Nintendo’s foolishness has bitten back but what does the future hold for the fallen king of consoles

Games in Asia: "The reason why Nintendo screwed up so badly was because they had no idea about the quality of their rivals. I’ve recently written about how poorly the Nintendo eShop compares to rival stores and often expressed frustration that Nintendo had learnt nothing from the success of their rivals. Well now we know why, they just didn’t understand the necessity of online infrastructure because they had no idea how developed the competition’s online infrastructure was."

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RPG_Lover1667d ago

Nintendo is doing fine. It was the most successful out of the big 3 in 2013

BullyMangler1667d ago

lol nobody reports how nintendo is back to normal now .
and how despite ps4 great success, sony is still stuck in a stupor as the ps4 sales do not benefit sony . so sad

ravinash1667d ago

"ps4 sales do not benefit sony"....ya ganna have to explain that one to me???

Studio-YaMi1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

He's just trolling,he's a Nintendo fanboy at heart anyways.

Theyellowflash301667d ago

"for the fallen king of consoles"

What a sensationalist clickbait title.....

Fall King of consoles? Nintendo's handhelds were always king. Even the DS outsold the Wii by a great amount.

LKHGFDSA1667d ago

this is purely about consoles.

Theyellowflash301667d ago

I know that.....All I'm saying is its clickbait.....Sony has always sold more...up until the Wii.

On top of that, The Wii U has still sold the most consoles to this point, and the generation just Started.

This is indeed clickbait

BALLBAGS1667d ago

@theyellowflash I want Nintendo to come through this rocky period but I'm sorry you have just typed the biggest load of bull.

this generation hasn't just started for Nintendo the wii u has been out over a year!!!and its lifetime sales are nearly overtaken by the ps4 which has been out for two months!!!

wii u is in trouble any Nintendo fan who doesn't see that is in denial.from sales to lack of third party support.

miyamoto1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Nintendo was dethroned a long time ago 1995, by the original PlayStation which captured a new market- the 19 and up adults . selling 102.49 million units.
Historical Fact.

Edit: break yourselves against cold hard facts! XD

lilbroRx1667d ago

Historical fiction.

The Playstion had the most child gamers I've ever seen. Even now, I see more children asking for Sony hardware. Its mostly adults I see with Wii U's.

OmegaShen1667d ago

No they are buying it for there kids, because if adults buy Wii U's, the way was COD BO2 so dead? There was like 2,000 people online, plus adults go for things worth the money (can't watch dvd's or bluray's on it). No cd or mp3 music support to.

Wii U lacks alot of things to get people wanting it over another console.

Hicken1666d ago

@lilbroRx: The number of child gamers in no way negates what miyamoto said. Assuming it's true, and it might not be, the PS1 could have had the most child gamers you've ever seen and yet STILL have been the most popular with adults.

As for what you say you've seen, which is also questionable, that could easily be due to the fact that kids don't like kid-oriented things as much anymore. If you don't think most PlayStation products are geared towards older teens and adults- specifically young men- then you're a fool, quite frankly. At the same time, the Wii U will be bought by adults FOR children, in most cases, as Nintendo is synonymous with kid-friendly gaming.

Furthermore, the Wii introduced a large number of casuals to gaming, particularly for the purpose of exercising; not much of that crowd has transferred over- as casuals largely won't see the need to have a new console yet- but some most certainly have. The remainder would be Nintendo diehards like yourself that would get a Wii U for their favorite franchises, or simply because it has the name Nintendo attached.

It's pretty impossible for you to claim "historical fiction" when your argument is based on anecdotal evidence alone.

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AJBACK2FRAG1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Here's another fact last generation Nintendo kicked Sony's ass with a toy. Two Game Cubes ducted taped together was all it to to sink that ship.Then left Sony in a fight for last place with maybe the worst video game home console ever developed! Here's another fact this is the beginning of a home video game console generation not the end. Though the Wii U looks like it's in a tough spot right now it ain't over 'til it's over. I see a whole bunch of great looking software coming from
Nintendo this year. Maybe it will be enough to turn the tide maybe not but I know I'll be playing not only the best video games of this generation but maybe, likely, some of the best video game software of all time! Now all you people that love the black, grey, brown and of course red, all grown up realistic video games, have at it. If that's what you want to do, knock yourselves out. The one thing that really perplexs me though is why y'all care that much about takin' a wiz on Nintendo, the Wii U and Nintendo fans? What compels you people so deeply to come to this area of n4g and make negative coments on negative storys about Nintendo?Y'all come off like a bunch of idiots that have nothing to do all day but go to Wii U n4g and flame negative comments about the Wii U. Don't you have anything better to do? Go play your incredible PS4's. Get a part time job lol! Something! Anything! It's like the point of all your lives is to prove that Nintendo and the Wii U aren't any good by any means possible! Are you people really that pathetic? Oh and bad news. History shows us that the least expensive and least powerful home video game console allllllways wins it's respective generation. Lol! Maybe you're trying to prove to yourselves that Nintendo and the Wii U are no good while all the while you're thinking in your little noggins, "Nintendo beat us fair and Square. Maybe they can do it again!!!!!!!!!!

cyphertech1667d ago

Wow a lot of blind Nintendo fanboys so far. I "agreed" with the first comment because I honestly thought it was sarcastic, but the comments to follow makes me think maybe not. They made an underpowered console because they wanted to continue to maintain profitability with their console sales, since they got so lucky with the Wii. I like their first party titles, but they're simply not innovating enough. Everyone knows Nintendo's problems, and I hope they recover, I'm sure they will. I just don't know what they're going to do for the rest of the Gen. E3 is kind of life or death for them.

tinkypop1667d ago

the main problem with Nintendo is marketing. being lazy, thinking the wii name, would sale the console it self.
2nd is rolling over and playing dead. Where the fight, where the passion. the old Nintendo would never let other have the 1st shot.
I enjoy my Wii U so much, but am happy this is happen, This may give Nintendo the kick up the ass it needs to re group and come out fighting...

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