11 essential Xbox One apps

X-ONE lists the 11 essential applications that no Xbox One owner should be able to live without.

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n4rc1705d ago

Blah.. Knew that was a waste of time..

Soo.. Pretty much all the launch apps?

I should download the bluray player? Get the hell out of here! Lol

Love my Xbox and all.. But stuff like this is just fluff for ad revenue

mewhy321705d ago

Well that's lots of apps, for sure. meh.

urwifeminder1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Yeah I agree I don't use snap or apps I did use bluray player once but have another player anyway these things must be for the mobile phone gen gamers I also used SBS on demand once but this is also on my BR player,<edit> I did also try the DR3 smart glass app on my fiancées surface that worked well .

JohnnyTower1705d ago

Meh, I only use 4 of those apps anyways. Sure wish they would get on 3d BluRay support already...

BX811704d ago

Yeah, haven't even used blu ray yet and I sometimes use netflix. That's about it for me.