Booth babes: Is the heat more than skin-deep?

Booth babes have been found to be ineffective as a sales tool according to a new test, but is that where the topic truly ends?

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Sillicur1555d ago

I generally do linger longer when there are booth babes :)

HanCilliers1555d ago

The time of booth babes is past, Cosplay is the new thing

Zaphire1555d ago

ye Cosplay also makes it less sexual especially in the eyes of those offended by Boothbabes I rate

Choc_Salties1555d ago

Booth babes generally tend to produce little in the way of extra value unless they are trained to either have a company line to say, or actually know stuff about the product and/or service.

Meh, still something to look at when at a software trade show, and you find SAP as boring as beige, but hey, the booze and eye-candy helps some :)

DesVader1555d ago

It wouldn't be a convention without....