Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Started As A Straight Port Of The PC Version

GearNuke: "Executive Producer Scott Amos has confirmed that Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition initially started as a straight port of the PC version."

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SquareSoft1669d ago

Great things about Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, Crystal Dynamics gain plenty essential experiences that better help them in developing games for the PS4.

mewhy321669d ago

I agree with Square. This will help them in preparing for PS4 development. Here's to hoping that they won't care about parity and push both new consoles to their limits, not letting one hold back the other. This will also help them push the new GPUs coming to PC to their limits as well.

Ashunderfire861669d ago

Started out as a straight port to PC, yet PC can't get the definitive edition too? This is all just icing on the cake, nothing more.

webeblazing1669d ago

why would you want it seriously.

Ashunderfire861669d ago

Cause of the improvements to graphics and physics, I heard they gave the multiplayer a overhaul as well. Still won't be as good as Uncharted's multiplayer, cause you can't polish a turd, that is already a turd. I might be wrong lol, but I welcome them to prove me wrong on the multiplayer.

webeblazing1669d ago

so instead of what a update patch to improve performance, you want to buy the definitive edition that switch up some textures with a performance patch. the new models are not needed. im guessing your on of the guys that that brought skins for streetfighter and mvc3

SaturdayNightBeaver1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

ofc it can be same on PC and much better but then, they will not sell that good. its all business..

Ashunderfire861669d ago


Obviously I wanted a free update for the PC version, I never said was going to buy it again lol!!!

MrSwankSinatra1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

i'd rather have had a straight port of the PC version 1080p @60 FPS, rather than this facade they are trying to pull "oh we totally re-did the character model of Lara, i mean look at next gen hair physics, look at the immaculate face of lara that looks like she has too much make-up on and totally doesn't fit the setting she is in & the 30 FPS is totally better than 60" now please pay us 60 bucks.

KonsoruMasuta1669d ago

The did more than improve Lara's face. They improved all character models, added better lighting and particle effects. It still doesn't warrant a 60 dollar purchase though.

PersonMan1668d ago

Read this carefully.

All games do not have to be 60fps. You can get way better graphics, animations and physics in a 30fps game.

Also, since Tomb Raider is a cinematic experience, 60fps would ruin that movie look.

Are you upset that they're trying to improve their game? Sheesh!

calvincrack1669d ago

And then they got to the frame rate and divided it by two. Sorry, i meant "ported". They "ported" the frame rate.

themightyandpowerful1669d ago

i agree with everything they said this will be a great experience for the ps4 is worth buying the game again just so i can play it with better graphics and an outstanding controller ps4 is the greatest system of the future nothing that sony does is wrong and every third party dev that supports the ps4 is on my good side good buy im ma go play some vita games so i can finish them again.

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The story is too old to be commented.