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Submitted by Blues Cowboy 676d ago | opinion piece

Dead Rising 3's Ridiculous Patch Shows What's Broken & Brilliant About Xbox One

Dealspwn writes: "13GB.

A year ago, this was nearly double the capacity of an entire Xbox 360 game, but now Dead Rising 3 players are being forced to download a monstrous 13GB title update just to be able to play online. Containing a few performance tweaks and what is very likely to be DLC content, this outrageous mandatory drop is a stark reminder of what we can expect from this new console generation; the ability to easily deliver content patches resulting in developers wasting our time after the fact and addressing issues that should have been ironed out before release.

However, it's also thrusts one of the Xbox One's most under-rated features into the spotlight... and suggests that things might not be as bad as they first appear." (Dead Rising 3, Xbox One)

mewhy32  +   676d ago
That's a massive update. But if it improves the games then so be it.
Bimkoblerutso  +   676d ago | Well said
You're missing the point. We are already being asked to swallow a pretty giant pill these days given the sorry state of DRM and concept of ownership in the industry.

Now, we're also essentially being used as beta testers for unfinished games....that are STILL FULL PRICE.

So...we only THOUGHT that pill was to be taken orally. It's actually a suppository.
Fireseed  +   676d ago
Last time I checked Dead Rising 3 operates exactly like any other disc based game of the previous generation... and also I don't really remeber any game breaking bugs in DR3 so if you're referring to it as unfinished I'd REALLY like to know where you base that off of. All in all I somewhat understand your points... but I think you're projecting them onto the wrong game. This is a Dead Rising 3 post... not Battlefield 4.
andrewsqual  +   676d ago
I think the bigger question is why is a game that was a current gen game at one point and still clearly looks like this tech wise, taking up this much space in some simple DLC patch to begin with. And I thought NBA 2K14 had a monstrous tweak update of 2.5gbs.
The DLC must contain alot of FMV sequences, why else would it be that size? Its not the muddy bland textures for example.
TekoIie  +   676d ago
Oh please. Dead Rising 3's a minor offence compared to PC ports. Try running The Bureau: XCOM on high with anything lower than a GTX 780.

You will not get anything better than 25 frames during the action...
hazardman  +   676d ago
Lmao.....good one!
FamilyGuy  +   676d ago
"if you're referring to it as unfinished I'd REALLY like to know where you base that off of."

Read the article, the fact that this update replaces 90% of the entire game is the proof.
It's a 13Gb "patch" but once installed it only takes up 2Gbs more of your available HDD space. The game you bought and installed has been almost completely removed and replaced with this downloaded file. That is a clear indication that the game they launched initially was unfinished. Hopefully they release pre-patched copies of the game to stores so new buyers of the game won't have to download this before they can play online on their day of purchase.
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Fireseed  +   676d ago

I love people like you! <3 It's always worth a good chuckle to come on here and know someone looks at some aribtrary facts, and comes to an indisputable conclusion. It's adorable :)

Fact is 13 GB was replaced yes... however if you read reviews or in even... hold onto your butts cause this is gonna be a shocker! Actually played the game in question you'd know nothing was outlandishly buggy about it. Sure their were some glitches (no game is perfect) but for you to sit there and tell those of us who have finished the game in its entirety that "the game they launched initially was unfinished" is just... idk, theirs honestly a mix of things that it is but I think it speaks well enough for itself.
badz149  +   676d ago
most of you guys don't get it! no matter what the circumstances are, 13GB for a patch is absolutely ridiculous! if it's optional, then many wouldn't have to endure it but it's not!

stop trying to defend this and pretend that it's all good when it's not! no matter how you see it, 13GB patch is not normal and it would be terrible if many more developers start doing this because people are OK with it!
FamilyGuy  +   676d ago
"Unfinished" does not mean the same thing as "broken" or "bug infested". Learn the difference, Capcom obvious had a lot to add to the game with so much of it being replaced by this patch.
Bimkoblerutso  +   676d ago

I think people are trying to make this into a "Microsoft vs. Sony" type of situation, when it's really not.

This is a much larger precedent than some petty console war BS.
zaanan  +   675d ago
Ah, remember the good old days? When a 650mb patch for Resistance 3 made the internets rage? Apparently insomniac was just ahead of their time...

I for one still think 650mb is too big, so I agree this is absolutely unacceptable. Way to shut out low-bandwidth customers!
cyclindk  +   676d ago
Well no update improving game code or how it runs, minus enhanced visuals like textures or something asset-wise, should ever exceed a few gigs at most... this is all that DLC stuff, has to be.

