Blowing The Whistle On XB1M13, MS And Machinima's Covert Xbox One Campaign

iGR: "First off, we didn’t think this deal would become a scandal, not by a long shot. We were provided an email by a YouTube personality that didn’t see fit to sign the agreement and take part in the XB1M13 promo. Much like the party that provided us the email, we weren’t making it public maliciously."

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xHeavYx1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

It seems that MS can't get a break, PR disaster after PR disaster.
The only thing I don't agree with is people getting money WITHOUT saying they were paid to express a biased opinion

Snookies121671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Yeah, it's not a matter of MS paying people for this. They kinda need some good press after all the PR disasters they've had (as the X1 really isn't a bad console). It's just the way that it's being handled that bugs me. Though, I know this kind of thing happens all the time with game developers, YouTubers, 'professional' reviewers, etc.

MasterCornholio1671d ago

In some places what they are doing is illegal because microsoft obligates some Youtubers to keep their relationship a secret. They have to let their viewers know that they are being sponsored by Microsoft and in my cases they are not doing that.

sAVAge_bEaST1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Yes the non-disclosure of it all. So underhanded and shady,. If they were able to say, -"This is a deal some of us have with Microsoft"- fine fair game.....

But to keep it hidden, to try and make it seem organic... repulsive.

No wonder Astro Turfers, kept saying"everyone on Youtube" over the weekend.

MightyNoX1671d ago

Pretty much. Advertising is okay but when you influence people's opinions (not allowed to say bad things about your product) and then cover up the payment, it stops being a promotion becomes something far more shady...

Gh05t1671d ago

What your talking about is a review. I don't know any company that would pay for a negative advertising.

PSjesus1671d ago

Their Damage Control department do more damage than control....but hey MS is 250 Billion dollar company they don't give a [email protected]

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pompombrum1671d ago

Meh, I expected it was happening anyway. It's such a competitive market with so much on the line that these sort of things should be expected. It doesn't make it right but it doesn't really hurt me as a gamer in any way.

nategrigs1671d ago

The long term impact of these practices should concern you as a gamer.

Lets take an extreme hypothetical:

MS pays IGN to write a positive review for fighter within. This encourages casuals to buy the game. Suddenly MS has a choice to make for future games. Should they buy off reviews, which sells games and makes them money; Or do they invest that money and make great games, which might sell?

Sweeping problems under the rug and presenting ads as unbiased opinions reduce the incentive to make great games. I don't like where that road leads

JohnnyTower1671d ago

So now this is a scandal? Im sure companies do this all the time. Not just gaming companies either. Im not saying its right or wrong, but I doubt this will make the nightly news.

DragonKnight1671d ago

The thing is is that this is paid endorsements. Microsoft is an American company, and thus they should be aware of the FTC regulations about paid endorsements.

"If there is a direct link between the company that is paying the endorsement and the person endorsing the product, full disclosure of said partnership is required"

That's just a paraphrase of the actual FTC regulation pertaining to paid endorsements. What Microsoft did was illegal in the United States of America and it still applies to online endorsements, whether written or recorded, and Microsoft COULD get into trouble for this.

EBTpickle1671d ago

Well, it's on Huff Post


Linking into our original article about the emails sent.

DanielGearSolid1671d ago

If it's so commonplace the clause to hide the fact that its a paid promotion wouldn't be there

HurstDarkStar1671d ago

Isn't this called bribery? They're basically paying for positive opinions.

PSjesus1671d ago

yes it is and unlike advertisement (which some low IQ Xboners believe it's the same)here you shouldn't know that M$ buying their opinion

Gh05t1671d ago

No! They had to state they were being payed for the videos by Machinima.

Machinima is paying for the affiliates videos. MS is paying Machinima not the affiliates. This is strait up advertising and again I'm pretty sure I read they had to state they were getting paid by Machinima for the video.

CocoWolfie1671d ago

i feel like they got what they deserved.

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