A Look at Using XboxIE on the Xbox One

Hardcore Gamer: XboxIE allows some HTML5 -based games to be played on the Xbox One’s IE browser with native controller support, which is an excellent way to pass some time on the Xbox One between larger gameplay sessions.

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theRell1517d ago

I found myself playing Solitaire earlier, will try the thee games soon. Either way, brilliant idea.

Bigpappy1517d ago

Bejewel! almost 2,000,000 points first go. Had to quit so I could go to sleep. Those simple games can hold you for longer that you expect going in.

SpinalRemains1381517d ago

For real. I once stayed on the can for an hour and a half playing Fruit Ninjas. Surprised I didn't get a hemorrhoid.

Bigpappy1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

I didn't like the visual I got of you on sitting on a can. But I have seen a few worst horror movies so I guess I can handle this and will actually get some sleep tonight.

DEEBO1517d ago

pac-man,bejewel,1945 are the one's i tried.