Which, if it is, has been mishandled especially if it is only one of many updates to come and assuming they would be of similar scope.
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n4gamingm  +   676d ago
but the update doesn't add 13gb to your hard drive it replaces some old data with new.
cyclindk  +   676d ago
Good if that's the case, but either way having to download such a large chunk for a patch... kinda crappy for some people with bandwidth limits and such.
Azzanation  +   675d ago
Played and finished DR3 and its by far the best DR game iv played. This 13gig patch is making me want to head back into the game. I am actually excited for it.

Games can only improve with the internet. I know whatever Capcom are doing, there making there product even better then before. These fanboys in this thread saying the game is broken or unfinished or the patch is too big, honestly who cares. The game is fine now and it will be even better after patch with new content.
urwifeminder  +   676d ago
71% complete at this rate may be able to play it tomorrow arvo fun game I have not gotten far my net isn't the best and I have a cap will download in off peak times.
Naga  +   676d ago
Your delay seems unusual. I popped my disc in and began playing immediately without a hint of patching - just like the author of the article.

In fact, the only reason I even knew this behemoth of a patch existed is because it was here in the news.
R0ver0ff   676d ago | Spam
JohnnyTower  +   676d ago
Did anyone actually download this yet? Is there much noticeable improvements?
Ripsta7th  +   676d ago
This game is making me want to buy an X1 sooner, looks really fun
bryam1982  +   676d ago
when is the 1080p patch coming out??? i can wait to play this game whit next gen graphics :-P lol
MRMagoo123  +   676d ago
1080p wont give the game better textures or last gen looks so dont hold your breath
Azzanation  +   675d ago
1080p has been around for years, since when does resolution determine if a game is next gen?

Sounds like fanboy talk to me. Wait till PC games start using 4k in a year or 2. Then i will say PS4 and XB1 are so outdated, they use a resolution that's 8 years old.
bumnut  +   676d ago
Im hoping it releases on PC like DR 2
dumahim  +   676d ago
" my Xbox One had automatically grabbed the update, downloaded it and installed it in standby mode the night before, leaving the game ready to play straight away."

My Xbox doesn't do this. It'll download the update, but won't install it. Every time I've had an update, I turn the system on and wait for it to install.
n4rc  +   676d ago
Game on disk I would assume

If you download digitally, updates are 100% automatic.. I didn't even know about it, was just there and ready to play
dumahim  +   676d ago
Sounds legit. I do have disc version and it's been this way for both Forza and Dead Rising with the updates so far. I wonder if, for some stupid reason, it has to check for the disc before it will apply the update, and it won't spin up the drive in standby mode.
Cueil  +   676d ago
I don't generally have this issue with my disc based games... though it's happened a couple of time most of the times the updates install themselves.
n4rc  +   676d ago
The only game I have on disk is bf4.. And it stays in the system 24/7..

Yet it still won't fully install on its own.. Have to click it to finish the install which takes 2 seconds..
kewlkat007  +   676d ago mine should already be updated..I no longer buy disks...
dantesparda  +   675d ago
Hm, i wonder why they did it like that? The PS4 downlaods and installs for both, disc based and the digital. And the disc doesnt have to be in the system for it to update/install
Studio-YaMi  +   676d ago
Would like to see a before/after on performance!
ceedubya9  +   676d ago
i know that before the update, I never noticed any performance issues. Of course, unless there was pop-in all over the place and the frame rate had been crazy bad, I don't think I would have noticed much anyway. But that's just me. The game would have to really chug for me to really notice. But that was just my experience.
Studio-YaMi  +   676d ago
That's actually good to know! it's just that with the whole frame-rate issues and pop-ins that surfaced on youtube,I thought this patch would resolve the textures pop-ins.

Glad that you don't have any issues though,the game looks like tons of fun from what I saw and heard.
Cueil  +   676d ago
there are some pop-in, but it never hinders game play and the game is fun as all get out
MRMagoo123  +   676d ago
It might fix some parts where the textures dont even pop in at all and you are left with unmeshed oddness , who knows but there must have either been some major problems or why would they replace nearly the whole games files with this patch.
GadgetGooch  +   676d ago
Theres not much difference it replaces a lot of the files already installed initially so doesn't actually add 13GB its jus minor performance tweaks but mainly for DLC....stop moaning....
idiealot  +   676d ago
13GB Download vs On disk DLC. Capcom at least made the right choice this time.
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Blues Cowboy  +   676d ago
Heh, I'd rather have neither, but I guess I can live with the lesser of two evils...
Jeedai Infidel  +   676d ago
Unless the devs get a game 100% perfect the first try, then you are going to need to get used to these large patches for this generation of consoles. Games are going to be pushing 50 gigs as a norm in no time. The price we pay for pretty, shiny games, I guess.
Mikefizzled  +   676d ago
I remember the TF2 updates which were 5gb and they was just updated texture files essentially. I was outraged.
drsfinest72  +   676d ago
uhh PSN always had bigger updates and patches and PC has massive patches and updates...nowadays who cares?
HeavenlySnipes  +   676d ago
Only update on PS3 that big was the Metal Gear Solid 4 trophy patch and that was 10gbs
Hicken  +   676d ago
Sorry, but I NEVER had a 13GB update on PS3.

