A Bad Day in GTA Online

When you get on GTA Online, you expect to get killed a few times. Whether you're attempting a stunt jump, a mission or getting shot by one of the friendly players – it's something you get used to. But there is no way the player above could have saw this coming. All the guy wanted was a plane. A series of unfortunate but pretty funny events repeatedly knock him down, over and over again. Just when he thinks he's finally free to stand on his two feet – he gets his plane.

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Hellsvacancy1555d ago

A some people say GTAO isn't fun it's boring, i'm 50/50, i've had some extremely fun/funny matches, nearly all in free-roam

Yet i've also had some pretty boring games, depends who you play with and how you play with others

RamsesNum11555d ago

Yeah, I agree. It's as good as you make it out to be.

Audiggity1555d ago

Yep. It's almost a function of your imagination.

Last night I setup on a mountain and started taking these RIDICULOUSLY long range shots at a guy who was pissing me off.

As he sped away in his Adder... I popped him with the sniper rifle. Easily 1+ miles away, if not 2+. Furthest shot I've ever made before. I've taken out numerous jet/copter pilots at distance... this guy was about 30 pixels at full zoom.

So rewarding, for no reason at all.