Is One Alien Going To Save the Franchise?

"When you think about horror in space there are many different franchises that can be brought up, but there is one license that deserves a great game on the current generation of consoles as well as PC. That is the Alien franchise. Recently, it has suffered huge blows with video game releases. The most recent being the controversial Aliens: Colonial Marines, which promised a lot more than it actually delivered. However, with Creative Assembly now at the helm, can the series be revived?"

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ReKoill1586d ago

Well I'm not a huge alien fan as it is, but Colonial Marines has really put me off anything from the franchise.

Lunarassassin1586d ago

It shouldn't put you off the franchise, if anything it should just put you off of the developers who should not be named.

amywelshcastle1586d ago

I think the game looks pretty impressive so far, Creative Assembly are doing a good job. Not sure if it will 'save' the franchise, but it could get it back in people's good books.

Septic1586d ago

I think its bold direction warrants a second chance. It could really be something and the devs will no doubt be aware that the franchise's future is at stake here so the pressure will most definitely be on them.

Cautiously optimistic.

Jdoki1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Bit of a pointless article. The Alien video game IP sat dormant for many many years before the Gearbox abomination, which hardy did more damage than the awful AvP movies and the lacklustre later Alien movies such as Resurrection

If there's one thing we know about gamers is that they are a fickle bunch, and the majority are not hardcore. If Isolation gets some good buzz it'll sell OK and could be the next Dead Space

Aliens Colonial Marines re-entered the top 10 chart in the UK just after Christmas... so it shows that people will buy stuff no matter how badly reviewed. Also, the debacle that was Colonial Marines was a very unique set of circumstances, so most people will give Creative Assembly some slack as they have nothing to do with Gearbox. Even Sega are pretty much blameless in this.

MrUndrhill1586d ago

Well, one Alien built the franchise, so hopefully one can save it. I think the game looks like a breath of fresh air, but time will tell if they can pull it off. After ACM I refuse to get my hopes up.

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The story is too old to be commented.