Is 'The Xbox' One A Great Disappointment

Ever since the creation of the Xbox One people were standing in line and calling every store within 2 hours to see if they could pre-order it. Over 3 million Xbox One consoles have been sold worldwide. Yet, it seems as though the Xbox One has been a disappointment to a lot of people who were optimistic about it.

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Hatsune-Miku1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Is a great disappointment a xbox one?

It all depends if your a core gamer who wants the best console available then itll be a disappointment or if you dont mind a lot of xboxs faults and history then it wont be a disappointment

jackanderson19851612d ago

wouldn't the "best" console available be dependent on your personal preferences... like say for example bob, a core gamer, absolutely adores mario and pikmin but despises KZ, Knack and Resogun... to him the best console is the Wii U and PS4 would be the worst....

truefan11612d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

I 100% agree with you. wouldn't it be up to the users to decide if its a disappointment. I love my XB1, could there be improvements absolutely, but I use it everyday and thoroughly enjoy it. Microsoft is doing more than ever from a games standpoint, the launch and 2014 lineup is amazing. The only disappointment is this site with all the propaganda. Lastly In all seriousness, the person that wrote seems like a ps4 fan. Could we call the ps4 a great disappoint because of the the lack of AAA titles at launch or having less AAA titles than Xb1 in 2014. This was not a dig at ps4, as it is a very good and powerful console, I'm just using the authors logic.

georgeenoob1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

With the best exclusive line-up at launch and in 2014, it's everything but a disappointment.

Unless they were expecting something very unusual out of Xbox One, and with all the bad press I doubt they were. Looks to me like this article is just an attempt to create more of that bad press.

Freedomland1611d ago


Nobody cares about Bob and what he thinks, success of a product is related to the opinion of the masses and if the product is not selling good or more people have negative opinion about it then it will be considered a disappointment.
Like the President is who gets the more votes even though loser gets some votes too.

ABizzel11611d ago


Of course they have the best line-up of 2014, because they've shown pretty much all the games they'll have up until E3 2015. I'm sur ewe'll see a couple of E3 surprises, but they've shown about 20 games, and most of them are still TBA on release dates.

Ryse, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Zoo Tycoon, Killer Instinct, Crimson Dragon, Loco Cycle, and The Fighter Within have already launched (two 8+, three 7+, the rest passes) which means they have 12 games left for now and and early 2015, which is pretty good along with 3rd party support.

We already know:

1. TitanFall
2. Quantum Break
3. Project Spark
4. D4
5. Halo 5
6. Kinect Sports Rivals
7. Fable Legends
8. Sunset Overdrive (probably 2015)
9. Black Tusk Game (probably 2015)

That leaves a couple of rumored games (Forza Horizon 2 & Crackdown 3), probably a few indies, and gameplay footage of the games we know for E3.

So yeah they have a strong line-up, but Sony has really shown anything (shocking they've been able to keep things under wraps for ONCE), and Nintendo also has some big titles and I'm sure some surprises.

jackanderson19851611d ago

@freedomland success of a product would be the moment it starts making the company profit and not culling away at it's losses, popular opinion would be nice but in no-way determines success unless it was a popularity contest of course.

that being said not sure what your reply had to do with my comment as i was pointing out the fact "best" is a subjective term dependant on the users personal preferences.

FamilyGuy1611d ago

Any 360 fan that bought an X1 would expect it to have a great online infrastructure like Xbox Live on the 360 is. The "disappointment" is finding certain aspects you had expected the X1 to excel at to be sub-par, or still in need of improvements.

Neither console launched with as many robust features as their predecessors. They both have some new features that make them better machines obviously but both sides are waiting for system updates and more games.

If anything I think the authors use of the word "great" is what makes this opinion piece such an over-exaggeration. There might be a slight bit but most next gen system owners (myself included) seem to be happy with their purchases.

