Microsoft Initially “Apprehensive” To Change Xbox 360 Controller For Xbox One

GR: When crafting the successor to Xbox 360, Microsoft spent a lot of time mulling over what to do with the controller. Gamers loved the Xbox 360's control pad, so changing it was something the Big M was a bit hesitant to do.

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ftwrthtx1672d ago

Change can be a bad thing, but it looks like they did OK with this.

GarrusVakarian1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

"Microsoft Initially “Apprehensive” To Change Xbox 360 Controller"

And so they should have been, the 360 controller was damn near perfect for people with big hands like me. I have yet to hold the X1 controller, but i hope it's not too different. Anyone have any opinions on the 360 controller vs the X1 controller?

mewhy321672d ago

I have to say that the 360 controller was great. Changing it was a risk but reports indicate that it wasn't a negative change.

acharlez1672d ago

It's a little smaller and the sticks are a bit closer together, so those with larger hands may not like it as much. Otherwise, it is amazing. Sticks are great, D-pad is awesome, and triggers are fantastic.

truefan11671d ago

Im glad the did, they perfected a perfect controller. The bumpers didn't feel right at first , but you can push them from 3 different angles. Analogs, d-pad, rumble, triggers were all improved.

DARK WITNESS1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

depending how big your hands are you may find the new pad still has issues.

I love the 360. The new pad would have been the perfect step forward in my book, I mean it's the same bad basically but better shaped and with a better D-pad.....BUT, for some reason they thought it would be a good idea to shrink the size of the thumb pads that sit on top of the sticks and make them more rounded so there is less grip in the middle.

you prob would not notice it if you just held the pad for 5 min. it's only after hours of playing I find myself constantly having to adjust and move my thumbs round the pad and replace it back into the center. Somes I actually just push the pad from the edge with my thumb instead of moving from the center- something I never use to do with the 360 pads.

now as much as I love the new pad I have found this to be an issue . The perfect pad would have been the xbox one pad but with the same size and shaped thumb sticks as the 360 pad.

Everyone is different, I know some people wont have any problems with this, but for me it really put me off. it's like they changed everything else for the better and then changed one crucial thing for the worse that overshadows all the great stuff.

Anyway, the solution if this is an issue is buying a set of thumb pads that go over them.

it's the only real negative point about the pad, and I will add that I have the same issue with the ps4 pad. I must have big yeti size thumbs or something, but it's the only issue I have with both pads.

SilentGuard1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

You may find the Xbone controller less comfortable. I myself have large hands and the controller just feels smaller with less to grip on to. Also, the thumbsticks are smaller making it harder for the thumb to rest in the center.

Skate-AK1671d ago

I played it for about 30 minutes at my local GameStop and hated it. The 360 controller feels a lot better in my hand. It's not something I couldn't get used to though if I ever get an Xbone.

Spartan1191671d ago

It feels smaller when you first grab it but not to the point it becomes uncomfortable to hold. I have large hands and it feels snugg when I hold it. The first thing I noticed was the size of the face of the sticks is smaller and the sticks are taller than the 360 pad. After a while it feels normal though and I have found my aiming is better with the new sticks. They move more precisely. It would be hard for me to choose one over the other but if you liked the 360 pad you shouldnt have any problem with the X1 pad

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SaffronCurse1671d ago

I don't like the new Xbox One Controller. The 360's was awesome. Those right and left bumpers on the one really bother me.

Utalkin2me1671d ago

Doesn't seem to me MS has a problem to change anything to Xbox1.....=)

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insertcoin1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Isn't everyone initially apprehensive about everything? It's just a matter of how fast we can get over it.

acharlez1672d ago

I'm not apprehensive about eating breakfast in the morning...

ftwrthtx1671d ago

Depends on what's for breakfast.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1671d ago

One complaint I will still, and forever hold about the Xbox one controller is that they still make you buy battery, or the recharge pack...

acharlez1671d ago

Yeah, that is a little crazy,,,

Mikefizzled1671d ago

Or use a micro USB cable and never need to charge again.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1671d ago

defeats the purpose of wireless

Yodagamer1671d ago

Honestly imo that's a plus for me i hate having to be connected via a usb. I'd prefer to get 4 rechargeable AA for each controller and when two die throw two more in and recharge the dead ones. You don't have to wait for charging and no usbs.

Spartan1191671d ago

I agree man. The whole point of a wireless controller is to be wireless. Why after say 6 to 8 hours of gaming would I want to be playing with a cord connected that chances are isnt long enough to reach where I sit. I have 8 recharable batteries and a charger that charges 4 at a time. I use 2 and my oldest son use 2 in his controller and the other 4 are on charge. When they run out we just swap and put the empties on charge. I honestly do not see the fuss people have with it. To me its an advantage not having a built in battery.

VENOMACR12271671d ago

Or you could just buy 4 rechargeable batteries and have them for years and you can use them in multiple applications. I doubt you dont use any AA batteries in your house, so you kill two bird one stone. And you dont have to plan on charging your controller over night or be attached by a cord in general. I prefer this over charging my controller constantly.

gcolley1671d ago

I prefer it. I always have spare rechargeable batteries right next to me and it takes 2 seconds to change them, no charge cord in sight. Sanyo eneloops man. I use them for everything.

It is actually easier, just not 'cooler' so it won't improve your image like a built-in battery will. This is a non-issue raised by fanboys who have no intention of owning an xbox anyway.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

It's a minor issue for me, I own a Xbox 360, just not the Xbox one just yet, but I will for sure own it within the year. Must get my Halo fix, will always be one of my favorite games. Also my girlfriend really wants one for our living room, and the kinect.

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bromtown1671d ago

I think they only made the change because of shareholders. The 360 controller was really, really nice. At that point unarguably the best controller ever made but if they kept it the same for the Xbox One, people would expect to be able to use their old Xbox 360 controllers, meaning they wouldn't make as much money on peripherals. And if they did keep it the exact same but didn't make the consoles compatible with the 360 ones there would have been a massive public outcry.

gcolley1671d ago

Different target market this time around so they made a smaller controller. Sony seem to have the better controller this time around because they made theirs bigger... a common complaint. No one ever complained about the size of the 360 controller, yet they reduced it anyway to target the wii crowd along with kinect. Why mess with perfection, just fix the d+pad, add some BS bells and whistles and everyone is happy.

I hope enough people complain and they release an 'S' version like the original xbox did but I doubt it.

But you are correct, it was to satisfy shareholders by targeting the largest market, the casual market.

bromtown1670d ago

Yeah, the d-pad was the only fault. If they fixed that and could have integrated the flush battery pack into an old style controller shape it would have been perfect.

Zichu1671d ago

When i first picked up the X1 controller, it felt right and comfortable. It actually feels weird holding a 360 controller after being so used to using an X1 controlleer.

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