Nintendo Isn't The Problem, You Are

NowGamer: "Doubtless you’ve read a bunch of opinion pieces about what Nintendo’s problems are and how they should fix them all lately. It’s lead to a bunch of ingrates talking about going third party, developing for iOS or making a console to compete with the Xbox One and PS4.

And they’re all rubbish, rubbish suggestions and the people saying this stuff are idiots."

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mhunterjr1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I always thought it was the companies responsibility to produce and market products that consumers want to purchase. Didn't know we were supposed to buy things just because. Silly me.

You know, I was THIS close to buying a WiiU this holiday season. I went and bought a ps3 instead. It was a much better deal considering the price, games library and competent online services.

It IS Nintendo's fault... Their offering is caught between two generations, and doesn't match up well against the competition on either side.

Hatsune-Miku1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Nintendo is the problem. Nintendo doesnt support their home consoles enough or not even close to how sony supports its PlayStation.

I remember the n64, gamecube, and wii and they all had very bad quality software support from nintendo and third party devs. The job of nintendo is to bring in a lot of quality games to their consoles but if you had a n64, gamecube , wii and now wii u youd know that they all suffered from having little game support having the systems going months to years without anything compelling to play. I know wii u is fourteen months old but it is going through game drought like the other nintendo consoles.

Nintendo fanatics like to give nintendo money for bad products and games then cite their financial state as credibility of how amazing nintendo is but with all this money nintendo has they dont make proper consoles with enough games. fanatics like to bring up sonys networth and financial situation as reasons why PlayStation is rubbish when that has nothing to do with the actual amazing systems and plethora of games sony releases.

Truth is sony PlayStation consoles since inception has been better than Nintendo consoles. Some people may say that wii sold 100million units while ps3 is at 82million but ps3s are still selling in shops and still being supported with new games and exclusive titles

Ilovetheps41667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I wholeheartedly disagree with that notion. I am a Playsation fan, but I still buy every Nintendo console. You say that they don't make quality games, but I have the most fun with Nintendo games. I buy every Zelda game and haven't been disappointed yet. Each Zelda game blows me away. The new Mario game that just came out was fantastic. I had a lot of fun with that game as well. To me, that's what gaming is about. If I'm having fun, that's a good game. I can't count the amount of hours I've put into the Super Smash series. Sony tried to dethrone the Super Smash games, but they failed to do that. It's because Super Smash was just so much more fun than Playstation All-Stars.

Do I claim that Sony is rubbish? No. PlayStation is my main platform. But, that doesn't erase the fact that I absolutely love Nintendo's first party games. Nothing will stop me from enjoying their games even if they are a little bit worse tech wise. I don't play for specs. I play for the fun factor.

When Bayonetta 2 was announced as a Wii U exclusive, people cried foul. But at the same time people are saying that they have no incentive to buy a Wii U. Is that not what the point of partnering with companies like Platinum? Is it not to get exclusives that give people a reason to buy a console? It doesn't matter what Nintendo does, they will catch crap for it. Graphics play a role way too much these days. My favorite game (Ocarina of Time) has terrible graphics, but I still play it all the time. That's because games were all about fun then. Nintendo makes some great games, but people like to give the crap for it. I think that if more people gave the Wii U a chance, they'd find an amazing console. I actually play it way more than my PS4 right now.

mewhy321667d ago

Wow, that title is screwed up LOL. I'm afraid that nintendo will be a bad way soon. They're going to go the way of Sega. Really that may be the best thing for them as a company. However, the Wii be a success would be a great thing for the industry as a whole. Competition is always good and spurs greatness. Here's to hoping Nintendo can turn it around.

Baccra171667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

You are absolutely right. If Nintendo wasn't so half-assed and miserly, this would never have happened. Nintendo creates it's own problems and Nintendo never truly capitalizes on the things they introduce. And when you have fanatics that will buy anything you make, and defend you for anything you've done no matter how bad or wrong it is, they (Nintendo) will never change and get better.

Nintendo is the drunk no one wants to give an intervention to or get it the help it needs, but Nintendo is the first one they'll throw a bottle of booze to and give the keys to so it can drive and cause more trouble.

Noobz11667d ago

Many people still love Nintendo games I just think it's the console itself and gimmicks that bring down the desire to play them.

I doubt most will agree Knack is better than Super Mario 3D but PS4 owners are just looking for games to play on their new system. Nintendo isn't failing with its software (although they are slow at releasing content) it is the hardware that's the barrier. This is why Nintendo going 3rd party is being brought up.

