How Havok Is Getting Its Next Gen Middleware Up To Speed For PS4 And Xbox

GamingBolt recently had a chance to speak to Havok’s head of product management Andrew Bowell about their next-generation focus, various aspects of Havok Physics 2013 and much more.

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mewhy321706d ago

I wonder if they'll be using the compute of the PS4's GPU?

805Junior8051706d ago

Take full advantage of each console.

PersonMan1705d ago

Wow, I love this quote:

"Gamers have always wanted the same thing in every console cycle: awesome games. The new consoles, faster PCs, new graphics APIs etc., these alone don’t make awesome games. They are simply platforms and tools to enable developers deliver awesome games. The goal of these technologies and technologies like Havok should be allow developers focus on their primary goal: making awesome games. In some ways, the console wars, console vs. PC – these all make good media stories but ultimately they don’t concern developers."

This is why I think fighting over who has the fastest PC or best console is stupid. It's not about how much power you have, it's what the developers do with the hardware they're given to work with.