Clans coming to Killzone: Shadow Fall in Early February With Update 1.09

Guerrilla Games announced more details on the deployment of the clan feature for Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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1581d ago
Outside_ofthe_Box1581d ago

Should have been there from the START.

I don't understand how you release a Killzone game without clans. They better use KZ2's clan system or something close to it or else the update is pointless.

Irishguy951581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

It was rushed for release. GG focused on only the things that really mattered

Graphics and a game that works. Making the game any fun comes later.

Edit: Thats true Shadonic. Not when it comes to certain developers like GG and Crytek. The get one lucky game and go downhill after that. Crytek is now an engine dev with gaming on the side and GG just push for graphics

Shadonic1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Ok ... What kind of logic is that, games are meant for enjoyment how does making a game that's fun and enjoyable come last after the games released even come across as logical to you ? I enjoy shadowfall by the way just saying that that logic for any game is just plain wrong.

LOGICWINS1581d ago

Though there were a few stumbles, I enjoyed the first seven chapters. The last three were ass though. Any rational Killzone fan can see that the game was rushed towards towards the end.

The game didn't even have one DECENT boss battle and clearly nothing on the level of Radec in KZ2 or the MAWLR in KZ3.

combatcash1581d ago


what you're saying is fairly accurate they push graphics and have changed the gameplay of the game a little too much for my liking with every release since KZ2.

The problem is that you're posting this on a ps fanboy website so all you're going to get is disagrees.

There's a reason this series doesn't reach monster sales like other franchises. It's just not that good.

But it certainly has lots of eye candy.

LOGICWINS1581d ago

The omission of clans from the start was done intentionally by GG. Likely to avoid discouraging new players who more than often get owned by clans who practice hours each day and have a good gaming relationship.

Thats why clans weren't present during the "free weekend"

Hatsune-Miku1581d ago

Such an amazing game. I cant wait for the dlcs and updates

_FantasmA_1581d ago

I still play it almost everyday on multiplayer. Just needs more people and a server list. Also needs a 24 Player deathmatch with all the maps in the rotation and a better way to search and promote custom warzones. I bet theres hundreds of thousands of custom warzones that never get played because everyone goes to the same 2 that are on the main page. I always play with the same people.

ShwankyShpanky1581d ago

Bah. They need to ditch the TDM warzones altogether and get up a 24-player Extended Warzone. And some bigger maps.

mayberry1581d ago

Killzone mp shines when the "abilities" are leveled up! My drone and stun abilities are devastating! So much fun to walk into a room of enemies and stun the mess of em'! Too bad most people don't put in enough time to experience what this game has to offer. Clans and free dlc maps will be a great added bonus to Killzone!

brew1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I really like the game and I'm ok at it , but probably won't find a really good clan to be a part of ..... so will I be strong enough to make it against clans ? I really don't know. At least now there's a randomness to the game either playing alone or with a 2-4 group of good (not great) players-

maybe something like this

25% chance of dominating
25% chance of getting dominated
50% chance of the games being somewhat competitive and fun regardless of the outcome

The player counts are going to drop and the clans are going to rise , so I don't know what's going to happen. Hopefully it all works out for everyone who likes the game.

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