5 Ways Playstation Now Can Win the War

When Sony officially unveiled their Gaikai streaming service as Playstation Now I, was excited to say the least. Yes, I know there will be technical limitations like input lag and a few bumps in the road before I can stream Jumping Flash to my phone while I’m waiting at the DMV, but I’m optimistic. I felt now would be a good time to share my positive outlook, along with a few of my deepest wishes for Sony's new service.

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miyamoto1666d ago

Only one way though...just be itself.

dedicatedtogamers1666d ago

Win the war?


Be a useful side-utility that lets people rent games for cheaper than their local videostore?


fanboybeatdown1666d ago

Playstation Now.
Sounds like such a fabulous concept.

Stream ps3 games over the internet in real time as if you had a ps3 in your room.
Sounds awesome.

It's a pity that the demonstrated lag, even with a top notch internet connection is creating so many problems.

Hope they work out the lag issue.
Really do.

DualWielding1666d ago

PS Now is the future but mid-term at best, it would take about 3 years at the minimum for it to be a thing, in the short term, offering PS2 classics which were sorely missing on the PS3 as downloadable PSN titles would make more money and help more in beating microsoft. I'm sure building a PS2 emulator wouldn't be as hard as it was on the PS3 because of much more powerful hardware

Joey_Leone1666d ago

Have you heard anything from what Sony said? BC is NOT sony's main focus.

GribbleGrunger1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Of course they're going to say that. They don't want the focus of Playstation Now to become BC, they want it to be seen as a service that provides content to a multitude of devices. They want to capture the casuals, those that wouldn't commit to a console but may just hop in to check it out from time to time.

But just for a moment sit back and consider your statement. Let's look at the reality and not how Sony wants to brand this service. It will have a library of PS3/PS2/PS1 games ... So yes, Sony have said they're not focusing on BC, but can you see the obvious too?

4logpc1666d ago

The war on...what? OnLive? Well I would bet its going to be better than OnLive.

BABY-JEDI1666d ago

There is a lot of classic games wIthin Sony's library with a lot of appeal for different types of gamers. All this to be accessible through Sony media products. I think this will have a huge impact on general tv & tablet gaming.

vivid831666d ago

you cant really be in a war with yourself