Best Buy Exec: Price Difference Between PS4 And Xbox One Not An Issue

GB: "The price difference between the Xbox One and PS4 has been a major talking point since E3 2013. So much so in fact, that many believed – among other things – that Microsoft should offer a Kinect-less package to compete with the PS4′s price. With the launch of both consoles and their respective successes, just how far has price really mattered?"

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xHeavYx1639d ago

Yeah, it's not like one console is clearly outselling the other.. Oh, wait...

jackanderson19851639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Best Buy are a primarily american corp (they had ventures in europe but they bombed and were closed ) and it would seem the $100 isn't really playing that much of a difference... globally yeah it is but why would best buy care about european/oceania sales?

MysticStrummer1639d ago

Just got in from TV browsing at Fry's and Best Buy. Same story I've seen since launch… XB1s on the shelf and no PS4s. Had a long conversation with one of the BB TV sales guys about the consoles. He and all his friends were long time 360 people who switched to PS. All loving their PS4s. Just an observation from TX.

mikeslemonade1639d ago

BEST BUY EXEC. He's not gonna oust a product he is trying to sell.

Now behind close doors I assure you he is look at statistics for all his products and knows which items are selling faster.

Wikkid6661639d ago

Price doesn't mean everything.... look at Apple. Their products are way over priced and sell millions.

ABizzel11639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

That's where Brand Loyalty and user experience comes into play.

IMO iOS is simply better than Windows on so many levels. The restrictions that iOS has can be annoying, and Windows is fully open and has more programs that work instantly and constantly patched.

But that's why you build a hackintosh and get the best of Windows, Mac, and Linux all in 1 lovely little desktop (building a laptop can be pricey and often better off buying a MacBook and just install Windows).

Mac Tower: $3000+
Hackintosh: $500 - Whatever you're willing to max

MS has Brand Loyalty to NA gamers (specifically US), and about 20 million more gamers Worldwide. Sony has EU, JP, and RoW (Rest of World) Brand Loyalty, and as of now the US is around 30 - 40 million (PS3 starting priced lost a good portion of their US fanbase to Xbox, but PS4 seems like it's getting them back between Xbox and Nintendo). If the PS4 and XBO split NA, it doesn't matter because the PS4 is still going to win EU, JP, and RoW.

PS4: 120M
XBO: 80M
Wii U: 20M - 40M

FamilyGuy1639d ago

Brand loyalty is one thing but the idea of value is another. If you think what you're buying is worth the cost the actual figure amount won't matter.

dedicatedtogamers1639d ago

The Best Buy guy is right...for now. $100 isn't going to make a huge difference. The people who have bought the console already are the "low hanging fruit". I don't mean that disparagingly. They are the early adopters. They'd find a way to buy it if it was $899 and was labeled "Atari Jaguar 2.0".

But now we're moving out of "low hanging fruit" territory. We're running out of the early adopters and we can see some real market reaction over the next few months. Any product (especially a multi-billion videogame console) can sell a few million at launch. It's post-launch that matters, and this applies to the PS4 as well. The price difference will likely come into play as most cost-conscious customers begin taking a look at their next-gen options.

Death1639d ago

We will have to wait for the next batch of numbers, but from what we seen with the 3 million/4.2 million announcment the PS4 is selling 100,000 more per week. If the rate remained the same post holidays we would see numbers today of 4.5 and 6 million. I would be surprised if this were the case though since history shows console sales drop dramatically after December. 5 million is a nice milestone and should be the next announcment by Sony since they should hit it first.

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colonel1791639d ago

The PS4 is selling more, but the price of the Xbox One is definitely not an issue, otherwise it wouldn't have sold 3 millions already.

N4Gpower1639d ago

PS4 had no exclusives games on 2013/2014 ( just f2p and mini-games). Xbox one is so better, the price is not an issue. Evident.

rarity1639d ago

"PS4 had no exclusives games on 2013/2014" i had no idea that 2014 already passed.

MysticStrummer1639d ago

PS4 had exclusive games in 2013 and will in 2014 as well. Evident.

The top selling exclusive you claim PS4 didn't have has outsold the top selling XB1 exclusive whose existence you acknowledge.

Yodagamer1639d ago

There will always be exceptions. While the general idea is there is an issue they will be times where it hasn't been and this is probably one of those times.

Godmars2901639d ago

And still, for how long was "PS3's too expensive" a thing?

Death1639d ago

Until the 40 gig released for $399? I can't remember how many months that was after launch. 11 maybe?

mhunterjr1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Yeah but, that was a completely different situation. They 360 had already been on the market for a year so it was cheaper AND had a better games catalog.

It took a long time for 3rd party ps3 games to match the xbox 360. It wasn't until then people could see why the ps3 was worth the extra cost, of course by that time there had been a ps3 price drops.

I think price is an issue with the xb1 and ps4, but the xb1 is selling much better than the ps3 did at launch. Apparently there are quite a few people who think the xb1 is worth the extra $100. This gives MS some time to maximize earnings before needing to make a cut.

Brazz1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

to be very fair...
If you can say that X1 in selling better than Ps3 at the same time i can say that Ps4 is selling much better than Xbox 360 at the time.
Last gen is a different story from this gen, last gen wii dominated early sales by miles! it was like 5 wii for each "PS360".
Sony is kicking microsoft/nintendo butts in the "home console market"! just wait for japan and asian realese, you will see sony controlling +50% of the market easy!

mhunterjr1639d ago

@Brazz to be fair, my comment wasn't about who's kicking who's ass.... it was about how the how the circumstances of the price difference this gen is different from those of last gen.
Stay on topic buddy.

monkeyDzoro1639d ago

If people can afford an XO but they choose a PS4 instead, then it's another bad news for MS.

Ashby_JC1639d ago

When it comes to systems.


I dont feel it comes down to what you can afford it comes down to what YOU WANT.

Think about all that purchased the XB1...they obviously could afford the PS4 but they chose to get a XB1.

It comes down to preference.

Like lets say the XB1 was $400. Do you think many who currently own a PS4 would have still purchased it at $500??

I say hell YES people would have still gotten a $500 PS4. When its something you WANT. You will go buy it.

All in all its great that both systems are selling well. I am so excited for the games we have now and the games coming out this year and beyond!

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