Gameplay Final Fantasy X-2: PS3 vs. PS2 Comparison

Check out the latest gameplay video of Final Fantasy X-2: PS3 vs. PS2 Comparison. We have seen many video’s of Final Fantasy X, but not much attention has been paid to the game that came after X. The game is set to release year on PS3 and PSVITA. The game was announced back when the VITA was first announced and since then we have been waiting. This has been one of the longest developed HD upgrades and will the wait pay off.

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chikane1582d ago

cool. personally and don't blame me i'm not a expert on this but the only diffidence i see is the HD one is just brighter than the ps2 version.


yeah, and other details like the faces, but looks good too me, never had a chance to play it on ps2 im sure it will look stunning on the vita screen

chikane1582d ago

Yes the faces to -_- just happy i'll get to play x-2 HD with all the bonus content -_-

tontontam01582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

plugged my ps2 to my HDTV my eyes hurts.

Lon3wolf1582d ago

Lots of stuff has been added touched up from the PS2 version pause the video at the 25 second mark for instance.

CelticGamer1582d ago

I would hope so. The game was announced so long ago. It would be a real let down if it came out and didn't have much done with it. Looking forward to getting back into BlitzBall again. Supper addicted back in the day.

feraldrgn1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

I still have FFX (Dark Aeon ver) on my PS2 & don't find the HD remake of that appealing.
But I'll probably get X-2 HD since it has the extra content I never got to play.

Wonder when we'll be getting footage of the Vita version?
Hope it's as clean as this.