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Submitted by john2 748d ago | screenshot

Tom Clancy's The Division - New Spectacular Screenshots Released

Tom Clancy’s The Division is one of the most anticipated games of 2014 and Ubisoft released today three new screenshots from it. (PC, PS4, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Xbox One)

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R0ver0ff   748d ago | Spam
Ashunderfire86  +   748d ago
The graphics looks really good, but this game is coming 2015. I can sense a delay. Its too good looking and smooth as a baby's bottom to be release in 2014 rushed, like Battlefield 4. I think Ubisoft will relay on Watchdogs for 2014.
john2  +   748d ago
Precisely my thoughts. I don't see this hitting its 2014 release window
mewhy32  +   748d ago
This is going to be an awesome game. I can't wait. Hopefully Ubi will not worry so much about parity and push BOTH consoles to their available ablity limits. I only think that's its fair for all available platforms to be pushed to their limits without being held to parity of the lowest common denominator.
mikeslemonade  +   748d ago
The year just started. I see it realeasing in November because Ubisoft likes the dough.
Reibooi  +   747d ago
There is a good chance they will release it this year and that it will still be awesome. Basically the game is supposed to be a semi MMO of sorts and because of that they could release what they have finished and then releasing patches to add what was not ready at launch. I mean the game will expand the longer it is out with DLC and expansions(at least that is how it should be to keep the game fresh)

So yeah they could release it with what is finished and as long as it's a good amount of content right from the start they could just then release patches to expand it.

Either way I just want the game to live up to how good it looks based on what they are saying it's gonna be.
Psychotica  +   748d ago
Probably 2015, I just hope it's before the Christmas season of 2015
1nsomniac  +   748d ago
Im pretty sure Ubisoft have publicly stated they're planning a end of Q1 2015 release.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   748d ago
In case anybodies wondering these are on next gen platforms. They announced PC version but console is leading this one.

@Fire No its coming later this year Ubisoft hinted. Expect a full blown gameplay demo at MS E3 conference.
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SeanScythe  +   748d ago
It was first demoed on the PS4 last year. Why would it be at MS's E3? Seems to me that the PS4 is their Lead Platform.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   748d ago
@SeanYeah it was PS4 gameplay they showed.

Well the game has exclusive/timed content coming to the X1 version. That usually means they'll publicly show off the X1 version for marketing purposes.

Like they did with COD and BF on Xbox and Destiny on PS4.
Syntax-Error  +   748d ago
No it wasnt PS Fanboy...MS DEMO'ED THE DIVISION AT E3 Last Year
imuze  +   748d ago
@Syntax MS used PCs for most of Xbone demos.
guyman  +   748d ago
Syntax error is a major xbot fan sheep, your comment to Sean Is hypocritical and ironic
MaverickStar7  +   748d ago
I had thought they already confirmed it for 2015 but as it turns out its nothing official. Ubisoft says 2014 but a member of the dev team said they don't expect it in 2014. As much as I want to play this game I'd prefer it to just come out when its ready instead of them trying to rush it. I also hope they stay away from the fall release window when COD, Assassins Creed and everyone else release.
Patrick_pk44  +   748d ago
Agreed. If Watchdogs comes out the second quarter, no way in hell is Division coming in 2014.
UncleGermrod  +   748d ago
@ashunderfire86, i agree. I think this seems like prime delay material. If it makes the game better...delay it. I also think that ubisoft seems to delay most of their AAA titles now a days (splinter cell conviction and blacklist, rainbow six, watch name a few). It generally seems as though the delays are well worth it, though I wonder what is up at it strategy to build hype? are they horrible at predicting release windows? IDK, but i just hope when this game does release, that it looks this good and lives up to its potential.
Ashby_JC  +   748d ago

I feel it is to get us HYPED by saying a earlier date.

I myself look forward to the game based on what I have seen. It looks to be the type of game I want to play.

I myself am not looking for a 2014 release based on what I have read that the people (devs) who are actually making the game had to say. They basically way for a 2014 release.

But UBIsoft are in the business to get people interested and sell there they are of course going to say anything. lol
UncleGermrod  +   748d ago
Yea i always suspected that is would have something to do with that. I guess they wanna start the hype train as soon as they can and then when it gets delayed, at least people have it in their minds. They usually deliver on some level though, so I here's hoping
Neonridr  +   748d ago
Well with Watch Dogs I am sure it was a combination of things. They probably wanted the extra time to polish the game off, but also wanted to avoid releasing the game against a bunch of other heavy hitters. BF4, Ghosts, AC4, PS4 Launch, Xbox One Launch, SM3DW..

Now when they release the game in March, all they have to worry about is Infamous, and that's an exclusive..
Syntax-Error  +   748d ago
They've shown all these pics in gameplay when they demoed the new engine that powers the game. The red taillights coming through the fog and the snow getting frozen from the cold air and reflecting sun
Ashby_JC  +   748d ago

When I saw the article I clicked on it FAST. Then saw the pics and was like...WTF!!

