Analyst firm gives Nintendo 'buy' rating, claims missed earnings is 'good news'

GameZone writes, "Nintendo's stock shares have dropped 14.9 percent since the company lowered its expectations for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014. While most analysts have been harsh in their criticism towards the company, analyst first Jefferies remains optimistic, giving Big-N a "buy" rating."

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_QQ_1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

This will be one disapointed analyst. If any company stays true to themselves its Nintendo. I can see things like companion apps, maybe even old NES SNES titles, but i doubt Nintendo will ever start making full games for mobile

@ below Nintendo has no reason to not release old games from NES SNES on mobile, it would make them some good coin.

lifesanrpg1583d ago

I'd take the original Super Mario Bros. on mobile. Pretty sure it's available on Android already through some sort of emulator. Nintendo might as well cash in on it.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1583d ago

you might as stop with you dreams

josephayal1583d ago

mario on mobile? i cannot wait

adorie1582d ago

Let me know when a phone or tablet manufacturer puts out a device that can support the time sensitive gameplay that platformers like Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 2(JP) needs to play comfortably.

I die too much in SMW for SNES on my GS4 to have a good, relaxing time jumping through worlds.
On SM3 I die more, but I did beat it.. it took longer than I normally would though.

cleft51583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Actually his argument is sound. It's the whole idea of buying low and selling high. Imagine if you could go back to when Netflix stock dropped to around $50 a share and buy up a ton of it right now. Today Netflix is around $400 a share. Despite the doom and gloom attitude people like to apply to Nintendo, they can and will recover from this.

If Nintendo just wants to be profitable there is endless options available to them. The problem with Nintendo is that they want to be profitable on their own terms and not the terms of the current marketplace. That notion has clearly failed and Iwata knows it. Iwata has already started with talk of the Smartphone market. Nintendo has a ton of really popular IPs that they just sit on and do nothing with. Can you imagine how many copies of a $.99 Mario game would sell on the iOs? There is a lot of options available to Nintendo in order to return to profitability. It's not like Nintendo is in a situation where they have exhausted all of their options and failed.

wonderfulmonkeyman1583d ago

Going mobile doesn't make sense when the fanbase for those games isn't there, and the casuals that are there wouldn't invest in controller peripherals for said phones to get the authentic experience that precision platformers like Mario can sometimes demand.

It just won't happen; Main-line Mario will never be a smart-phone series, and its doubtful that spinoffs will ever be, either.

People need to stop hoping for the impossible and start hoping that Nintendo just turns their fortunes around with smarter decisions regarding their handheld and console titles in the future.

wonderfulmonkeyman1583d ago

Nintendo would make BETTER coin in the long run by sticking to their own consoles so that they don't have to pay out any profit shares.

crusf1583d ago

Positive news about Nintendo finally!

FragMnTagM1583d ago

This could be pretty awesome if Nintendo does it right:

"Personally, I think Nintendo should just come out with its own smartphone."

wonderfulmonkeyman1583d ago

The closest Nintendo would ever come to doing that would be to link Friend Codes into some sort of mobile system with their next hand-held, so that you can make calls to friends over voice and video chat, but they'd never do their own phones.
That's just not their business.

Axios21583d ago

So now it's ok to put stock news on n4g?

worldwidegaming1583d ago

They should do this more often. Then these fan boys can start REALLY supporting these companies!

Realplaya1582d ago

Nintendo is screwed for comparisons sake I have copied information to show how much better Sony is doing this is from IGN on 10/31/2013

Sony Looks to PS4 as Financial Projections Cut:

Sony has released its results for the latest financial quarter, and cut its annual profit forecasts by 40 percent.

This is largely due to struggles in the TV, movie and smartphone markets, though the games sector remains stable and the company has optimistically increased its projection for console sales.

But despite year-on-year figures being up for the games division, it made a loss of $8 million in the three month period ending September 30, with blame for this being laid at the door of a price cut for the Vita and a decrease in sales of console hardware.

"Operating loss of 0.8 billion yen (8 million U.S. dollars) was recorded, compared to operating income of 2.3 billion yen in the same quarter of the previous fiscal year. This year-on-year decline was primarily due to the impact of a strategic price reduction for the PlayStation Vita and the unfavorable impact of foreign exchange rates, partially offset by the above-mentioned increase in software unit sales," an accompanying report reads.

"The decrease in sales on a constant currency basis was primarily due to a decrease in unit sales of PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP hardware, partially offset by increased PS3 software unit sales compared to the same quarter of the previous fiscal year."

The main culprit when it comes to the revised profit projection, however, is the company's movie arm; Sony Pictures was hurt pretty badly by the poor performance of White House Down, especially when compared with how well The Amazing Spider-Man did the year before.

With all this in mind, the pressure is really on the company for the PlayStation 4 to perform despite it being sold at a loss. Sony seems optimistic, having increased projections for the console, saying it hopes it will "contribute to profitability from an early stage by diversifying its revenue streams through various network services centred on the PSN and by offering rich user experiences."

So there you have it.