Respawn On Titanfall AI's: "Leave Those For Less Skilled Players"

Respawn On Titanfall AI's: "Leave Those For Less Skilled Players"

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NewMonday1702d ago

so the noobs can get fast titans and quickly outpower the skilled players

GarrusVakarian1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I haven't been commenting on Titanfall articles because im one of the few Sony fans on this site that genuienly is still considering purchasing it, but i will say this....

The AI are intended to give less skilled players a "fighting chance" and ensure that everyone of all skill levels has fun, but i also think that those same AI will be used against them by people who are much better at the game and will just farm the dumb AI for quicker titans and proceed to *** everything on the map, including the less skilled players.

I don't know, that's just a worry of mine....not saying it will happen or does happen. Has anyone who has played the Alpha seen this occurring?

NewMonday1702d ago

it did happen, in one video a group of friends trolled a random team, the poor guys barley managed 9 kills total, the others got 36 kills.

this shows another problem caused by the low 6 player count, the smaller the team the less chance of partnering with skilled players, in 12vs12 MP games you at least get some skilled players that can lead the other noobs and show them how it's done.

cleft51702d ago

I am sure a lot of Sony fans are interested in this game. After all, many people that have a PS4 have a 360 or a nice PC, which Titanfall is also on.

With that said the AI thing puts the game in a weird situation. If the AI can be farmed for quick boost, then why wouldn't a skilled player do that. In LoL, the skilled players farm the creeps first to build up xp and cash so they can have the advantage over other players later on in the match. The players that don't do that end up getting overpowered fast. If this is anything like that than the whole leave the AI to the less skilled players thing makes no sense.

Also this statement makes the AI sound like cannon fodder which Respawn originally said wasn't the case. The AI situation is just weird.

Volkama1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

You seem confused NewMonday. Are the unskilled players going to kill some AI and inherit the earth, or are they going to get dominated by better players? Or are you just trolling again?

MysticStrummer1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

"Leave them for less skilled players" is a horrible answer. It doesn't take a Sony fan to see that.

I understand what you mean about not commenting. I got berated yesterday because I'd already said I wasn't interested in the game but I had things to say about this AI issue. It just so happens that the subject of AI greatly interests me. Before PS4/XB1 were ever revealed, I said I'd rather see improvements to AI this gen instead of better graphics, so I've been very curious how the cloud AI would function.

Cleft5 is right saying many Sony fans are interested in the game. Being on three platforms widens the purchase potential considerably, but the bottom line is that the ability to comment isn't reserved for people who love the particular game or platform being discussed. I think many people are simply confused about what constitutes a "troll" and mistake an honest, if negative, opinion for trolling. That confusion happens on articles for every platform.

@Volkama - We've already seen a person get higher up the leader board for killing AI when someone lower down killed more real players. Killing AI speeds up the ability to spawn Titans. It's not trolling to point these things out.

GarrusVakarian1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )


" I think many people are simply confused about what constitutes a "troll" and mistake an honest, if negative, opinion for trolling. That confusion happens on articles for every platform. "

Yep. It's sad that i had to state that i was interested in this game although im a Sony fan before i could voice a genuine concern.....if i hadn't done that, i would just be called a "jealous troll fanboy" or something of the like.....Funny thing is, im not against X1 or it's games/devs, just MS....but that's a discussion for another topic entirely....I should just be able to comment on any game from any platform and say my honest opinion without having to worry about people thinking im trolling.

But yeah, what constitutes as trolling these days is pathetic.

Charybdis1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

From what I understand the AI is there to fill up the gaps created by giving the pilots such high mobility resulting in less kills/dying (its lot easier to flee from battles).

While I assume titanfall does aim to have people of similar skill level in the same matches, the AI allows all players (even those with lower skills) also the opportunity to get a titan in the field.

With AI hacking and different class of (AI) enemy in the game also opens up new playing methods and strategies for more advanced players.

As the AI is not capable of wall running and jumping and are mostly on the ground they can ofcourse also just be ignored.

Irishguy951702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I agree this is a terrible response on the subject, they make it sound as if skilled players should ignore the Ai. Well, this is what I WOULD SAY, if this was an official response from Respawn, and not what one of the Devs does when playing. Article is misleading and flamebaiting as usual.

From the Alpha vids, from the scoreboards, no one ignores the Ai. Except this girl. I don't see the point in ignoring them myself. Extra points, Shorten Titan time. What logical reasoning goes into ignoring them??

I also think a gametype with better Ai should be in it. Clearly the game is based around the 6v6 though. If shes capable of ignoring the Ai.

