UK retailer price cuts: Wii U Premium for £180, Xbox One £410

Amazon UK and Argos both dropped the Wii U Premium to £180 this week, and if that's a familiar-sounding figure it's because it matches the launch price of the Wii. Both retailers have the 32GB Wii U model, complete with Nintendo Land, priced £120 less than the £300 Nintendo itself is asking for, and what most retailers sold the Wii U Premium for at launch.

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Venox20081665d ago

good price for Wii U :)

lilbroRx1665d ago

You could have got it for that price plenty of time earlier last year.

They cut the price repeatedly.

All that did was prove that price is not nor was it ever the issue.

abzdine1665d ago

is it me or it's back to the old price?

KevinCubes1665d ago

No we need a US pricedrop

Reeze1665d ago

You got one.

Also, refurbished Wii Us are on Nintendo's website for 250 dollars, and that includes bundles.

snookiegamer1665d ago

£180 is very reasonable for Wii U. But even at £410, the Xbox One still seems expensive.

djplonker1665d ago

The 32gb wiiu is now the same price as a 500gb ps3 slim with tlou!

I own both but if I had to pick one there would be no competition.

Thepcz1665d ago

yeah, a 500gb bluray player that can also play videogames etc etc vs 32gb games console with no games.

the ps3 offers so much more value

djplonker1665d ago

There is also more games coming out for the ps3 this year than the wiiu!

Thepcz1665d ago

for a console with no games.

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