GTA 5 players report missing cash following latest update

GameZone writes, "The latest update to Grand Theft Auto 5 was designed to address the rampant problem of "dirty" money floating around GTA Online, the game's online multiplayer mode; however, it appears the patch has caused more issues with players seemingly playing the game clean. A number of users have reported that their cash has been taken from them, even if they purchased it with real cash through microtransactions via the in-game store."

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Kivespussi1584d ago

Goddamnit I had 3 trillion (?) of $ but never got around spending it! Killed a bounty of that sum... God when the bounty was placed everyone just dropped what they were doing and went after 1 guy. It was a full 16-player game... God it was hilarious. I feel the hackers actually improved everyone's experience

xHeavYx1584d ago

Someone put a bounty of over a billion (yeah, with a B) on me. I just left that game and joined a private match with a buddy so he could get it. I got gifted millions too. I believe R* said that if you bought stuff with "illegal" money, you could end up with a negative balance. I haven't been on GTA online for a while though so I can't confirm

TheSaint1583d ago

I literally spent hundreds of millions and had $350,000 (and all the things I bought) left after the clean up.

TheEnigma3131584d ago

How broken is GTAV's multiplayer? I haven't played the game yet.

GentlemenRUs1584d ago


Not touched it since it came out.

LogicStomper1584d ago

Well there are invincibility glitches,experience glitches, money glitches, car duplication glitches and shoot through wall glitches.

But the gameplay of multiplayer isn't too bad. Since the patches, I haven't run into many cheaters except for a few level-glitchers. They don't do much harm though.

JackBNimble1584d ago

I stopped playing it because it's so broken, it's just full of glitchers and cheaters.

BlackCarrot1584d ago

Imo, if they made money less of a big deal and took out micro-transactions, there wouldn't be much of a need to cheat the system. Rockstar made their bed, now they must lie in it.

thewildbeard1584d ago

I played it when it came out but I wanted to wait until it was a bit better until I got into it but I'm always hearing stories like this that kinda put me off.

Kivespussi1584d ago

It's not broken. Just poorly balanced. Especially the money but when the heists come they better pay you millions. There's no point just grinding races over and over...

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Wenis1584d ago

Yep and you can fix all your problems for just $20 payable to Rockstar Games

OCEANGROWNKUSH1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

im so done with this game, this could have been something bigger but they just fucked it up with microtransactions. I beat the story mode and was done the online is boring. rinse and repeat nonsense.

Aleithian1584d ago

So glad I sold this. Single player was fun, Online was/is a joke.

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