CD Projekt RED on What Makes ‘The Witcher 3′ A Next-Gen Title

OnlySP: Speaking exclusively with OnlySP, Michał Krzemiński, Senior Art Producer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt told us a few new details about their upcoming open-world RPG.

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Meltic1402d ago

it would be cool if it was same fighting skills like AC4. But better

PockyKing1402d ago

Not that Ryse has the best combat system in the world, but I felt like I had a lot more control in a game like that or Batman than I do in the Assassin's Creed games. The combat in those games feels clunky now compared to other games. At least to me it does.

Ashunderfire861402d ago

Yeah not a big fan of Assassin Creed's enemy take turn to fight you combat.

PockyKing1402d ago

It's not even that really, but I mean, it's just too simple. I feel like I button mash in that game more than a lot of other recent action title releases.

Evilsnuggle1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Ryse has QTE auto kills after start a kill . Please don't put the wither 3 in the same sentence as that piled of crap Ryse. I loved the Witcher 2 can't wait for the Witcher 3. The crafting system was awesome Weapon and potions crafting. The Witcher 3 and the division are my two most anticipated games of next gen so far.

PockyKing1402d ago


Should probably read the initial comment before getting all defensive. I was specifically talking about AC, not The Witcher in my comment.

ShinMaster1402d ago

Ryse' combat was designed for Kinect (as Codename Kingdoms on 360)

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ShutUpDonny1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

I like AC, but the combat system is boring! Sleeping Dogs had the best one ever IMO. A little bit like Batman, but with more control. This game was in my top 5 of the last generation. Can't wait for the sequel.

Nate-Dog1402d ago

Assassin's Creed can't hold a candle to The Witcher, certainly not for fighting.

MestreRothN4G1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

It'd be cool if they could keep the game running at least on 30 fps.

Such a shame they're not being able to.


I'm obviously talking the market of consoles.

Ashunderfire861402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Did you mean 60 fps? Cause I am pretty sure they said 30 FPS Max on next gen consoles. Fix that typo are you will have more disagrees my friend. Just giving you a warning.

Edit: Damn what a waste of a bubble. I told you to change the under 30 FPS crap, so now your at 5 disagrees.Suit yourself.

Tctczach1402d ago

Play it on a pc or not on a s***** pc.

oIITSBIIo1402d ago

No QTE is what every game should do .

QTE is killing the fun and the freedom of the combat .

LoveOfTheGame1402d ago

Go back to 2005, and tell everyone who just beat GOW and RE4 that QTEs are killing fun and freedom of combat.

oIITSBIIo1402d ago

I played both of them and I hated QTE even before them . Hell my top 2 games of this gen is Batman AC and The witcher 2 and they both have QTE does that mean I like QTE ? absolutely not .

seriously when I'm in the middle of fight why the hell do I see stupid random button showing off on my screen and asking me to press them only when I have the choice to press what ever I want and finish the fight in the way I like by using my favorite move!

webeblazing1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

so does that mean the witcher 2 can be consider next gen lol

does anyone know if consoles are getting FurTech and SpeedTree

Irishguy951401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

Witcher 2 should be considered next gen. The specs required to max the game @ 60FPS are higher than Next gen consoles.

Really, anything that was demanding of PC's over the last 2-3 years could be considered next gen easily.