Edit - Also, no one cares about 'voicing your opinions'. NewMonday, you are clearly trolling/hating, whatever you want to call it. Your posts are contradictory, illogical and everything that goes to show that you can't think of anything besides the 'apparent' negatives of the Ai. You can't see the positives. You are blind to it.

Don't mind getting called fanboy if you're just voicing your opinion. Thats the way fanboys operate. Xbox fanboys will defend this game to the death, Ps fanboys like NewMonday will never open their mind and try to see why Respawn have the Ai in the game. I get called a MS/Sony fanboy/hater all the time.

See 'Farming' the AI. It's proven by the gameplay videos that those who only target the Ai, and can't kill the players, are bottom of the leaderboards. 'Farm' Ai - Not going after players - Slowest people to get Titans. I don't think you even know what Farming means NewMonday. Do the 'farmers' simply retreat when confronted with an Enemy? It's a stupid argument, one that requires a brain and a below average level of intelligence to know why it's stupid. Or you simply need not be blinded by fanboyism.

Septic1702d ago

I don't get why you lot can't wait till the game comes out before reserving judgement. You won't listen to the devs, you won't listen to the people playing the game, you haven't played the game and yet, constantly whine about it.

Have we forgotten who Respawn actually are? These are the guys that made COD: Modern Warfare. They hold the secret sauce to a great competitive FPS experience.

MysticStrummer1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

"Funny thing is, im not against X1 or it's games/devs, just MS…"

Same here. I've been somewhat anti-MS since well before the original XBox was ever on the market so I try to avoid giving them money whenever possible, but unfortunately they have their fingers in so many pies it's really hard to do that.

@Septic - "Have we forgotten who Respawn actually are? These are the guys that made COD: Modern Warfare. They hold the secret sauce to a great competitive FPS experience."

Great point… if you like CoD and actually do consider it a great competitive FPS experience. Personally I don't, which is the main reason I wouldn't buy TF, but many people definitely do so TF will sell well unless it's a complete disaster, which it won't be.

GarrusVakarian1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )


"constantly whine about it. "

Im not sure if that comment was directed at me or not. If it was, i have only complained a handful of times about the AI, ive had nothing but praise for this game since its reveal. I have stayed out of 99% of the articles hating on it, because i don't agree with any of the hate, apart from the AI doubts.

"I don't get why you lot can't wait till the game comes out before reserving judgement."

Because the last thing i want to do is spend money on something without knowing these things beforehand. I even asked if anyone has experienced my concern at the end of my comment....because i genuinely want to know before i commit to a purchase. I hate nothing more than wasting money on games.

" These are the guys that made COD: Modern Warfare"

Which is one of the main reasons i still have high hopes for this game. CoD 4 is in my top 3 favourite FPS MP games of all time.

Septic1702d ago


It wasn't directed at you mate. It was aimed at Newmonday primarily. That guy is on the war-path.

Respawn deserve the benefit of the doubt, at the very least. These guys know what they're doing. I was blown away by my playthrough and I hope they release a beta so all the fears are laid to rest.

I just don't think the critical response is proportional to the early indications of the game. Of course, I think agendas play a big part more than anything (especially on here) but for people like you Lukas, just wait and see. I defend this mostly based on my playthrough and early impressions of the game.

Just wait for the reviews mate or have a word with us. We'll let you know exactly what's wrong with it. If the inclusion of AI does become a problem, I will let you know. I won't, however, make mountains out of molehills like some people here.

GarrusVakarian1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )


I will definitely continue to give them the benefit of the doubt due to how much i loved CoD 4.

"Just wait for the reviews mate "

I'm pretty much just going to stay out of these articles and do just that, lol. It's reassuring how many people have actually played it and praised it, but that concern keeps lingering in my mind. The last thing i want is to either completely dominate lesser skilled players by taking advantage of the AI or be paired with lesser skilled players and be dominated by a clan or a group of friends who are doing that same thing.

Cheers for the mature reply ;)

Volkama1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

@MysticStrummer When you question things it may have some merit. You may be genuinely interested. You are welcome to the discussion.

When NewMonday posts as high up as he can on every. single. Titanfall article to be as negative as he can he's trolling. I was merely pointing out that his troll attempts on this occasion quite directly contradict each other.

Regarding the role of AI in the game, I don't think we should put too much weight on an off-the-cuff remark from the community manager about how she plays the game. I don't think she even realises there are people out there over-analysing her tweets and baying for negative Titanfall tidbits.

On the AI topic at hand, I haven't played the game myself so no first hand experience. I don't know if the alpha build AI is Representative of the finished game. I do know that it isn't intended to emulate human behaviour though.