Twilightx71611d ago


While it's true that Sony has been able to keep a large number of rumored titles under wraps, I find it a little hard to believe that Sony will have a great number of unannounced titles that will ALSO come out this year. I fully expect several reveals, but I'd wager that the majority of those reveals will be 2015 releases. Neither Sony nor Microsoft have a stellar track record of game reveal and release within the same calendar year. I'd be happy to be proven wrong though!

mewhy321611d ago

" This is apparent because the Ps4 sales are up tremendously compared to Xbox One. It may be because the PS4 was not rushed to be released."

That about says it all

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31611d ago

I can't wait for Crackdown 3!

DigitalRaptor1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

@ truefan1 @ georgenoob

"having less AAA titles than Xb1 in 2014"
"With the best exclusive line-up at launch and in 2014"

Establish your facts or don't bother. The only confirmed AAA retail exclusives for 2014, are HALO 5 and Kinect Sports Rivals. The rest are penciled in or simply TBA, or launching in Beta form.

@ ABizzle1

You are correct. Sony are giving their devs and supported project room to breathe to create experiences that are "worthy of PS4". They have at least four 2-team studios with games in production. I don't think anyone is ready for the amount of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party titles Sony has under wraps due to their past experience managing exclusives and connections to other studios and publishers.

Quantum Break is not confirmed for 2014, not sure about D4 either. Fable Legends and Project Spark are launching in Beta form. If all of the games you listed do come out in 2014, that would be miraculous.

mikeslemonade1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

No, X1 has not a been a disappointment to me because it has been performing as I expected. PS4 4.6 mil compared to X1 3.2 mil in the last update. I've been saying it all along and it's consistent with my projection.

One console generation in full effect coming soon.

JokesOnYou1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Like I've said there are some legitimate improvements I ps4 it's not perfect but I am actually very happy with the games I've purchased so far and I'm looking forward to what's coming. Also speaking about "expectations" I think many are not being honest because post E3 alot of "expectations" were that X1 would not be this close to ps4, domination talk was rampant, polls were lopsided with as much as 90% of respondents saying they were going to buy a ps4 vs X1. Today X1 has sold very well even with less than half the availability/markets as ps4 and X1 GAME SALES ARE HIGHER IN THE US THAN PS4 EVEN WITH LESS CONSOLES CUMATIVELY SOLD. X1 also sold slightly more consoles in its first full month head to head with ps4 for Dec.= Again that definitely exceeded Pachters and many others predictions/"expectations ".

This article is a dissapointing and failure imo.

liquidhalos1611d ago

Judging from the people i know who own an Xbox ONE, id say no its not a disappointment, they seem to be having just as much fun as i am with my PS4

(although im not having that much fun watching the missus kick my ass at dont starve every night) i mean seriously, im the damn gamer, she only started playing games about a week ago.

what is a disappointment is the constant fighting here on N4G over sony and ms when we could be discussing the more fun side of gaming like i dunno, games?

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dedicatedtogamers1612d ago

"Disappointment" seems like a knee-jerk reaction.

"Disappointment" also implies that we didn't know what we were getting when the Xbox One launched. People certainly have negative feelings about X1, but I don't think anything has been outright surprising post-launch, even if not everything has been positive.

GamersRulz1612d ago

well, given MS cash plus 360 performance, gaming world expected the new Xbox to destroy PS4 in performance. sadly we ended up with severely underpowered console (~50% less power than PS4) and more expensive one.

PFFT1611d ago

Actually its not 50% but much less than that. Some of you actually believed what a few payroll Sony developers said before launch SMH.

1612d ago
BanginBiscuitz1612d ago

I just love how mindless and how stupid you just made yourself look. My opinion for "core gamers" i would think they want more AAA titles, and X1 is stomping on the competition atm. The network is phenomenal, the UI will be getting a major haul to fix all the small problems, and we are behind a company that has billions of dollars being put into devs to bring exclusive titles to the console. I dont know, but if you wanna continue to be blind thats fine, but id really suggest you get some glasses and see what the X1 is bringing in all the categories.

