Lionhead: Fable Legends Possible Thanks to Xbox One's Cloud

Lionhead's boss John Needham explains why the online system in Fable Legends is built around Xbox One's cloud.

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Ripsta7th1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Now they just using this phrase to promote the cloud. I dont see why it would need the clouds processing power? Is this game ginna be conpatible w kinect also?

AngelicIceDiamond1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

@Ripsta I doubt it'll use Kinect. Well they might use it for casual stuff.

If you read the article the Lion Head boss basically said they're using it for connectivity. They can use the cloud for connectivity tools of sorts. Or back ground utility tools in game

Apparently The cloud brings. Darksouls and Journey type of connectivity they want to utilize in Fable.

Sounds interesting.

Godmars2901673d ago

"Darksouls and Journey type of connectivity they want to utilize in Fable."

Sounds like they're trying to claim already proven tech as their own. As their innovation.

hazardman1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )


I read the article and didnt come away with that conclusion.

GarrusVakarian1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

1)Use something that has been available/used for years in gaming. 2) Give it a different name. 3) Promote the hell out of it and act like it's a new thing to fool the naive masses.

^^^ That has pretty much been MS's strategy with the cloud. It's amazing how many people get duped by it. Im not bad mouthing the feature itself, just the way its been promoted. PC's have used the "cloud" for years, the PS3 and 360 also used the "cloud", it's nothing new. MS are just focusing the spotlight on it to try and make it seem like some new, cutting edge feature.

AngelicIceDiamond1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

@Lukas No its nothing new but using it in games sounds like its new. I don't really think MS is introducing it as "new tech" but using the tech as an added pillar on top of what they're already doing.

The thing that's bother me is the use to power graphics. AI, physics sure but better graphics is still unproven. And imo will remain unproven for a while, a good while at that.

@Mars I don't think there intentions were to take the tech as their own, But draw inspiration from it. Those 2 games worked perfectly. All Lionhead wants to do is translate that innovation into there own creation.

GarrusVakarian1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

" I don't really think MS is introducing it as "new tech""

They most definitely did/are promoting it as a new feature/tech. They didn't mention it at all when last gen used it (no one did, because it's really not a big deal).....then as soon as the X1 hits its "Only achievable through the power of the cloud"..."the power of the cloud makes the X1 3 times more powerful". They know how naive the mass public are, so they introduced a new buzzword for something that has been here for years and people lap it up.

Godmars2901673d ago

"All Lionhead wants to do is translate that innovation into there own creation."

No, as a 2nd - 1st? - party studio, they're using something their main company has largely over promoted.

Lukas is pretty much spot on: MS has only been saying that they dominate with cloud servers. That they can use it to improve gameplay, when in fact its more about justifying the always online stance. Getting people to use and pay for XBL because they have to use and pay for XBL.

hazardman1672d ago

You right the cloud been around for yrs. But not many companies can match MS cloud infrastructure. Also you have to remember that Xbox One was gonna be an always online console so it made sense for them to push Cloud the way they did. Now that being said as a consumer is up to you to believe whatever you want or just do your homework on Cloud.

Also can you link me some games on PC or consoles that utilized the cloud service for gaming purposes in anyway.

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kopicha1673d ago


I already mentioned this on one of the TitanFall thread that people need to start understanding what is Cloud. It is no magic, Cloud is merely a computing term and hardly even a tech of it's own. What is done on Cloud is already possible without Cloud. Unfortunately general consumers do not understand this which cant be blame. This is also due to the way how they try to advertise it. Just like in this article. "Thanks to Xbox One's Cloud" making the game possible. In the first place, the game is possible without Cloud. Also Cloud is not exclusive to Xbox One. And you dont need a new hardware to specifically support Cloud to utilize it. So look at how misleading it is especially to those who do not even understand what is Cloud.

Belking1672d ago

You don't know what you're talking about. The way they are using cloud for consoles is new and only being done on xb1. Please don't say sony has a cloud because they don't. All they did was buy a streaming service that already existed. MS, Google, Amazon have real cloud computing services.

kopicha1672d ago


Nice try there little boy. I have not talked anything about Sony at all. I am talking purely about the Cloud matter and in general while not specific to XO. And you sir start trying to do damage control there and bring Sony into the picture? How funny and a moron you are? I dont need you to tell me who have and does Cloud services. I probably know them better than you. I am in the same industry doing the same thing. I am just merely saying that they over sell Cloud and mislead the general consumers on what it actually is and what it does. This has nothing to do with who has actual Cloud service or what does Sony do. You are moving completely out of context here.

And you are simply making yourself an idiot here assuming it is only being done on XB1. So yes M$ bought 300000 servers just for your freaking XO. How funny you are. How naive are you seriously. It is not "only" being done on XO. On TitanFall you will also be utilizing the Cloud even if you are playing from PC / 360. Get your facts right dude. It is not ONLY XO like you assume. And for goodness sake, The way they use Cloud is nothing new. There are already games in previous generation that utilize the similar method. It is just that they did not advertise it as Cloud. And I said previously, with or without Cloud same thing can be done. Cloud is only a terminology. Gosh... when will fanboy grow up and be more intelligent.

akurtz1673d ago

Thank you, all mighty CLOUD

pompombrum1673d ago


Seriously, all these "thanks to the Xbox One cloud" PR stuff is becoming a bit of an eye sore now. Still, worse than that is all the obligatory hate comments that will undoubtedly be coming.

SKYVVLKR1673d ago

Notice how devs never mention any specifics about the "cloud". They're simply rebranding something that's been in use for years now; connecting to the internet.

pompombrum1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Yup lol, the only specifics I know about the cloud is the thieving barstool stole my GTA online character.

francknara61673d ago Show
andrewsqual1673d ago

Maybe build an engine from the ground up to utilise this then and not use a standard third party game engine a lot of other lazy devs will have their games on in the next 2 years?

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