Dragonknight?, since you insisted there was no evidence sony was responsible for the fake viral psp vids.

DragonKnight1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

@Jokes: It took you how many paragraphs and comments to finally provide a name? That's what I was frickin' asking for, a name. You sat there trying to provide proof that Sony were responsible for something based on a statement signed "SCEA" and expected anyone to accept that as proof. That was on you.

So now that you provided a name, cool. Sony is guilty of what? Creating a fake website and fake characters. Ok, that's established. But then, what commercial doesn't do that hmm? Every commercial that exists is fake characters and you know it. Next you're going to tell me that Kevin Butler is stealth marketing because "He isn't really a VP at Sony and is just an actor."

So explain to me the logic behind Sony using fake characters to promote their stuff as being the same as Microsoft paying real people to lie about their product and then forcing them to deny that they've been paid to lie.

How is it the same?

And like I said, if you think that Microsoft would go into this kind of marketing campaign and DIDN'T know that there was an NDA clause in the contract, and you base this on "taking Microsoft at their word", then you're naivety is going to seriously injure you. Microsoft knew what they were doing.

And don't get it twisted, the reason you're not upset about what Microsoft is doing is because you agree with it, as you do with everything Microsoft does. You will defend them to your dying breath whether it be them telling you that your games aren't yours, or them paying people to lie, you agree with everything they are doing.

Microsoft is afraid, and you agreeing with what they are doing is promoting that fear. If they have to buy positive press for the Xbox One, then they aren't confident that the console can sell on its own merits. Microsoft knowingly paid people to lie about the Xbox One and they did so knowing that these people had to agree to an NDA clause. As if Microsoft is going to come out and say "yeah, we told these people they couldn't say they were taking part in the program" and then have the FTC come down on them for admitting to violating FTC regulations.

Microsoft is passing the buck to Machinima, another scumbag move to make, and you're sitting there loving every second of every sleazy move Microsoft makes.

Rather than admit that what Microsoft did was wrong and illegal, the Microsoft fanboy that you are just has to make comment after comment of SonyToo™ because that somehow legitimizes what Microsoft is doing. You're what's wrong with gamers and you're going to be why Microsoft keeps lying, keeps trying to exert control over everything, and keeps focusing on anything but actual games.

JokesOnYou1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

lol, You asked for proof, evidence I spoon-fed it right there in your face to eat. Now watching you downplay sony putting out a fake viral vid as if it was homemade by some random "NON-AFFILIATED" gamer/source is pure comedy. Now it's even more blatantly transparent that your crusade is only motivated by your hate for micro, as much as you want to label me as a defender I'm calling you and others like you out for being hypocrites because exactly as I thought you never took the same position against this evil marketing trick when sony did it, furthermore you call it "old", try to say it's OK because it's somehow just a commercial like Kevin Butler(yeah that's why sony apologized because it's just like the Butler commercials everyone knew were sony paid ads, lol do you know how dumb you sound right now) or back to your other argument it's not the same because they paid a company to fake a homegrown vid not a avg joe, lol again dumb semantics, if not being transparent about the source/sponsor of the ads is wrong then its ALWAYS WRONG, not just when micro does it.

-Finally again you epitomize the word contradiction= ask me for proof sony was in FACT responsible, yet I also provided you with a direct quote from micro addressing this directly denying that they had knowledge Machinmina had such terms for the promotion campaign. NOW you sit there and say WITHOUT PROOF OTHERWISE that they are lying but of course you would believe that, as for me I personally think its possible, companies lie but I have no EVIDENCE to say otherwise, how about you follow that same logic you used earlier ASKING FOR EVIDENCE or just continue making very hypocritical/contradictory statements.

Kryptix1342d ago

Sony did it in 2006 and they got ridiculed for it.

(Look at all the comments in the old 2006 article linked above)

Microsoft does it, and literally all the Xbox fanboys point at Sony, ignoring what is presently happening right now. Somehow, it's now wrong to make fun of a practice like this...the Xbots say it's just advertising when Microsoft does it. lol

This is called misdirection, these Xbots love dismissing something bad because the competition did it, too and keep pointing fingers at the one that came before. Which gave birth to the "Sony, Too" saying and exposed all these blind Xbox idiots.

Remember when the NSA was reported to be able to spy through Kinect? The Xbots loved spinning it around and say they can already spy through your phone so let's give Microsoft a pass. lol The Xbox fanboy ridiculous.

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allformats1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Come on DualShockers. The point is not that Microsoft paid for advertisement -- or even that they paid for ONLY positive remarks and demanded Xbox One gameplay...

The problem is that the contract forbade the YouTube personalities to mention that it was a paid advertisement. That, per FTC guidelines, is illegal.

That's the problem.

MysticStrummer1343d ago

Ding ding ding!

From their joint statement it looks like Machinima will take the heat, but I don't doubt for a second that a company as big and pervasive as MS didn't know what was going on.

Abriael1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

That's only part of the problem. The other part is that companies will give very specific instructions to "direct" coverage where they want, which of course is where their product is showcased in the best light, forbidding to show bugs, in exchange of monetary compensation.