DigitalRaptor1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Core gamers want more games. Period.

That is why indie developers are cautiously approaching the Xbone. AAA is the desire and driven by the hunger of the mainstream gamer. PS4 has just as many if not more games as the competition. Xbone has more AAA exclusive games at the moment because we all know they starved their 360 fanbase of those games, yet strangely this is seen as some kind of bragging point. When you look at the PS3's lineup for the past 2 years.... it kind of becomes a moot point.

I think WiiU has more better rated exclusives than Xbone, so that "stomping the competition" is a bit premature, especially when that console's been on the market over a year.

And do you really consider the party chat problems a "small problem"? You know, that feature that was touted as one of the best features of XBL last-gen?

"X1 is bringing in all the categories."

Check again. Seriously, check again.

Xbone is a good console now, and will always get games, the direct competition will always have more, and the decisions MS made their console will affect the game potential in the long-haul, and we're already seeing the gulf in performance, as much as you might want to think it's false or stupid.

ProjectVulcan1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

I expected a bit more from the hardware for the price, so that is a bit of a disappointment.

But I'll have to reserve judgement for some time yet to call it a 'great' disappointment. It's only 2 months old and hasn't got hardly any worthwhile games! Be a few years before you can say it's that disappointing.

I still expect quality games on the machine in the future, if it doesn't get them, then it will be.

ABizzel11612d ago


Completely agree. The hardware is a bit disappointing, and they need to drop Kinect and get a reasonable price of $349 - $379 for the hardware. Which is all I'm willing to pay for the hardware.

That being said they have a better line-up right now (neither are really good IMO), some good games coming, and I'm sure more content as well. It can't be a disappoint 2 months in, so we'll have to ask ourselves this question 1 - 2 years from now.

I've seen quite a few of your comments, and you seem to know a lot about hardware. What kind of PC do you have? I'm guess the CPU is Intel :D

andrewsqual1612d ago

No it isn't because it stands up to its 21st May 2013 reveal in every way ^_^
Oh wait but OneGuide and its TV features aren't even available in most launch countries. Scratch that, I guess it is then.

JeffGUNZ1611d ago

They announced those features wouldn't be available in all regions at launch when they announced the console.

AngelicIceDiamond1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

The Writers complaining about faulty X1's and the party system.

Lucky for him the X1's hardware will be less faulty from this point out. And the console isn't static so naturally it'll get better.

Wow, people expect instant satisfaction I guess last gen really spoiled us in features.

Like I said the X1's made to improve so the console only direction is up.

My only disappointment is the lack of games for it right now.

@Miku marked you down as trolling as usual.

JeffGUNZ1611d ago

I have to say I'm actually pleased with the games right now. I took years off from Assassins Creed so I am playing that now, enjoyed DR3 more then I really thought I would and Ryse should be coming through Gamefly soon. I actually really loved Max: Curse of Brotherhood, much better then expected. Titanfall is what I can't wait for.

ABizzel11612d ago

Short answer No.

Hardware: It's a solid console hardware-wise. It offers just enough next-gen power to get the job done (Low-High / Mid-Low gaming PC).

Price: Overpriced (thanks to Kinect). If you're a thrifty shopper you can building your own gaming PC for the same price as the XBO, and outperform it. If you aren't a thrifty shopper you can still build that same gaming PC for $600+ easy. If you have to buy your PC pre-build then you're better off getting an XBO in most cases, unless you buy used from eBay or something.

Software: I hate Windows 8, XB OS is almost on par with tablets experience (aka the better experience with Windows 8) thanks to voice controls (at least when they work).

Games: Both consoles are lacking right now, but that's the early adopter syndrome. More games will come, but the question is how long with MS continue to develop / purchase exclusives to prevent it from going the way the XB360 did.

