Devolver Digital Mock ‘Candy’ Trademark

T1 - The threat of legal battles can be serious business, but you can always bank on the internet to brighten things up. Publisher Devolver Digital, the indie house behind Hotline Miami and the recent Shadow Warrior remake, has taken to Twitter to poke some fun at King Games’ ridiculous trademark on the word ‘Candy’.

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thorstein914d ago

Well, I was thinking of trademarking "Water" and "Food."

Eonjay913d ago

I call "air", the word "the" and move to trademark trademarking. Thats right. its time to go full retard.

Elwenil913d ago

I'm trademarking the word "trademark".

Fireseed913d ago

We have a winner folks! +1

Ninah5913d ago SpamShow
Moncole913d ago

I will trademark the letters A, E, I, O and U and what ever game has any of these in the title than I will sue.