Firing Iwata Will Not Help the Wii U

GotGame: Nintendo has announced some pretty drastic cuts to their Wii U forecasts, and now it is time for everyone on the internet to play April 1st CEO. One of the most popular ideas for turning things around is a change of management. In particular, many pundits and shareholders are calling for CEO Satoru Iwata to be fired.

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RyanRBates1516d ago

I dunno what they need to do, but I'm not crazy about their marketing strategy for the Wii U.

mewhy321516d ago

Im sure that firing him couldn't hurt. This company needs a new direction. They need to go software, mobile, and handhelds only.

ChickeyCantor1516d ago

They have made huge amounts of profits on hardware as well in the past.

Going mobile makes their handhelds pointless. To think they will make more money is just hilarious.

link2Dpast1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

And how does this help them in the home console market that they literally created. If your some one who won't buy there system but want their games, then buy the damn system. The idea of people wanting them to go software because they want their games on another system is illogical to me. But then on the other hand their are people who would buy an xbox and ps which are the same thing, they mostly offer the same games since on those system rely a lot on 3rd party software, unlike Nintendo which rely on 1st party. So that's why the won't go software because it's their software that pushes their systems.

3-4-51516d ago

They make the only reliable and well build hardware around. It lasts for ever and always works.

They aren't giving up 1/3 of the console market.

ABizzel11516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Firing him isn't going to change much, you need an entire new management team to come in and reshape the vision and future of Nintendo, because as of now it's lost in the GameCube / Wii era.

However, he should be fired for the loss that he's brought on the company. As president of a company if you were given billions to make a product, and your expected goal was to have made $3 billion dollars in net profit, but you ended up with less than $1 billion (aka less than 1/3 of your goal) you should be FIRED.

Let any other employee have the same results and watch their job be snatched from them in an instant.

He doesn't need to go just yet, make him stay and fix the mess he's made, then move him to a position better suited for his talents. That's the problem with so many companies these days. They hire and place people in positions who aren't qualified due to the buddy system (oh he's my friend) or seniority. Well that might be acceptable in production and manufacturing, but it's IGNORANT in technology and sales.

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Geobros1516d ago

Exactly...firing Iwata would be the worst move of Nintendo.

donman11516d ago

Firing him will be the first of many positive moves Nintendo must make. The keeping to the old ways of business as usual is also what killed BlackBerry.

iamnsuperman1516d ago

I completely disagree. Firing him now could have good long prospects. It may not help the Wii U but it could build good for foundations for Nintendo's future projects. Iwata is too much of a risk to rely on doing that. He has completely misjudged the current market for home video game consoles and he hasn't (until recently) shown any sign of reflecting on those bad decisions (he has been a bit ignorant. Those targets were widely unrealistic)

Loadedklip1516d ago

Extremely unrealistic targets he set. When I heard 9 million ... I couldn't believe what I read at the time.

Geobros1516d ago

Just don't forget that he is not alone in the company and he does not take the decisions himself....he just represents the Nintendo's decisions. I recognize to him that he speaks in public even when company is not going well, that is a nice president!!

NYC_Gamer1516d ago

Nintendo shouldn't allow Iwata/others who are stuck in the old ways of the gaming industry to lead the company going forward

N4g_null1516d ago

I'm curious what are the old ways?

lilbroRx1516d ago

Nintendo leads the industry and others copy them. Please explain "old ways" to me.

Sony and Microsoft have followed the same principles since they entered into the console business.

strigoi8141516d ago

firing iwata will never be the solution..just fire up those exclusives and maybe can attract back did this a while back with PS3 when people used to say "ps3 has no games"

lilbroRx1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Time is required to make games.

That isn't why they were fired though. They were fired for making a $600 console that still cost the company money when it sold and didn' sell much. They were garnering Sony a negative reputation with trash talk and costing them what they had spent 10 years building up.

The Wii U is losing money but it pales in comparison to how much Sony lost in the PS3's first 3 years.

link2Dpast1516d ago

As I always said, yes he is a big part to blame but the 3ds was under his management , the wii as well. These systems may not interest the so "hard core gamers" but they can go get a vita....o yea that's right , they picked a name for a system that literally has no relation to it in no.way sales especially. Any way my point is that he has had a successful run and has made Nintendo.plenty of money. But what people must remember is that their is a board of investors that come to an agreement before anything is made. So no need to fire him , they just need their priorites set differently

iamnsuperman1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

I have always felt the Wii has done far more damage than good. It was cheap and a new way to control things (which people loved) but it cemented a lack of third party relations in a market where third party exclusivity was falling out of favour. They made a system that had difficulty porting games onto it. Some of what the Wii U has brought this time around its competitors have been developing and testing for 6 years. I see one reason the Wii U isn't doing well is because of what the Wii was (while the PS3 and 360 built up a good reputation the Wii 's reputation started to veer off after 3 years)

Also I think Iwata has been extremely lucky with the 3DS since its competitor didn't react to the market either. Both were hard sells at their first initial price point. Both failed to read the market. Nintendo reacted first and Sony has yet to really react which is why the 3DS became more popular. That reaction shouldn't have happened in the first place. It was a major misreading (by both) of the hand held market (priced it way to high). Despite what many will see, there is a specific reason why the 2DS exists (it is cheaper to make that the 3DS)

link2Dpast1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

I was always said it was a double edge sword, yes their was great success in the wii and i agree it was more damaging in the long run. And yes i also believe the WiiU failure was Nintendo using the Wii name to an advantage but it back fired and as i said it was a double edge sword. They took the risk but i have friends that are gamers and think the WiiU is the Wii BUT in the end of the day if we are basing it on success he has delivered be it pure luck, their has been plenty of money being made, you loose some you win some.

As for third parties when it comes to Nintendo. Straight to the point, i believe its not everything and this as a factor to the failing of WiiU is not correct, they have their first party games that sell their system. third party is good here and their but sony and microsoft live off of this and cant stand with out it, in my eyes this is more of an issue than what Nintendo is going threw. When it comes to third party, yes developers may not like the past 2 systems but what happens when Nintendo releases a system that is on par with ps4 and X1 will the developers start flocking to Nintendo then, i say NO for the simple fact that people dont buy Nintendo for battlefield, call of duty, ect... or games of that genre and type if you know what i mean. Developers know this and Nintendo knows people buy two systems each gen one is always Nintendo and then the competitors.

If you buy a sony and microsoft its the same boat, you get the same cargo, thats why a lot of people i know opt out to the decision of sony or micrsoft but always Nintendo eventually becuase they bring something different to the table always and this is their bread and butter. Creativity and trying new stuff, gamers may not flock the way they want them to but at least their is something different out their. Nintendo and developers know this is the way it is. back then it was SEGA V.S NINTENDO, just 2 systems to choose from, both fighting with who has more power and better graphics, but that was back then , would you rather have 3 companies doing the exact same thing????

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