Why I No Longer Play CoD Online

Writen by Metin Ismail

No one can deny that the Call of Duty series has molded FPS multiplayers into what they are today. Not just technically, but in how gamers play them. I played quite a bit of World at War online but the real game changer for me was Modern Warfare 2. It was the best thing to happen in 2009. The gameplay, maps, weapons, sound and community were all there. If you played back then you know what I’m talking about when I say, “That game was off the hook!”. It was one of the first multiplayer games that most gamers back then had played more than the singleplayer mode (I know there was Halo, but this was a multiplatform game).

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Snookies121463d ago

Lol, I stopped after MW2... I'm not real big into FPS games, but Battlefield just offered so much more for me. So, I got into Bad Company 2, then BF3... I wish I could justify purchasing BF4, the game itself looks incredible. All those awful issues though, I'm staying WAY away from that mess of a game until they make it playable.

Joey_Leone1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Maybe It's just me, but mw2 was a disaster and its what turned me away from the franchise, the perks were ridiculous (Commando/teleporting), the killstreaks were WAYY too overpowering and were easy for 10 year old kids to obtain by camping, and is it just me? Or was everybody at one point using ump45s with Fmj and Noobtubers? I think Mw2 online was very unbalanced. Call Of Duty4 (In my opinion) was wayy better and was very balanced.

Retard1463d ago

Akimbo 1886s unnerfed anyone? Trolllololloll

Yeah I don't miss MW2

Retard1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Army of One tubers

Goes on

ChipChipperson1463d ago

MW2 was a blast for its first few months UNTIL the glitches, patches, etc. started to come in. After that, it was starting to become more frustrating than fun to play. Remember the Javelin glitch?
Call of Duty 4 and World at War are still the best compared to what the series is now. No pro perks, things like gear with claymores or grenade launchers took up a perk slot, killstreaks were simple, maps were well balanced. Unfortunately, I don't see the series ever going back to those days.

quinten4881462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

My thoughts exactly, MW2 was total trash with those overpowered ass Killstreaks, Commando, Noobtube. BO1 is still the best to me.

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insomnium21463d ago

I stopped playing COD after MW1 pretty much. BC and BC2 were great and by the time they rolled out the Vietnam DLC I was in gaming heaven. BF3 was good but I don't have the energy to get excited for BF4 atm.

MW1 was THE game for me back then (shooters I mean). Ever since it's been a BF-game.

Joey_Leone1463d ago

Battlefield bad company 2 is a true masterpiece. I hope they make a 3rd one.

quinten4881462d ago

Have more than 500 hours played on BC2, I love that game. I would play the MP for so long that my PS3 would freeze.

Austacker1463d ago

It's now approaching the 3 month mark after release and BF4 has as many issues today as it did near launch.

It's not running stable on any of the 5 platforms it was released.

Do yourself a favour and AVOID BUYING BATTLEFIELD 4

It's garbage.

Master-H1463d ago

I used to play CoD online like you, then i took a quickscope in the knee.

insomnium21463d ago

Too old to laugh at but still I agree.

pompombrum1463d ago

Lol! That's pretty good actually.

stavrami-mk21463d ago

the titles to long you added one word to many

Gamer-401463d ago

Why I No Longer Play CoD Online?
Simply, because of you huge BF fans.
Not too complex. Boring.

Why I No Longer Play BF Online? Too many bugs, and I don't care.

MestreRothN4G1463d ago

On spot about MW2. It was the peak of the series on every sense. After it (and IW's split), CoDs are worse every year. In every sense.

It is incredible how they managed to ruin an engine that was so smooth years ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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