I'll wait to play the finished game and then decide if the AI is fit for duty.

truefan11702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

All these discussions are useless. Noone really cares about all this crap people are complaining about. Why are the people who are constantly complaining ones who have only seen a freaking video. The people who have played it said it was very fun, I'm about fun. I will play this game along with millions of others, do we want them to make the best game possible yes, but how about people play the game and then complain.

mewhy321702d ago

If you're offline are you still able to play this game?

jetlian1701d ago

the ai are worth 1/5 the kills compared to human players its not an issue. Also most objectives cant be done with the titan.

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jackanderson19851702d ago

it doesn't seem that difficult to take down a titan... was watching one of the videos yesterday and if you manage to get on the back of one it results in a titan takedown in a relatively short period of time.

do grunt kills go towards the overall kills to be obtained or just help reduce the timer till titanfall?

NewMonday1702d ago

Grunt kill points go towards the overall score and they can be farmed giving Titans faster

Legacy2121702d ago

Having played the alpha I can tell you that the game is EXTREMELY balanced. Titans are not gods and thier are several ways to take them down either with anti titan weapon or shooting the core. Killing a titan by shooting a core takes about 5 to 6 full clips. However if someone is in that titan the titan woll notify them that someone is on them so the pilot can jump out and kill the attacker. Or another titam call kill the attacker. Whats balanced is if you choose to pit your titan on follow mode with no pilot you have no way to knoe if an enemy pilot is on your titan unless you see him or you pay attention to your titans health. The a.i is dumb but as the match progresses smarter a.i come. FARMING A.I WILL NOT MAKE YOU WIN A MATCH. The scoreboard is ranged by pilot kills titan kill a.i and deaths. Someone who is killing pilots and titans will get more points for their team then killing a.i also they will get their titan alot faster then the quickest camper. A.i spawn isnt infinite so you cant farm all day. One pilot kill os 4-5 points an a.i kill is one point. Being a noob with a titan will also not guarantee you kills because a pro pilot can take a noob titan pilot no problem even withoit tjeir titan. When you look at the score board people only talk about their pilot and titan kills not a.i. Also newmonday there is NO WAY IN HELL someone got 36 pilot kills the match would of ended. 36 grsnt kills also unlikely. The a.i to me plays several roles. For starters when youre running to red dots on the map that represent gun fire it might be a.i or human. Also if you are just killing a.i then you give away your position. Having played the alpha a have been drop kicked by specter a.i a few times and died. So people who HAVENT PLAYED THE GAME like newmonday dont talk unless you know what you're talking about.

malokevi1702d ago

Titans aren't hard to come by. Every player will have them in relatively short order. Players that kill other pilots will have them faster. It's actually using the Titan effectively that is the trick, not getting the Titan. I can wreck a noob in a Titan tut suite.

Monday, you are a sad panda. Go find a playstation game to play. I can feel you squirming in your chair every time I pop into one of these articles. The scent of grape jelly is overpowering.

1702d ago
Fireseed1702d ago

What do you think grunts have some kind of set in stone spawn point where one can "farm" them? You're just as likely to run into a grunt as you are a pilot. So how does one exactly "farm" them?

Evilsnuggle1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

This is a cop out For their " superior cloud computing A.I" . respawn is talking one for the team m$ has been lying about cloud abilities and respawn are covering for m$ because they are paying them. I was hoping m$ was right advance cloud computing A.I would be groundbreaking . I watched all the gameplay footage for Titanfail A.I is running around in circles waiting to be shot the A.I in Titanfail is not advance .m$ P.R SPIN machine m$ are a bunch of 2 bit con men. P.s I love that you xfanBoys always disagree with me but never prove me wrong or give any facts opposite of what I'm saying people who like call of duty will like Titanfall I don't like call of duty or Titanfall running around no skills pushing buttons as fast as you can. I do like battlefield 4 you can't just run and gun. XfanBoys think everyone is jealous of titanfail So I would not play it on PS4 the graphics are crappy just like call of duty. I bought cod because everybody said it was so great I play it one time and sold it it looked like dog crap.

jackanderson19851702d ago

have you ever considered maybe it was Respawn's or EA's decision not to use MS's azure cloud structure to have an adaptive AI... MS have showed it's potential using Forza so we know it's possible for the AI to replicate the actions of real gamers.

secondly this was the alpha test to check the networking, maybe the AI was gimped intentionally or running on a simpler model to save space on the DL or they weren't using the Azure network to it's complete power.

i'm not saying that MS will revolution the use of cloud computing anytime soon but i wouldn't bet on it not occuring this gen

ion6661702d ago

3 words.....Half A$$ Game.

xfear2diex1702d ago

if you watched the gameplays you will see that the titans can be outpowerd easily by the poilets

GraveLord1702d ago

Yeah, I can see people raging over this.