Online/Services/Multimedia: A great experience before, so more servers should be even better. The benefits of the cloud has failed to impress on any level thus far.


That score will go up as time passes, prices lower, and more games & content become available.

ThePope1611d ago

Its funny the only people bashing the Xbox One, are PS4 owners. Weird, I know lots of people who own a One, and while not perfect, its awesome. And if you want the best, consoles aren't for you, buy a PC.

1611d ago
ThePope1611d ago

Doesn't make my statement false.

PFFT1611d ago

Then you must know a very small number of people Puppy_Farts. Cause almost everywhere i go there is always a few PS4 fangirls bashing the XB1. As if that makes them feel better about their purchase.

Retard1611d ago

IMHO The name is just odd when you attempt to explain it to Grandma.

3-4-51611d ago

Nobody is really impressing me with their gaming line-up except Nintendo with the 3DS.

PS4...I want one, but not yet.

XB1 - I haven't seen any reason I HAVE to buy one, even though there are a few games I'd like to play ( Forza 5, Titanfall, Spark).

PC - Is always steadily pumping out new games, but that is kind of it's own unique thing.

Vita is starting to get better games, and I want one, but I'm still going to wait a bit.

Only the 3DS has really impressed me with the amount of good quality games I can play on it.

1611d ago
n4gamingm1611d ago

the WII U is a great disappointment fix the title

Automatic791611d ago

I am definitely happy that I purchased Xbox one. They have hot games, excellent online network, the side projects. its only a matter of time when gamers realize that Xbox one is a great value overall. I believe we just have to let the system marinate.

What is sad is the same guys who keep writing trash to put it down.

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sobotz1612d ago

Yes, I really enjoying the console right now. Can't wait for March! MGS Ground Zeroes, Titanfall, and lots of indies :)

AngelicIceDiamond1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

@Sobotz Exactly and my disappoint will be gone in March.

StifflerK1612d ago

I'm really happy with mine.

Nocando1612d ago

Some disagree, that no, in fact you are NOT happy with your X1 lol

dillhole1611d ago

Some disagree that you pointed that out.

sobotz1611d ago

Some people just can't let people enjoying their console, especially xbox owner. such a mentality

Hicken1611d ago

I love how people make up what they think the disagrees mean. That's just hilarious to me.

They could disagree because they think he doesn't have an XB1. They could disagree because they're not happy with their own. They could disagree because his name is Stiffler.

But no, none of that could ever be the case; it can only be that they're telling him he isn't happy with his purchase.

JeffGUNZ1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

@ Hicken

Will you just delete your account and move on. You are commenting solely on someones COMMENT, not their name of whether or not the person hitting disagree has a console or not, what kind of argument is that?! His comment was "I'm really happy with mine" and sony fangirls disagree because it's pro MS.

Any educated human understands that the agree/disagree next to the comment is SPECIFICALLY correlated to that said comment. If you're disagreeing because you don't like his name, or his icon pic, or because you personally don't have an xbox you're either A)Mentally challenged or B)Trolling as a fanboy.

Hicken, just stop being such a immature troll. Why are you in EVERY xbox one article?! Head over to the PS4 articles and give it a rest for a little.

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Godmars2901612d ago

would imagine its one to MS.

SKYVVLKR1612d ago

I don't own one but I've heard relatively good things about it. A major thing that's keeping me from buying it is the horrid metro UI.

giovonni1612d ago

it's not bad, the voice controls make it better to navigate. If the voice controllers weren't there it would be an issue, but so far it's been a blast to mess with, I haven't touched a tv remote in months.

hazardman1611d ago Show
Ashby_JC1611d ago

The first week...couldn't find things.

Now it's second nature...I use the Kinect asking with the controller to navigate.

I use the Kinect mainly for getting into apps faster.

Honestly my only slight disappointment is that I have a weird feeling that the Kinect won't be used by major devs. Look at titanfall..not using it at all.

We shall see.