2K Should Give Out Refunds For NBA 2K14

Maturity Crisis: We discuss the current state of the next generation version of NBA 2k14. There are glitches that leave parts of the game unplayable and they still have not been patched.

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mochachino1701d ago

I agree, the VC point system is broken and exploitative. They should give out much more IN GAME or makes things cost much less.

It should be used to allow people to pay to reach maximum game advancement instantly, not prevent people from reasonably advancing . Every mode requires it and every mode gives so little out. If it were an RPG and treated as experience, it would take inordinately long to level up.

The App help a little but not nearly enough and shouldn't be required. Keep VC for buying extras items like shoes, not advancing in game modes.

NYC_Gamer1701d ago

100 agree,2K14 released in bad shape and the game is still broken.

badboy7761701d ago

Maybe they're working on another title. NFL 2K??!

TrueJerseyDevil1701d ago

That was a very stupid comment.......

Nfl 2k would suck just as bad as Nba 2k

VENOMACR12271701d ago

I havent come across any glitches or major issues, but mycareer takes forever to get your character better. The in game VC is a joke. They should do like Borderlands (they do it for golden keys) and have codes every other day for a free amount of credits.

Saigon1701d ago

They do have that if you download the app on your phone, the only issue is that its not tied to your MyPlayer, GM or Team. I hate it and I figure the 2K devs will fix this in the future. Micro Transactions are not cool for a disk based game.

VENOMACR12271701d ago

Ive got the myNBA2K14 app. It shows mycareer player. You get a free envelope daily with a random amount of credits. Also you can pick games and if it wins, you get 50 credits per game. Unfortunately, that feature isnt working for android right now.

stylishjerk1701d ago

i have played a whole season in my GM mode, and it froze in the playoffs. I have had this problem for two weeks. Many other people have had this problem for awhile now. 2k still has not fixed it. I don't even know if they plan to fix GM mode.

Ginesis1701d ago

I heard about this glitch but didn't want to believe it. I play all 82 games with 12 min quarters and it worries me to know that once I make it to a certain point I wont be able to advance. Seems they really dropped the ball with this one.

Activemessiah1701d ago

Let's not forget the secret DRM implementation... that was sneaky

Garethvk1701d ago

It is sad that consumers have so little recourse for games in this condition. We cannot return them and only if the company agrees to an exhange, a refund, or there is an outcry online does anything get done. I am curious to see if the class action lawsuit against EA does anything.

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The story is too old to be commented.