PSM Italy Suggests Driveclub To Release in June

You may have to wait for another five months or so to play Driveclub, according to PSM Italy.

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TheUltimateGamer1555d ago

Well that's pretty unfortunate. Hopefully that isn't true.

truefan11555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

They have kind of killed their own buzz. Racing games are a niche product, so they don't need major competition. Instead of being released at launch and probably selling a ton, they are gonna struggle because ps4 players will have several other options besides driveclub (infamous, MGS, and thief). Also the closer they get to project cars the worse it is, because that is direct competition. It would have been a great launch game.

FamilyGuy1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Who makes Project Cars? What was their last game? Are they a well known developer?
That game isn't even on my radar the way DriveClub is.
You're comparing a pretty but very generic looking, multiplatform racing game to a PS4 exclusive game made by Evolution Studio, the makers of MotorStorm.
DriveClub is a game that's already shown itself to be different on multiple fronts:
clan based racer
Heavily focused on social media connections
Photo-realistic backgrounds and cars
First Person Perspective throughout
Exotic street racing
Arcade with sim elements
Claims to be a game that will evolve over time

And on top of that it has a PS+ version that MILLIONS can try out for free instantly on release.

I really don't see how the games compare other than both having cars that you race.

I highly doubt it'll take till June to release, the PSM quote itself is made to sound like a random, pulled-out-the-air guess. They aren't official and they weren't meaning for it to sound official or even realistic from the quote.

OrangePowerz1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Here in Europe racing games are not exactly a niche product. Racing games are very popular here, that might explain why most racing devs are in Europe.

If it really comes out in June many people will have finished MGS, inFamous or Thief by then. I haven't seen any release date for project cars for next gen consoles so unless they launch at around the same timr on PS4 it won't have any effect.

I would of course have preferred to play it now, but if the delay makes the game better I'm for it.

DigitalRaptor1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Racing games are niche? Nope, only the niche racing games are niche.

DriveClub was a highly marketed PS4 exclusive that many were resting their launch purchases on and many are still looking forward to. It has an advertising campaign with Channel 4 in the UK, where racing genre is pretty big. The racing genre is also very popular in Europe.

But what is Project Cars? What pedigree will rocket that game to success? What marketing? It's certainly not the title, as "Project Cars" is not really a very marketable name now, is it? Project Cars is mostly on PC gamer's wishlists and the most hardcore of console gamer's wishlists. It's as niche as racing games get. Which large publisher is taking the reigns and putting their money into its marketing? Exactly.

DriveClub has all the marketing potential in the world. Fans are already making their own ads for it Have you even seen the official ads? The music? It's an easy sell. It just looks hot. The PS+ edition is something that people can sample without needing to watch or view any advertising - that is advertising in itself, for the full game. And you can bet your bottom dollar, that Sony will push that heavily. They just will.

Do us all a favour, and think your logic through better.

truefan11555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

@Digital you sound like an idiot as usual. It is about comparisons, If Project Cars has any better features than driveclub (graphics, gameplay, reviews) it negatively impacts driveclub sales. Stay in denial all you want, the constant push backs is lowering the hype for the game, but raising expectations. Driveclub would have sold more at launch and that is a fact, if nothing else just because ps4 fans would have wanted it to outsell forza. I look at the complete picture I'm not blinded like you.

DigitalRaptor1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

You consider me the idiot for using logic? My, my, my.

I can tell from your responses that you don't even bother reading the entirety of any pro-PS4 responses. It's either because you don't like the facts, the logic or your brain just can't process any of it.

How is Project Cars more marketable than an already stellar-looking arcade racer that is considered an exclusive powerhouse for the already best-selling console of this generation?

Who is going to market "Project Cars"? Ask your average gamer on the street if they'd heard of DriveClub - they might say yes because it's already been advertised and is associated with the best-selling console of this generation. If you ask an average gamer on the street if they've heard of Project Cars, they won't have a damn clue, other than perhaps "it sounds like a car game" duh!

I can agree that the hype of the game is not what it was at launch, but with every bit of info we get, snippet, 7 second video, gif... the excitement rises. It just does. ESPECIALLY when we can see the quality improving significantly with every build. The game looks hot. It will be a success, and all you're implying here is that the launch window is the only time a PS4 exclusive will ever be highly anticipated. Ridiculous.

Any gamer who calls themselves a gamer will be glad that it was delayed for improvements that we're already seeing, rather than it be rushed out with lackluster graphics, features and microtransactions. It already looks much better than Forza 5. It's not sim, but an arcade racer with incredibly high detail that you should expect from a next-gen racing sim and connected gameplay that is yet to be fully demonstrated.

How will an obscure-to-the-masses car game threaten a high-profile PS4 exclusive? You are saying you are looking at the complete picture, but purposely ignore key information for only your own benefit, not the benefit of the conversation. Silly that you call me blind, but you can't answer ANY of my questions about Project Cars. None of them.

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combatcash1555d ago

I wanted this game as a launch title. Sony always does this constant delays. very annoying. I'm still waiting on The last guardian.

snookiegamer1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

November 2013, Feb, June?

Hurry the F up maaan!

I want me some Driveclub :)

kaiserfranz1555d ago

Me too, especially after playing it at Gamescom. It looked and played good already, not sure what's taking them so long unless they really are striving to get to 60FPS

combatcash1555d ago

It was probably no where near finished, I think you may be right about the 60 fps mark, that seems to be one of their marketing tactics this gen 1080p at 60 fps

skoorydook1555d ago

If its delayed until June then it had better be something special, that is a long time for a game that was supposed to be with us at launch.

OrangePowerz1555d ago

Why does every game need to use tiles nowadays? Not a fan of tiles unless I have a touchscreen. I hate stuff that's not symmetrical and tiles always have random sizes :D

Can't wait to play it.

kaiserfranz1555d ago

Man, this would be really disappointing, but it kind of makes sense with the current schedule. I really hope to get 60FPS with 7 additional months of work, though.

snookiegamer1555d ago

I'm confident this will be worth waiting for....until then I'm playing GT6 :)

stavrami-mk21555d ago

getting pretty fed up with speculation, my hype for this game drops every time i read what i suppose you would call "info" on the game ,theres never nothing exciting about seeing a driveclub article in months no news , no new vids just it may be out .....blah ...blah... blah .

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