And they'll do so while forbidding the YouTuber to say they've been directed.

Legal or not is only part of the issue, the biggest issue is if it's ethical. And this isn't.

Volkama1343d ago

Agree with abriel, it's unethical practice and we'd all be better off if gaming media was cleaned up. That needs to come from the PR departments of these publishers, but also from the media side too. Taking a bribe is as much of an issue as offering one.

Not so sure it's illegal though, MS legal department probably know the intricacies of the law better than anyone commenting here.

MRMagoo1231343d ago


You mean to say "MS probably know all the little lopp holes they can weezle into to side step the law" right ?

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Spenok1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Edit for anyone who may have seen my original comment.

I was a little too hasty in making said comment and after digging further into the subject I completely retract everything said.

This is sad. And unfortunately it seems more common than I believed.

Blaze9291343d ago

let's not pretend like people even care. If you trust some random YouTuber then you probably also believe everything the media and reviews tells you.

HardcoreGamer1343d ago

Microsoft are doing it all the time of the 3 companies, they just throw money around and expect the money to make them all hush, after they are a monopoly company right.

they are the worse of all 3, some of their practice is disgusting, such as making ppl buy an xbox in the ques for wiiu

kenshiro1001343d ago

B-But Sony did it too!

So apparently it makes it okay for Microsoft to do it?

Nice logic there...take something from 2006 and make into a 'Sony did it too!!1' argument.

come_bom1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Microsoft got bashed yesterday for using these practices, but every company does it. Microsoft, EA, Sony, Nintendo, Apple, etc....
Funboys are just too dumb to realize it.

1343d ago
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cyguration1343d ago

I love how so many people excuse this common practice as "okay".

Abriael1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Totally not ok, but unfortunately it's much more widespread than it seems.

SpiralTear1343d ago

Exactly. I'm completely against this concept, but Microsoft is not the only guilty party in regards to this crime.

Godmars2901343d ago

That it exists only invalidates gaming journalism both professional and hobbyist.

SpiralTear1343d ago

What is "hobbyist gaming journalism"? I'm not even joking or being sarcastic; I'm not entirely sure what you mean when you use that term.

LOGICWINS1343d ago

I understand why its unlawful, I just personally don't see the issue with it. If you're dumb enough to buy into paid be it. It doesn't affect me.

Godmars2901343d ago

Until you buy a crap game on bad info. Only have compromised sources to rely on for info, with any "good" Youtube sources removed for copyright infringements for good measure.

LOGICWINS1343d ago

Well thats what game rentals and full game walkthroughs are for.

cyguration1343d ago

Dude, we watch videos, read reviews and scour game sites for information so we don't get caught up in "paid propaganda".

The whole point of using sources that are balanced and fair and critically objective is so you can make an informed purchase.

LOGICWINS1343d ago

^^ Theres an error in you're reasoning. You're assuming that money is the only thing that determines the objectivity of gaming journalists. A critic who doesn't like racing games (not paid by Sony or MS) will not review Forza or GT favorably. Just because a journalist isn't being paid off doesn't automatically make him/her reliable.

Godmars2901343d ago

The point is that between this kind of payola and the ability to censor or remove anything a company doesn't like on Youtube, that games will only be shown and spoken of in a favorable light regardless of how it actually is. Doesn't really matter if its MS, Sony or EA.

If anything, the likes of EA or Activision have shown by past examples that they would happily use such tactics if they could get away with it. And they've tried.

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Kayant1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

The more we know the better it will be for the industry IMO.... Luckily for me I don't put that much weigh in game reviews in the first place but loooool at *Please don't highlight that we rush our development teams and don't do enough testing for bugs* - EA Too!™

The amount as well is funny because it's 3x the amount MS is paying.

EA being EA....

I wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes on this.

jonboi241343d ago

While paying for Youtubers for promotion is very common place, most from what I've watched tend to say they are a part of a promotion with a company. The part that really ticks me of is the non-disclosure part of MS and Machinima's deal. There are rules to marketing on the internet and being open about the promotion is one of them.

jackanderson19851343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

it's actually a very grey area easily abused... due to the fact MS were going through Machinima who then used outside parties to do it they created a seperation from MS and the youtubers that breaks the direct link... also i believe it was MS paying Machinima who then paid the youtubers and the machinima logo is on their videos (assumption as personally never seen a machinima sponsored/related video)thus showing it as sponsored.

finally in the FTC guidelines it's mentioned that it's a sustained gift (or words to that effect) for the continual promotion of the product... this was a once off (technically as the deal only said 3,750 and then no more) deal and could be construed as not being a true paid endorsement as said youtuber could immediately release a follow up video with "oh that other vid was aloada crap"

MestreRothN4G1343d ago

I'm glad I have my modded Xbox360, so I can test every game they try to fool us to buy, before actually adquiring the good ones for the PS3.

Now it is a problem with PS4, but in due time I'll buy a XB1 for testing purposes as well. :D

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