These are screen shots for footage we already saw SMH!
Dark_Vendetta  +   748d ago
Wait didn't I read a news article of the devs stating 2014 is completely unrealistic. I'm sorry, it's too late for me to search it, but I could bet I've read it somewhere. I think 2015 is pretty safe to assume ...
TAURUS-555  +   748d ago
wow this is true next-gen and no doubt it will look much better on the PS4.

its a must-buy
3-4-5  +   747d ago
Take your time Dev's. Make this really special.
Meltic  +   748d ago
meaby it comes in 2014 ho knows. Ubisoft is a wierd Company. They can delay in the last second and release in the last second soo...
Evilsnuggle  +   748d ago
This is my most anticipated NextGen game. I love ghost recon I hope the controls are similar. I want a deep weapon crafting system deep that Ghost Recon Future Soldier
Stringerbell  +   748d ago
Same here. I'm excited because I'm from this part of NYC where the game takes place. If the devs stay true to the real street layouts of my neighborhood thats going to be awesome!
liquidhalos  +   748d ago
Yeah this is the one im waiting for too. I fell in love with it at the reveal, i cannot wait!
starscream14   748d ago | Spam
CyrusLemont  +   748d ago
I am seriously blown away by the visuals of this game. Is what we saw supposedly running on a PS4 devkit actually going to be what we will get? It honestly looks so good that I wouldn't expect it until the end of this gen if we were lucky or maybe early next gen. I guess I've underestimated the visual leap from this gen of 360/PS3/PC visuals to next.

I can only imagine the requirements to run this beast of a game on PC.

It is the best looking game to date, period.
webeblazing  +   748d ago
you cant compare 360 and ps3 to pc because what your seeing have been going on for the longest on pc. it do look great, im just saying though. hopefully the pc requirements are not high for no reason like im seeing wish a lot of these games(cod, ac4, etc). like i sad games been doing gfx like this with lower requirement it just seem weird.
CyrusLemont  +   748d ago
Sorry, I was a bit unclear, when I meant next gen, that also included PC! I'll try and explain my reasoning.

There aren't a whole lot of AAA titles that came out exclusively to PC (I'm talking TPS, Action/Adventure, 3D RPG type games etc. not the plethora of RTS and strategy titles) last gen and those that did were always limited by having to develop for a variety of lower spec requirements. While PC games have ALWAYS had superior visuals to consoles (No argument here), the core of the games themselves have been limited.

There's been this trend with the visual development of videogames, in which they are usually only stretched as far as what the Xbox 360 and PS3 can push in terms of core visuals and gameplay (3D meshes, AI, DX 9 first etc.). Resolution, AA and all those bells and whistles will always be available to improve a title on PC, but those core features can't be changed.

Enter PS4/X1, both these consoles are going to push those core features to a higher bar, ignoring some of the bells and whistles we'll only find on PC, but having the core stuff raised, means raising requirements for PC (Or just getting a next gen console) to have the intended experience.

I still prefer PC gaming for multiplats, however, as games get larger and more detailed, there's going to be more demand to not only have the game run like next gen, but also run above like PC games can.

Does that make sense? Sorry if I'm a bit messy.
webeblazing  +   747d ago
pc push those core visuals your talking about. pc was doing dx10 and 11 during last gen, and the other stuff you mention. and pc dont just have rts and strategy games, they have every genre on different type of scales( there is are not alot of TPS, Action/Adventure, 3D RPG). dx and gfx effexts would count as bells and whistles. pc usually pushes the bar, then new consoles come out, then they catch up, its not the other way around. just like now the same thing is going to happen now. the new console just caught up, and soon pc dev will create new feature in the future that consoles cant handle.

new consoles do raise the requirements for pcs hardware because of multiplats, i rare see them do things that havent been done graphically. they mostly come up with great new gameplay elements, but thats do to the creativity of the devs and thats not limited to just one platform.

like i said, this have been done for the longest . what your saying about pushing core features to a higher bar, sounds like they are just pushing up the min req. two years a cheaper pc will play games that looks significantly better than these consoles. but the core gameplay will be there, unless pc brings something that changes the gameplay with your hardware to handle it.

