Microsoft Isn’t the Only Company That Will Pay For Promotion on Youtube

In the last few days quite the hubbub exploded because of an agreement between Microsoft and Machinima to bring positive promotion for the Xbox One on YouTube, but apparently Microsoft isn’t the only company enacting that kind of practice. New sources show that Electronic Arts does it as well, and YouTubers confirm that it's a much more common practice that it seems.

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cyguration1639d ago

I love how so many people excuse this common practice as "okay".

Abriael1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Totally not ok, but unfortunately it's much more widespread than it seems.

SpiralTear1639d ago

Exactly. I'm completely against this concept, but Microsoft is not the only guilty party in regards to this crime.

Godmars2901639d ago

That it exists only invalidates gaming journalism both professional and hobbyist.

SpiralTear1639d ago

What is "hobbyist gaming journalism"? I'm not even joking or being sarcastic; I'm not entirely sure what you mean when you use that term.

LOGICWINS1639d ago

I understand why its unlawful, I just personally don't see the issue with it. If you're dumb enough to buy into paid be it. It doesn't affect me.

Godmars2901639d ago

Until you buy a crap game on bad info. Only have compromised sources to rely on for info, with any "good" Youtube sources removed for copyright infringements for good measure.

LOGICWINS1639d ago

Well thats what game rentals and full game walkthroughs are for.

cyguration1639d ago

Dude, we watch videos, read reviews and scour game sites for information so we don't get caught up in "paid propaganda".

The whole point of using sources that are balanced and fair and critically objective is so you can make an informed purchase.

LOGICWINS1639d ago

^^ Theres an error in you're reasoning. You're assuming that money is the only thing that determines the objectivity of gaming journalists. A critic who doesn't like racing games (not paid by Sony or MS) will not review Forza or GT favorably. Just because a journalist isn't being paid off doesn't automatically make him/her reliable.

Godmars2901639d ago

The point is that between this kind of payola and the ability to censor or remove anything a company doesn't like on Youtube, that games will only be shown and spoken of in a favorable light regardless of how it actually is. Doesn't really matter if its MS, Sony or EA.

If anything, the likes of EA or Activision have shown by past examples that they would happily use such tactics if they could get away with it. And they've tried.

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Kayant1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

The more we know the better it will be for the industry IMO.... Luckily for me I don't put that much weigh in game reviews in the first place but loooool at *Please don't highlight that we rush our development teams and don't do enough testing for bugs* - EA Too!™

The amount as well is funny because it's 3x the amount MS is paying.

EA being EA....

I wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes on this.

jonboi241639d ago

While paying for Youtubers for promotion is very common place, most from what I've watched tend to say they are a part of a promotion with a company. The part that really ticks me of is the non-disclosure part of MS and Machinima's deal. There are rules to marketing on the internet and being open about the promotion is one of them.

jackanderson19851639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

it's actually a very grey area easily abused... due to the fact MS were going through Machinima who then used outside parties to do it they created a seperation from MS and the youtubers that breaks the direct link... also i believe it was MS paying Machinima who then paid the youtubers and the machinima logo is on their videos (assumption as personally never seen a machinima sponsored/related video)thus showing it as sponsored.

finally in the FTC guidelines it's mentioned that it's a sustained gift (or words to that effect) for the continual promotion of the product... this was a once off (technically as the deal only said 3,750 and then no more) deal and could be construed as not being a true paid endorsement as said youtuber could immediately release a follow up video with "oh that other vid was aloada crap"

MestreRothN4G1639d ago

I'm glad I have my modded Xbox360, so I can test every game they try to fool us to buy, before actually adquiring the good ones for the PS3.

Now it is a problem with PS4, but in due time I'll buy a XB1 for testing purposes as well. :D

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