Dark Souls II vs. Dark Souls: Graphics Quality Will Be Inferior

Unigamesity's Marta Branco said: "Recently, I’ve analyzed the most recent batch of Dark Souls II screenshots released by Namco Bandai and I’ve concluded that the upcoming game will have inferior graphics, effects and detail quality. To prove this statement isn’t just an opinion, I decided to create a proper comparison between Dark Souls and Dark Souls II visuals. Note that all the following images presented weren’t edited or improved in any way."

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MrSwankSinatra1638d ago

man i remember when Edge Magazine reported that the graphics for Dark Souls II rivaled watch_dogs an now it doesn't even match the original dark souls in graphics. either edge saw a different build or they're blind as s*** lol

FriedGoat1638d ago

I've played it, this article is talking rubbish.

BABY-JEDI1638d ago

I need my eyes tested! I couldn't see anything!
I think this should have been the headline. I really don't trust the source here.

1637d ago
Hellsvacancy1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Kind of unfair, I could find better looking DS2 screens

These screens look better
http://www.thecontrolleronl... It looks fine, if you notice the grass actually moves

Agrim1638d ago

Both dungeon pictures of the article are from Dark Souls 2... lol

Giru0171638d ago

Terrible comparisons...

MysticStrummer1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

I honestly don't care if the graphics take a hit in the name of keeping the frame rate solid throughout on consoles (PS3/360). Now, on PC and if the game comes to PS4/XB1, they'd better step it up.

Flipgeneral1638d ago

Agreed. I cant see the graphics taking a drastic dive in quality.

Graphics were never a staple/selling point for this series to begin with. Its more about the concept and art design.

That being said, Demon Souls was beautiful for its time!

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The story is too old to be commented.