Proof That Nintendo is Struggling & Problems with Next Gen Endorsements on Youtube [Gamertag Radio]

This week on Gamertag Radio:

*Backlogged Promo
*NPDs Dec 2013: Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U sales
*Proof That Nintendo is Struggling
*Should Nintendo Exit The Hardware Business?
*Problems with Next Gen Endorsements on Youtube
*The Feed response to our “rant” on Episode 415

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deafdani1707d ago

What riddance, you sad troll? They aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

JohnnyTower1707d ago

Good riddance?! Nintendo is still tops son. Don't you forget it. Its a marathon, not a race, and right now I have a feeling Nintendo has a couple mushrooms left in the ol gas tank.

wonderfulmonkeyman1707d ago

You're one of the reasons why the stupid fanboy driven console wars won't die.
That was bad, and you should feel bad.

KillrateOmega1707d ago

I can understand if somebody is not interested in their products, but nobody should want Nintendo to die.

Ashunderfire861707d ago

I love the reaction lol I kid I kid. Nintendo is here to stay. Just want to get hits lol!!! I am an honest gamer.

deafdani1707d ago

Ok, we all fell for it. Well done, then. :3

for we are many1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

If you can get this excited dreaming about the death of the big N. Then it's time for you to face the truth:

ps4 is a cheap CoD&BF-box, and if you look at the software charts, that's all what's been selling, it's sad but true, sony fanboys who just bash every other system in existence forgetting about the vita which has an embarrassing 10% market share and only one competitor(3DS with almost unheard of 90% market share), they don't buy sony exclusives, they just brag about them, despite being in most cases boring interactive movies-QTE-galore or unfinished concepts and indie games or dead mascot-wannabes for ever in the shadow of NT legendary stable of characters(knack LOL). Just look at sales for TLOU, PASBR, LBPKarting, GOW, Heavy Rain, Ratchet, Beyond two souls and uncharted, pathetic sales and 82 Million plus installed base. PC is on the rise (65+ Million Steam users), Steam box is incoming with competitive price to play 3rd party multiplats, better prices for games, Better graphics and performance, mods, Backward Compatibility, more and better control options and Free online. That's why I went with PC + Wii U + 3DS this gen.

Don't blindly disagree!lol!

deafdani1706d ago

I disagreed, but because that's not how it is for me, personally. I own a PS3, and I have played a lot of superb games on it, and I don't own a single FPS game for it (not a fan of Call of Duty, Battlefield, and the like).

Take a look at this list:

Yes, Call of Duty is there... but Gran Turismo, God of War, Uncharted, Last of Us, Motorstorm, Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid IV, inFamous, and Heavy Rain are all there as well, among the best selling PS3 titles.

True, none of these games manage to come close to the sales numbers of Nintendo's best selling games (Mario Kart, New Mario, etc)... but these games have always been juggernauts, and there are very few games that come close to these numbers outside of Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.

But that doesn't make the sales numbers of these PS3 exclusives I listed "pathetic" by themselves.

And that's why I'm going to get a PS4 eventually: because of the gallery of excellent exclusives I know it will have eventually (just like the PS3, PS2 and PS1 did before), as well as those multiplatform games that I won't get to play on my Wii U (which I got mainly because of the awesome Nintendo content I know it will get, just like all Nintendo consoles before it).

To call a Sony console a cheap CoD & BF box is giving it a huge disservice. Please don't reply to anti-Nintendo comments with anti-Sony comments.

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crusf1707d ago

Can we stop with the anti-nintendo articles? Vita is doing poorly but no one dares talk against becuase its from Sony

link2Dpast1707d ago

Its because it is non existent but i know how you feel. At one point 3ds was the worst thing in the world now it has the world on fire and is blazing in sales but no one talks of the vita which means "life", what an ironic name for something that has been dead since itS birth HA!

ErryK1707d ago

Please, keep your mouth shut. No one wants to hear fanboy drivel.

link2Dpast1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

@ErryK what a dumb profile name, I make the same sound when I cough up're on the wrong site if you don't like opinion and facts. We ain't your momma so we not gonna lie and cater to you and say how right you are. Grow up

TheEnigma3131707d ago

Vita is actually selling a bit more than the WiiU atm. But hopefully the WiiU does well soon.

Razjin1707d ago

Here are the latest Media Create console hardware sales for the week of Jan 6 - 12, sales returned back to the normal level, 60k units of 3DS were sold, PS Vita came in 2nd with 32k units sold, and Wii U dropped back to 14k units ...

3DS LL - 40,038 [154,194]
PS Vita - 29,494 [99,581]
3DS - 20,116 [82,515]
PS3 - 14,845 [54,930]
Wii U - 14,020 [65,291]
PSP - 4,758 [18,041]
PS Vita TV - 2,522 [7,835]
Xbox 360 - 281

ShinMaster1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Because handhelds are somewhat secondary gaming devices compared to consoles.
Vita failing doesn't carry the same weight as the PS4 failing, which would be huge, but it isn't.

There are plenty of "Vita is doomed" comments in PS Vita articles. And did you forget all the doom and gloom surrounding the PS3 early in its life? "No games, Sony should drop out of the gaming industry, Blu-ray will fail, etc".

Nintendo is the one people consider more blasphemous to even dare criticize because of their contributions to gaming over 2 decades ago.

dwlwoolers1707d ago

Man u have no idea how bad the vita gets bombarded with negative articles. Im a die hard vita fan and this website makes me sick how oppiniated the site is. They say this site is for gamers but all it seams to want to do is spread negatives about all of our systems. Total bs I say. And who gives these dbegs all this inside info anyway. Just bad press trying to spread lies and warped oppinions

KillrateOmega1707d ago

N4G: News for Gamers...who like to war and troll.

dwlwoolers1707d ago

And linkdpass or whatever ur name is. Why dont u try to be a gamer instead of coming on here and talking trash. The psvita is actually one of the best sytems for indies and great for people who appreciate games that are not huge AAA blockbuster games. Its an amazing system

wonderfulmonkeyman1707d ago

Nintendo's hardware side is a crucial side to its ability to make games, so no, they should not exit the hardware market.
The very idea of leaving after a single rough year with one single system is absolutely preposterous, hater drivel at its most vile.

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