The Mario Effect: Without Innovation, Nostalgia Can Only Carry a Series so Far

Nostalgia is an incredibly powerful force. Catching a certain scent in the air or hearing a few bars of a familiar song can instantly transport us to another time and place. Nostalgia can make us melancholy, it can make us incredibly sad, or it can fill us with a childlike type of happiness. Modern videogame developers and publishers are well aware of this fact, regularly trotting out the characters, visual styles, and gameplay types its audience first encountered in their youth as a shortcut to sales success. Whether these call-backs to the past are innovative or lazy, though, makes all the difference in whether the ensuing game is worthwhile.

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if anyone's actually played Super Mario 3D World, they'll find the game is very clever and innovative when it comes to level design and challenges. but at the same point, i can see where you can become accustomed to that "Mario Platfomer" formula and feel the series is old in offerings. it would be great to see Nintendo make a game based off the formula the NES classic, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars 3 Flags, used and apply that for a Wii U Mario rpg game. it'd be nice to see Mario go from platformer to rpg and receive some more depth to the whole Mario universe rather than retreading the platforming idea ver and over.