4 Reasons Why Bringing Gone Home to PS4 Would Be Sony's Best Move Yet

J Station X writes

"It seems so long ago now doesn’t it? When Sony took to the stage at their very own press conference to announce the PS4 last year and then again at E3 just a few months later, to reaffirm the stance that they would be putting extra effort, time and resources into getting the latest, greatest and most ambitious indies to their platforms. And they succeeded, with titles like Contrast and Don’t Starve being fine examples of their partnership.

But one game has thus escaped Sony’s indie net; Gone Home, the popular PC, Mac and Linux title, that, if it was released on PS4, could be Sony’s best move yet."

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Neonridr1673d ago

Gone Home is a nice game (I use game loosely), however that wouldn't be the be-all-end-all for Sony.

Oh and good job spoiling part of the story in your article. For those of you who haven't played the game, maybe you don't want to read this article since a main theme is revealed that you don't know about from the start of the game.

Jasmino9241673d ago

Apologies for that, it's been a big talking point with the game so I thought that it was likely that a lot of people knew about it.

Nonetheless, I've just added a spoiler warning to the article.

Neonridr1673d ago

I've played it so no worries there. I was more concerned about any others who haven't enjoyed it.

It is an interesting game, but I don't know how much an exploration game like this one would work on a home console. Something about all the precise clicking that you need to do to examine all the different objects and notes that won't really translate well to a controller.

SeanScythe1673d ago

This is a joke right? This game is reviewed by many that bought it and played it as crap.

TomShoe1672d ago

It's a good game, but I don't see it's impact. It feels more like a puzzle-story than a game, and it has a lot of cliche elements to titles like this.

Still, more games is always a good thing.

Joey_Leone1672d ago

I am willing to try it. It's nice to try new things.

MRMagoo1231672d ago

the more indies the better imo , some of my top 100 games of all time have been indies.

Jack_Of_All_Blades1672d ago

Are you one of those CoD Kiddies that are like, "An Indie game, those are for ****! CoD is the best game Ever!!" Because those are some of the most annoying and least respectful 'gamers' , using that term loosely here, out there

1672d ago
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SeanScythe1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

If the game was so well received the comments would reflect that. If the game wasn't LBGT no one would have bothered with this game. What makes this game good? Really nothing it's boring and not worth the $20 price tag.

And you can't say no one knew about that part of the story until the bought it. Because once it was known the word spread and it quickly got the support of the LBGT community.

Jack_Of_All_Blades1672d ago

You sir are an ignorant bastard, was a great game, you probably only play CoD/FPS's, am I right or am I right?

wtopez1672d ago


You know what else has the support of the LGBT community? Your avatar picture.

Neonridr1672d ago

I didn't know the story at all until I played it. I thought it was supposed to be a spooky/scary game. Then I guessed wrong about how the game was going to end..

I'm not saying it was worth $20, don't get me wrong. But it was still a good emotional journey. And bravo for the developer not being afraid of people like you who are going to put the game down.

snookiegamer1672d ago


Guess What????

...You don't have to buy it dude ;/

SeanScythe1672d ago

"Would Be Sony's Best Move Yet" I responded by saying, No. Why? Because it's not up to the quality of standard that Sony is going for with the PS4. Do we want sony bring every indie game to their console or do we want those that have great gameplay and story. We don't need a massive amount of crap with a few goodies, we want great games that stand out. This game doesn't have that, just because a small handful of people like it doesn't mean that it's going to profit sony in the long run. Games like Don't starve, outlast, Resogun, contrast, and everything they have planed down the road.

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snookiegamer1672d ago

I can see Gone Home fitting PSN nicely as downloadable alternative title. Whether the majority like the game or not, there's clearly a market for it.

Sony PS have been pretty good at accommodating different groups of people, such as Females, Males, Young and Older gamers.

I can see Gone Home appealing to many people. I'm not against it :)

WeAreLegion1672d ago

Yes, please! I've already played through it a couple of times, but yes, please!

I would love to see Gone Home, The Stanley Parable, and To The Moon all come to PS4/PS3/Vita as cross-buys.

DigitalRaptor1672d ago

Now we're talking. Great idea.

curtis921672d ago

Gone Home isn't a game, it's an interactive experience through story telling. It's a good experience but it's short. The best part, IMO, is the nostalgic mid 90's home you're going through. Their attention to detail is fantastic.

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