When is the PS4 3D Blu-ray update due? “Sorry, we do not know yet” says Sony’s Shu

Shuhei Yoshida‘s been updating PlayStation 4 owners personally again via Twitter. This time it’s on the PS4‘s lack of 3D Blu-ray compatibility. It doesn’t sound like a huge priority at the movement.

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ZodTheRipper1705d ago

Well that's unfortunate. I'd guess that's also the reason why Resogun for example can't be played in 3D, I hope they'll make it work soon.

Neonridr1705d ago

Trine 2 can be played in 3D. I have tried it. This is referring to playing 3D Blu-ray movies.

ZodTheRipper1705d ago

Oh, ok. I thought it may have been the same principle that needs to be supported by the OS in general. Then I'm almost disappointed that Resogun doesn't have 3D, this game really needs it.

BluRay 3D support is not as high on my "wishlist" at the moment.

Neonridr1705d ago

@zod18 - yeah, I have a 3D bluray player built into my home theatre, so the 3D playback is not high on my list either. I agree though, Resogun would have been awesome with the 3D effect.

hopefully in a future patch perhaps?

Bennibop1704d ago

Trine is the best 3D I have seen on a console when used on PS4

Neonridr1704d ago

@Bennibop - for consoles, agreed.

I played my fair share of 3D games on my 360 (Black Ops 1, GoW 3), even tried 3D on my Wii U copy of AC3. While they were ok (Black Ops 1 was quite decent actually), Trine 2 looks stunning in 3D. The depth of the screen is incredible, and with it running at 1080p and 60fps everything looks so fluid and crisp. The backgrounds look really nice too.

hollabox1704d ago

Yeah Trine 2 demo looked good in 3D. Probably the best example of 3D I've experienced. I've been wanting to dump my blu ray player for awhile now but both so called next gen consoles can't play 3D movies or properly stream my video and audio media from my NAS without some kind of convoluted work around. If both companies want their box to be the center piece of the living, MS and Sony need to get the ball rolling with updates to add features last gen had as a standard.

FriedGoat1704d ago

Neon, That would be because all of those games you mentioned are SUB-HD in 3d mode.

Although FP 720p is just ok for 3D and trine 2 does look good, I really hope they enable SBS 1080p Because that would look so much better than framepacking 720p. PC for 3d is brilliant at 1080p side by side.

Neonridr1704d ago

@FriedGoat - Oh I completely understand. The 360 and PS3 were in no way capable of doing 3D gaming any justice. Which is why I think it never really took off. When you have a game like Black Ops that was running at like 540p without the 3D, and then you throw in double the workload for the console, the graphics suffer even more.

Yes, I hope they can enable full SBS 1080p as well, it will look simply beautiful.

FamilyGuy1704d ago

I wish they would announce what WILL be in the next update. What can we expect to be included cuz so far all we've been hearing are the things they they aren't sure about or.

Media server support is the biggest for me personally but there are tons of others. I think those PS3 blu-tooth headset support is what they're going for first.

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donman11704d ago

Who cares... No one really use or like 3D.

Volkama1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I like 3D. And I care a little bit.

Both the One and PS4 are incapable of playing 3D blu-rays. So until this is fixed I am keeping my PS3 connected. I want my floorspace and my HDMI port back.

Having said that, while my PS3 still works it isn't a huge problem.

WeedyOne1704d ago

3d Blu-ray is the best way to watch 3d. Its clearer than the 3d you see at the theater, and you can buy the movie and keep it forever for almost the same price as 2 people going to see a 3d movie at the theater. Plus you get to sit in your comfy living room!

I really want this update so i can move my ps3 to the bedroom for blurays & netflix.

TimeSkipLuffy1705d ago

probably in a year or so... For now all that matters is to sell more PS4s... customer service is second or even third place. I love my PS4 but I wish they would put more effort into customer service after sales...

badboy7761704d ago

4K is Sony's main focus.

WitWolfy1704d ago

I'd just like to know when we can expect the next FW update, I wanna use my pulse headsets, DAMMIT!!!

Kribwalker1704d ago

It's coming out with the ps3 cross game chat update 😜

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