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The PS4 Controllers Are Facing A Potentially Big Problem

eGamer writes: "We in South Africa received our PS4 consoles in December, but as we know Sony’s black box launched in America and Europe in November, so over here I spent a lot of time reading feedback from users. One thing stood out for me and caused me concern, and that was the issue of users posting images of their DualShock 4′s damaged analogue sticks after just a short time owning the machine." (PS4)

Nyxus  +   488d ago
It's strange, I have had a PS4 since launch (in Europe) and have beat Killzone on it and played Black Flag for around 25 - 30 hours, and my controller still looks like new.
Tody_ZA  +   488d ago
I adore my PS4 controller, it's among the best I've ever used on a console and my favourite personally. But it seems like the rubber material is not very durable and quite soft, so it can get damaged quite easily accidentally.

Even if there isn't an accident, it does make me worry as to how it will last over the next five years or so.

I'm happy to hear that yours are still perfect despite plenty of play time :)
Nyxus  +   488d ago
Thanks, I hope it stays that way. It's a great controller, I agree with that. :)
mewhy32  +   488d ago
I play the hound out of my PS4. Hours on end. Never had the first problem. Best controller ever on any console. comfortable, light, textured, touchpad, it's just incredible. Good job Sony.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   488d ago
It really seems to be a mixed bag when to comes to reports of the outer-rubber layer rubbing off on the left analogue stick. Mine is pretty much just smooth rubber now...while my right stick remains the same as the day i bought it...wtf?

Then you have people like Nyxus who haven't had any issues with either stick.

Word of advice, if you bought your PS4 from Amazon, contact their customer support and complain (rightfully so), they gave me a £70 refund on my entire PS4 order (£350) because i didn't buy the controller separately. I now have some stick covers which are quite good. I'll spend the rest on a game XD.

And i should mention that it's not the rubber that makes up the shape of the analogue that is wearing away for me....just the super thin, textured outer layer.

Apart from that.....it's literally the most comfortable controller ive ever held. It fits into my hands like a glove. Dem handles.

One other thing i forgot to mention, if anyone is having the L1 and R1 buttons sticking, just pop them out by inserting something in the gap between the shoulder button and the trigger and wipe the 2 posts inside each button clean (they have a weird gunk on them which causes them to stick). I did that and haven't had them stick since. It's really easy, check this YT link out if you are having this issue - http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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jackanderson1985  +   488d ago
yeah similiar story here good chunk of time on the F2Ps and alotta don't starve time and ghosts too... not a bother about it except the fact i need to get me a longer cable so i can be lazily laying down while gaming
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   488d ago
" i need to get me a longer cable so i can be lazily laying down while gaming"

Lol, that was my first thought when i unboxed my DS4 and saw that tiny wire. I bought a 3 meter USB to Micro USB from Amazon for next to nothing. Does the job perfectly.
iiorestesii  +   488d ago
Sony sells a 6' cable that comes with an essential rubber grip that fits the controller like a glove for $15.
TrueJerseyDevil  +   488d ago
I am concerned about this as well. I don't play my PS4 that much and the left stick on one of my controllers is tearing of completely. The rubber was wearing at first but now it is completely coming off. IDK how hard it is to make durable joysticks...........
Tody_ZA  +   488d ago
Really sorry to hear that :( I don't think there's anything wrong with the analogue stick itself, as it functions perfectly. This is purely to do with its rubber casing, and perhaps a case of the wrong material or design used.
TrueJerseyDevil  +   488d ago
yea i agree, I love the joysticks only problem is the rubber coming off
iiwii  +   487d ago
That's crazy how some people have it happening and others like mine are still like new. Maybe there was a "bad run" on a particular assembly line? Sony should be able to track back exactly where all of the faulty one's were manufactured. At least maybe they could send out some replacement sticks or something... IDK?
DanielGearSolid  +   488d ago
All I know is every controller ive ever used in my life, I've played atleast one game with greasy pizza hands, same with the Ds4...

Somehow the Ds4 doesn't get shiny and slippery from the grease, so it's the best controller in the world
Lukas_Japonicus  +   488d ago
No doubt it's because of the texture on the back of the controller. All of those tiny bumps really help with grip. A complete and utter step up from the DS3.
iiorestesii  +   488d ago
Its best attribute:)But the surface of the joysticks do!
Majin-vegeta  +   488d ago
Never had this problem and my PS4 is on 6+ hours everyday.And the remote gets passed around by 5 people on a daily basis.

Also it,s new hardware problems are expected.Hopefully Sony can can fix it.
Stedron  +   488d ago
I'm not worried at all I always have a few spare controllers once they release the new colors. That said my controller still looks new so if this is a real problem people are having I can see it being easily fixed.
Fishy Fingers  +   488d ago
Only "issues" I've had:

Battery life: It's horrendous, needs improving.
Option button; Occasionally struggle to locate it, not as obvious as the old "start" button.
Power off: Holding the PS button down needs to allow you to switch off the controller (like you could on PS3).

All pretty minor, over all it's easily the best dual shock to date.
IRetrouk  +   488d ago
You can set how long the controller stays on for once not in use in the options menu
zerog  +   487d ago
You can turn off the controller, when the blue menu comes up its under adjust devices or something like that that will take you to another page where you can turn it off.
MasterCornholio  +   488d ago
I'm pretty happy with my controller but im worried about the rubber on my left analog stick since its starting to peel just a tiny bit. Hopefully Sony will fix this problem and when they do I will just replace it unless the peeling gets extremely bad before then.
alittleshakey  +   488d ago
I like the layout and feel of the DS4. But unfortunately my analogue stick is deteriorating quickly. Also the battery life SUCKS!
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   488d ago
Got a pair of stick covers for £1.99 I have zero worries
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heisenberguk  +   488d ago
I spent £3 on some covers just in case
iiorestesii  +   488d ago
I bet there's a common link between all the instances of damaged sticks. Were you eating chips and playing video games at the same time? Your not supposed to do that you know!
iiwii  +   487d ago
It could just be a bad run of the sticks. Maybe the rubber didn't get made or applied to the proper specs or something. Stuff like that happens.
Tody_ZA  +   487d ago
There's not a common link though. Not everyone who reported wear and tear on the analogue sticks could have been treating their controllers badly.

Furthermore, I take good care of my electronics. My original Sixaxis controllers on the PS3 were still usable after over 6 years of ownership. Not a single one of my PS3 controllers (by the end of the PS3's life-cycle I had about five or six laying around) ever showed wear and tear on the rubber of the analogue sticks, and neither did any of the sticks ever break.
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1nsomniac  +   488d ago
I've had to send 1 of mine back already because of the left stick & L1 button.

I'm starting to get a bit worried about my 2nd one already. Really poor quality, I've been asking around retailers if they've heard of any revised versions being sent out but I think its maybe still a little early.

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