Fable Anniversary first 10 minutes gameplay video

A gameplay video showing off the first 10 minutes of Lionhead Studio's remastering Fable Anniversary on Xbox 360.

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infectedaztec1668d ago

It was a great game but I'm starting to get annoyed with anniversary games. Developers are getting really lazy. This should be an XBL title for like 15 euros at the most. I already spent the full price of the game on they want me to buy it again for better graphics?

Now what I could get into is if they offered it as free DLC with Fable Legends preorders or season passes.

As much as I'd love to play this, I couldn't justify spending excess of €50 for content I already own

CynicalKelly1668d ago

I can understand getting annoyed with anniversary games but the fans of the series have been asking for this one for so long.

And it wouldn't be viable to just give it away or sell it for real cheap as it's not just a re-release, it's a complete rework that cost both time and money to create.

P0werVR1667d ago

Memories indeed, loved this game and to think I was only 15 not too long least that's how it feels.

3-4-51667d ago

I loved fable 1. Played it about 4 years ago, and liked it so much I went and bought Fable 2.

Got about 4-5 hours in until I realized it was pretty much the same game as Fable 1.

I don't think it was horrible, but something about it at the time made me not want to keep playing.

jetlian1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

fable 2 is nothing like fable 1.

edit:I dont think this is full price infectedaztec

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xfear2diex1668d ago

this is how the remakes is done

SlapHappyJesus1668d ago

You have to admit, Microsoft rarely do re-releases of their games and when they do, they are total overhauls as is seen here.
I will most likely be picking this one up. I've always loved the game and, honestly, it would be the first reason in a while to hook up the Xbox again.

FPSRUSSIA1668d ago

Same here haven't turned my Xbox on for a long time but when these releases im buying these collection for sure.

FPSRUSSIA1668d ago

cant wait for Fable anniversary Fable is one of my favorite RPG i only played the first one and it was on PC back in the day. buying these collection for sure

lastofgen1668d ago

I really do dig how ms's re-releases are not just hd re-releases. Love the full engine overhauls, among other improvements.

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