Battlefield 4: Top 5 Ways to Stop Roof Campers

Bill Lavoy (Prima Games): If you've played Battlefield 4 for more than an hour, you've likely been killed by someone standing high on a rooftop, not particularly close to the objectives. Camping is an issue with almost every shooter on the market. Every time a developer thinks they've found a way to control it, campers circumvent their efforts. What's important to remember is that as annoying as it might be to have a camper snipe you from a rooftop, opportunities to take revenge are far more satisfying.

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Majin-vegeta1667d ago

Might i add.

1.Suav or ucav :p

NewMonday1667d ago

I use the MAV to push them off the buildings and destroy their radio beacon :p

VENOMACR12271666d ago

Mortar is not even close to powerful in this game. Last night there was a group a 6 soldiers camped out on a roof top. I fired all 6 mortar shells, and 1 hit them. No kills, and the other 5 missed even while firing it at all 6 of the red triangles on my map.

One simple way would have been to put roof's on each building, like a slant so sniper would slide off. Annoying to be playing rush or whatever game mode and a sniper is 500 miles off in the distance on top of a rock or building doing absolutely nothing. If an enemy is out there, I just jump around laugh because sniping is a joke in this game.

sovietsoldier1666d ago

little bird with 30mm cannons and two repair engineers.