i get what your trying to say but everything you wrote is console playing catch up. thats normal though.
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mysteryraz11  +   748d ago
ps4 version for me
thexmanone  +   748d ago
And how do you know that, looks like pc to me
PS4isKing_82  +   748d ago
I'm quite sure he's saying he intends to buy the ps4 version.
Not sure how you thought he was implying it's the ps4 version in the screenshots.
mysteryraz11  +   748d ago
game will look the same exept slightly better textures and shit unless you have a high end pc that does 4k or something, I already got a ps4 thats good enough, the e3 trailer was running on the ps4 or hardware similar to the ps4 so yes the ps4 version will look like that, pc gamers want the new consoles to be using the best hardware but that would make them too expensive for the consumers price and to produce
webeblazing  +   748d ago
i could go one about better gfx feature. plus knowing how closely nvidia and ubisoft work together on gfx effects, but thats not needed. its gonna still be the same game gamers should get it on the platform they like the most. if you care that much about gfx get it on pc. plus 720p, 1080p, and 4k is not the only resolution that exist.
Douchebag696  +   748d ago
This game is going to be amazing. I truly can't wait.
giovonni  +   748d ago
I was blown away by the co op functions, and natural effects with lighting, movement, and team work. I'm more hype for this them I was with Destiny.
ramiuk1  +   748d ago
i dont think i have ever wanted anything so much in my life as this game.
i want the part they demoed,
i would happily play it over and over again on my own
CaptainSellers  +   748d ago
Shame this is an mmo.
JohnnyTower  +   748d ago
Will this be on Steam or Uplay?
kingduqc  +   748d ago
This game gonna look stuning in max detail 1440p on pc, hope it's also good gameplay wise.
Incipio  +   748d ago
Wow. Good looking game. Hopefully the engine performs as well as the game looks.
SITH  +   748d ago
y u no shut up, and take my money ubisoft!?
purp13m0nk3y  +   748d ago
Ahh. Aren't these screens just captured from the E3 demo footage from last year. I watched the demo again and could pick out all three shots.

Was hoping for some fresh screens. So excited for this game.
B00M  +   748d ago
Looks beautiful. And these screens are on consoles!? Great news if so.
BABY-JEDI  +   748d ago
The lighting & materials look excellent. Would really like to know how big the city maps are & how much exploration can be done via buildings ect. Hope theirs changing weather effects ect.
Fantastic looking game. Even better than Lara's hair LoL
Ashby_JC  +   748d ago
Uhh new screenshots??

These look like screen grabs from what we have already seen SMH.

I have a feeling from what we have been reading this game wont see 2014.
Dynasty2021  +   748d ago
Final games never look as good as the screenshots. I really hate pre-release screenshots.

Even on PC, AA, shadows etc whacked up to max, I can't remember the last time a game was released that looked as good as the screenshots.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is, sorry, a console fan. It's simple fact that screenshots have never FULLY reflected the final product.

ESPECIALLY for console game screenshots. They're taken on the PC for god sake, as console games are made on PCs.

Look at GTA 5. The game looked terrible in motion compared to the screenshots we got before release.
Audiggity  +   748d ago
Hey Dynasty - I agree with you somewhat, but I think the issue is the "Screenshot" effect.

A game in motion is nearly impossible to pick out the details vs. a still image.

Load your nicest looking PC game, crank up the details, take a screenshot, open it up. You may be surprised.

Even your point about GTA 5... I thought the same thing, but after spending time taking some pics/observing the game at 0 mph (versus 185 mph)... it is very impressive looking for the ancient hardware it currently* runs on.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   748d ago
I dont know what it is about that 3rd pic but is looks amazing O_O
Funky Town_TX  +   748d ago
Yes a Tom Clancy game. This and infamous:SS are on my radar.
Cubanborn87  +   748d ago
They already announced that it will be 2015, the news came out yesterday. Saw it in a ps4 forum
hollabox  +   748d ago
God! I love MS and Sony put 8 GBs of ram in their system with at least 5 available to developers.
AnEwGuY  +   748d ago
Why am I not playing this NOW??? :(
CourierSix  +   748d ago
Mmm pretty...
Blackcanary  +   748d ago
I really want this game.
PS4FEVER  +   748d ago
Meh, i've seen better looking games on ps3. I know that this game will probably take 20/30% of the power of ps4, but i still feel like both ps4/xboxoen aren't true next gen systems. I have not seen a game with ground breaking physics, ai, visuals and immersiveness all in one package that feels different to last gen.
#28 (Edited 748d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Neonridr  +   748d ago
show me a game on the PS3 that has as much detail and clarity during in game footage, not a pre-rendered cutscene.
PS4FEVER  +   747d ago
The graphics of the first screenshot reminds me of something that came out in 2008. Kinda like fear 2. Glossy tiles, aliasing jaggied lines, shadown that are blurred and not straight. Textures aren't that great. Ive seen better screenshots in uncharted and last of us. I don't doubt this game will look good come release, but i still don't see anything that will blow me away than what i have seen in the past.
YellowTempes  +   748d ago
Skipping ESO for this maybe, we'll just have to see
jhhood  +   748d ago
They are writing a whole new engine specifically for the new consoles. I would hope they take the time to make a great engine so Ubisoft could use it for some of their other games like AC and Far Cry.

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