Hell getting stupid noobs in COD on your team is already bad enough when they go 0-11.

Now we got dumb-as-you-know-what AI there to give shitty players free kills? Bad idea.

malokevi1702d ago

ahahahaha. U r pathetic, bud. This is just getting sad. I've actually played the game, and it is absolutely nothing like you make it out to be. Do yourself a favor... get a life.

AceBlazer131702d ago

Have you guys never played an online game? There are a lot of people who will do whatever it takes to win. From turtlers in fighters to campers in shooters. These people will find the easiest way to win no matter how bitchy the tactic, Titanfall gives them a way on a silver platter.

jgrigs091702d ago

I like how my old account was banned temporarily... Because um neutral in these articles I defend then both or negative towards without any harsh comments. But when it comes to people trolling(newmonday) he hasn't lost any bubbles and isn't banned temporarily

Jvaughn6611701d ago

played the alpha all weekend, AI's are only 20 points compared pilots"the players" which are 100 points. No matter what your titan will come in around every 3 minutes unless your getting alot of pilot kills which reduces by 15 seconds every kill. You can't farm AI's to get quick titans. Even if someone manages to get a Titan early in the game, there's still plenty of ways to take the Titan down. Your equiped with the gear, and ability to take down titans. Its not like the Titan's are gods running through the streets. A player can easily hop on the back of an enemy Titan and bypass its shield and shoot the Titans core. Probably one of the quickest way to kill a Titan. You'd be surprised at how well the balance is in this game.

strifeblade1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Ur a fool to make assumptions on a game u have not played. Every player has a timer countdown to their titan. 3 min I believe, when u kill human goes down by 15 secs. Killing Ai... Goes down like 2 secs. When it comes to points u get way more points killing human, and titans than Ai. Dumb Ai bots are fine but no one has talked about Ai controlled titans and u can never tell if titans are AI controlled or human... Impressive if u ask me.

Don't go.spouting.bull when u haven't touched the game or talk about balancing issues. U are a clueless fanboy. I was part of the alpha and I loved call of duty but after mw2 it went down hill. Titanfall will do what mw did for fps, it's amazing mark my words. This game will sell x1

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GarrusVakarian1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

*Edited to reply to NewMonday*

ado9081702d ago

You mean more like "we are too lazy to upgrade the A.I. in our game" is more like it

ambientFLIER1701d ago

Well, you can either call every developer lazy if you don't agree with their choices, just like every other naive and ignorant n4g user, OR you could...oh, I don't know...actually listen to the developer and understand their explanations on why the AI is the way it is...your choice.

ado9081701d ago

So essentially it is to cater unearned kills to players that don't know how to play the game properly, so they are making the game as casual as possible. All the sudden because I don't agree with their choices then im naive and ignorant but had i agreed I would be a bootlicker. If I don't like a choice a developer makes, I can state my opinion I don't care what anybody tells, criticism in decision making doesn't make me ignorant. You may as well call every game critic or movie critic ignorant and call everything perfect by your logic.

CrossingEden1702d ago

Wonder when people are gonna realize that Respawn is focusing on FUN instead of pro skill l33t level gameplay.

Volkama1702d ago

I'm sure there is plenty of potential for high levels of skill as well as fun.

Fishy Fingers1702d ago

Yep, like any game, especially competitive, you can expect depth from the gameplay. Just traversing the environment looks to add more than you'd find in the average FPS.

HarryB1702d ago

Dude, you said skill, and thats a good point. Wall walking takes skill, theres a way to wall walk but its friggin hard, not the average jump run and walk for 1 second. Im talking walk for for 10 seconds, its hard its serious, and they said it will take weeks to master.

I will be those wall walkers.

Utalkin2me1702d ago

Actually wall walking is very simple and pretty much exactly like mirrors edge. They are making the game appeal to the masses, so nothing is going to be very hard. Considering they put noob AI for the casuals, hence the article we are in.

n4rc1702d ago

Who says every game is meant for people to show off on YouTube or the kids with MLG dreams?

This game clearly isn't going that route.. Its fun.. Its not about ego or whatever else..

I've been playing competitive fps games since... Well.. Since there was fps games to play..

I'm not going to play a round of titanfall and have a blast.. Then feel sad that only 6 people saw how awesome I am.. Lol

True_Samurai1702d ago

Not gonna lie you have to be real noob if all you can do is shoot AIs and no pilots