Like Family Guy says above, that it only adds 2GB to the size of your installed data says it replaced 11GB of what was already there. Essentially, that's enough to be a completely different game. Anyone with half a brain could successfully argue that such a patch indicates an unfinished game.
Jeedai Infidel  +   676d ago
What do you call Directors that go back and make changes to movies that the studios made them edit a certain way for the theaters? I've seen multiple versions of many movies and wouldn't say that the earlier versions were unfinished. DR3's devs saw things they wanted to make better, that's all, things they missed. It was certainly not unfinished, as evidenced by all the gamers that finished the game and had a blast while doing it.
AnotherGamer117  +   676d ago
I haven't played DR3 and I doubt I ever will, but for folks like me with monthly data caps - this is crazy.

I would not want to take a 13GB hit against my data cap for DLC. Yes, there are minor fixes as folks say, but why not package them separate and the folks buying the DLC only have to download the massive 13 gb patch?
hazardman  +   676d ago
You speak the truth. I have a 300gb cap. These 13gb patches is wood for the internet neutrality fire!! Could you imagine if all patches and dlc were this massive we'd be f'ed!!
AnotherGamer117  +   675d ago
I have a 250GB patch and I work from home. So a large portion of my bandwidth has to remain available so I can work. Not to mention my kids laptops, tablets, phones, etc... that they use.

A 13gb patch mainly for DLC that I rarely buy for any game - would not be a good thing for me.
worldwidegaming  +   676d ago
Dead Rising 3's Ridiculous Patch Shows What's Broken & Brilliant About Xbox One

Capcom is 3rd party right?

Either Capcom is trolling or this is business as usual "Crapcom"
LoliconMaster  +   676d ago
Wow... This was gonna be my first XOne game when I got one but now I have to DL this big ass patch with only 20 GB of data per month? Screw that shit.
Cueil  +   676d ago
only 20 gb a month? you should probably not get a next gen system at all... jebus
LoliconMaster  +   676d ago
Or maybe the could release fixed games that don't need a Snorlax load of patches?
Cueil  +   676d ago
you can test open world games till your eyes bleed and you're not going to catch even a fraction of the bugs that will be found when a million people are playing
Gamer666  +   676d ago
This doesn't say anything about X1...

This says everything about the gaming industry...

Whether it be PS, Wii, or XB... Every time I start a game, it seems like it needs a patch if I haven't touched it in a few weeks or months!

Whether its BF, CoD, Unchartered, God of War, Gears of War, Halo, Mario, Zelda etc... The size of the patches vary from small to large, and now with DR3 very large... I just hate patching no matter what the size!
Cueil  +   676d ago
you missed the good point... that you don't have to patch the game it will download and install itself while in sleep mode
Gamer666  +   675d ago
Honestly, I don't care about that... Devts should ship well tested and working software. I don't care what platform or game. It should be 99.9% working properly when I get it...

Any update to a game above 5% of the original game size is not a minor update. Why should I pay $60 or more on day one experiencing bugs and issues, when I can buy it 6 months later for $20-30 and the game is completely working?

NOTE: The only bug I have experienced in my DR3 playthrough has been some frame rate and unclear objective locating.
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MCTJim  +   676d ago
OMG its a large patch and DLC...who cares? is a blast to play
SpideySpeakz  +   676d ago
Played it, got bored after chapter 3.

When back to playing DayZ standalone.
mochachino  +   676d ago
The way things are going Canadian gamers are screwed. We live in the dark ages of tiny bandwidth caps combined with Hugh prices. Our ISP model is not in any way designed to embrace the digital age of delivering content. If game patches start including DLC, which last gen was fairly common, then we'll be either locked out of games we bought or forced to incur overage charges.

NBA 2K14 was bad enough at 2 gigs. At 13 gigs I've used almost a quarter of my monthly allottment...on something I have no interest in.

I can even consider steam as all the games are download.

This is what happens when the government gives corporations monopolies. Users are 20 years behind other countries.
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IIXIXI  +   676d ago
What's the big deal? It's just a patch.
Jeedai Infidel  +   676d ago
I guess N4G stands for News For Whiners, the G must be silent.
feraldrgn  +   676d ago
To comment on the article, that's not what Always Online meant.
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