Microsoft: Lego Group Rejected Lego Titan From Titanfall, It Doesn't Fit Their Standards

Lego Group Rejected Lego Titan From Titanfall, It Doesn't Fit Their Standards

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XiSasukeUchiha1670d ago

Wow actually looked pretty nice MS why would u get rid of your only good representation of Titan from Titanfall!

jackanderson19851669d ago

are you somehow blaming MS for lego rejecting a handmade lego titan because it's not sitting happily with their family friendly image? because that's even a stretch for you, in no way did MS have anything to do with it beyond employing the man who made it

FamilyGuy1669d ago

Guess MS should've paid the guy to do it with MegaBloks, they definitely would've endorsed this thing.

malokevi1669d ago

ahahah. You're a sad panda.

I guess the lego spaceships I used to haphazardly throw together as a child before launching them at the wall full speed didn't meet the qualifications of the "lego authority".


Lalanana1669d ago

lol You are such a troll lol

giovonni1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Well, since Lego doesn't do mature rated toys it wouldn't be approved, which I understand for the sake of the children, but man it would have been dope to see this as a lego blue print. There are other companies that may jump on this.

GentlemenRUs1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

They did Halo(Classed as M back then?), Shocker I know...

Anyway... TOYS!? What a way to milk some more cash...

Same thing.

Fireseed1669d ago

You're confusing MegaBloks with Lego... an unforgivable crime.

jackanderson19851669d ago

two completely separate companies... it'd be like saying MS and Sony are the same thing cuz they both release consoles and games

hazelamy1669d ago

yeah like people said, Megabloks.

they actually do a few game licensed sets.
they do Need For Speed cars, they do World Of Warcraft sets, Call of Duty and of course Halo.

the Halo sets aren't actually that bad.

ambientFLIER1669d ago

Why are people hating on Megablocks? They are great and cheaper than lego. They also fit together with lego bricks...

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r211669d ago

Now thats BS lego. That titan lego looks damn good and up to your standards :L

Dirkster_Dude1669d ago

They have Lego Batman, Superman, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Barbarian, Minotaur, and various characters and/or vehicles from Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, and numerous other TV Shows, movies, and video games etc. These characters are both good and evil in terms of moral alignments. To say they don't do this is nonsense. I bet they don't know how popular the video game will or will not be and don't want to risk beforehand on a unpopular toy.

hazelamy1669d ago

it's not about popularity, it's about the age rating of the source material.

and Titanfall is adult rated.

a shame because that model looked damn awesome.

user95970821669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Lego doesn't associate itself with m rated games or r rated movies. It's as simple as that.
That's the sole reason why we have Halo Megablocks instead of Halo Legos.

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