Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Demo Out Today on PS3

If you haven’t been lucky enough to attend E3, San Diego Comic Con, Penny Arcade Expo, or the other shows that have hosted Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, we have good news. We’re excited to announce that you can get hands-on with it in a playable demo that’s dropping TODAY.

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DragonKnight1636d ago

I wonder if this will prove that demos affect sales negatively?

GrandpaSnake1636d ago

nice something new to play for my cheap ass.

chikane1636d ago

yea time to dress up the doll though this day would never come.Thank you square

ErryK1636d ago

If you don't like it, don't play it. Simple as that. Clearly you aren't so why are you ruining it for those who are?

DragonKnight1636d ago

How are they ruining it for anyone hmm? Is what was said going to prevent you from buying it?

What right do you have to dictate what opinions people are allowed to express?

chikane1636d ago


Dude come down

i,m a big fan of 13 found f13-2 ok

but sadly im not a big enough fan of light to wanna buy this one. that's all don't have a heart attack

ErryK1636d ago

@DragonKnight You are a FFXIII hater, are you not? What right does it give me? All of them because people like you shoot down people like me who actually have an interest in being eclectic between FF games and not close-minded such as yourself. Mind your own FFVII remake and I'll mind the end of one of my favorite trilogies. Anyways, shouldn't you be glad FFXIII is almost over?

DragonKnight1636d ago

Lol, you think I want an FFVII remake? FFVII can bite me. No, no you don't have any right to tell anyone what they are allowed to express just because you are in love with a terrible trilogy and can't handle anyone criticizing your precious.

Get used to the fact that you're in the minority about this. The FF13 trilogy is hated with very good reason, and you're on the internet. Toughen up buttercup. FF13-3 sucks and it's people like you that reward Square-Enix for making terrible games and forgetting the pedigree Final Fantasy comes from.

If you want more Final Fantasy games to progress like shooters and have story based leveling systems, kindly go away and stop ruining Final Fantasy for those of us who've played it since the very beginning and actually know how great the games can be as opposed to what they are now.

I mean hell, more people are excited for the FFX HD remaster than they are for 13-3 and that should say something.

ErryK1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

That may be your opinion but I don't agree with it. And it's because of me? I've been playing FF since FF9 days, so kindly keep your prejudice to yourself. Later.

DragonKnight1636d ago

Big deal. I've been playing since the first Final Fantasy. Obviously I've been exposed to more FF games of higher caliber than you have.

Yes it's because of people like you. You're rewarding Square-Enix for making terrible games. And like I said, you're in the minority of people that think the 13 trilogy is a good trilogy of games. When the general consensus is that a game is bad, it normally means the game is bad. Should a developer be rewarded for that?

Your efforts to censor people who don't like this trilogy is something you have no right to do.

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