Sony aware of PS4 group chat issues, investigation begins

PSU writes:

Sony has told us that it is investigating issues regarding the PS4 group chat feature.

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XiSasukeUchiha1581d ago

Good Sony improving the company rep and the PS4 at the same time is a good thing!

mewhy321581d ago

Seeing that this is Sony, I'm sure that it'll be corrected.

Ripsta7th1581d ago

Sony always quick to act

curtis921581d ago

To be fair I get on MS for their shortcomings. So Sony, no freebies, fix it.

Jamaicangmr1581d ago

Are they also aware of the recording issue? I went on an awesome 12kill streak in BF4 and it wasn't recorded. Pisses me off.

1nsomniac1581d ago

Is there anyway yet to cut/edit the recording?

I used it for the first time the other day after scoring a goal in FIFA but it was determined to do a full 15 min video & I only wanted 20 seconds but I couldn't find anyway to do it which seemed ridiculous to me & made the idea of it pretty pointless.

Jamaicangmr1581d ago

Yeah when you select the clip there's an "Edit" button is to the top right above the "Preview" button. You can probably take it from there.

Donjune1581d ago

It's comical how the FANGIRLS try and downplay shit when Sonys system is having problems. Be fair people! If the BOX had this many glitches it would be pandemonium from the Sony Sweet Hearts. Keep it 100 or don't post!

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