I wrote a blog about those who act like they are enjoying limiting their enjoyment. What it is about are those who seem to continually want plead their case why such and such a system is better while ignoring good games just because they are on another game system.

One thing is I believe many of those who post within any type of forum are overly critical and negative people. That means you have to constantly try and walk above them whose intentions are simply to drag down any excitement of positive discussions going on.

user95970821666d ago

As an adamant gamer and owner of every major console since the PS1 N64 days, I firmly believe that Anyone who thinks that nintendo's first party titles are poor quality is delusional and has clearly never played them. Their games are of a completely different caliber than any other platform. The quality is above and beyond any level that a Sony or Microsoft first party title could ever reach.
With a Nintendo first party game, you rarely if ever have to download constant fixes, patches and updates. They work 110% straight out of the package. They're all timeless classics too. They age better than any other developers games. You could go and pick up a 20 year old snes title that you never played before and you'll be amazed in the way that it outshines most modern games.

If Nintendos games are so lacking in quality, you tell me why Microsoft and Sony are constantly trying and failing to imitate them and capture their magic?

stragomccloud1666d ago

What are you on? Nintendo supports their products far more than Sony does. How is Sony supporting that Vita, by the way?

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Eonjay1667d ago

i agree. It is Nintendo's job to convince you to part with your cash for their system. Just because Nintendo makes good games doesn't mean I need to play them. They don't get to automatically succeed because they exist. There are other alternatives and they are all making their individual cases.

gedden71667d ago

"I always thought it was the companies responsibility to produce and market products that consumers want to purchase. Didn't know we were supposed to buy things just because. Silly me."

I 100% agree with that!
But what we want as gamers would not be good for business... We have been spoiled with MS bleeding money and Sony trying to keep up. But really A LOT of gamers out there just want to play games, not WATCH them but actually play them.

I believe Nintendo did slip a little with that. Before I say this, I believe the Wii U is a great and powerful enough system. But if Nintendo would have made the Wii U just slightly more on par with the xbone and ps4 then "maybe" things would be different.

BUT Probably not. It's all about marketing... Its all about what you allow or tell the media to say about your product now a days (Xbone). Its about what you tell your consumer and how you sell your product (ps4).

Nintendo did horrible in both of these marketing exploits and are paying for it now. But the Wii U will still produce GREAT game as such did the N64 and Gamecube... Is the failure or success???

liquidhalos1667d ago

Wow this article is just rude. Its basically saying its our fault Nintendo isn't releasing things that we want. Rather than hoping the company adapts we should change our tastes to suit what they give us.

I disagree, companies adapt based on what the consumer wants, that's the whole idea, that's what keeps the market flowing.

If they didn't need to adapt we would still be playing on the PS1, Xbox and Gamecube (while fun systems in their own rights) they just wouldn't cut it in the modern world, multiplayer for instance, digital downloads, party chat, friends lists modern games.. none of these would be around without companies adapting to trends and consumer needs.

AsimLeonheart1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Well said! The companies are not entitled to sales and our money. It is not our social or moral duty to buy Nintendo products. Companies have to find out what consumers want and then provide them. Times change, consumer preferences change and companies have to change their offering accordingly. At best they can try to create the "need" for a product by marketing it but consumers are not obligated to buy a supposedly "high quality" product. WE decide what we like and want to buy. I read a similar article when DmC flopped that claimed that the game deserved to be successful and fans screwed it out of spite.

stragomccloud1666d ago

Well, they are making amazing products, but blind fanboys who won't buy anything except their preferred brand, and fanboys who spread lies and misinformation are doing everything they can to stop people from buying these amazing products. This is what the "gaming" community has become. It's sad that I must mourn the passing of the days of the true gamer.

mhunterjr1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

No one is out to stop people from buying the product. Nintendo is just doing a poor job of selling it.

Fanboys are the ones who buy a product on name alone. It sounds like you WANT people to buy the WiiU on Nintendo's name alone, despite the fact that it took them a year to produce software worth owning, and the hardware leaves much do be desired.

The point remains that Nintendo has failed to create a product that resonates with gamers. It's not the gamers responsibility to resonate with Nintendo just because they are Nintendo.

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mii-gamer1667d ago

I agree that the immature behavior and childishness in the community is embarasing, but Nintendo is fully responsible for the Wii U's woes. When you release no games for almost 6 months, market yourself poorly, and are extremely secretive with what is behind the scenes, then you get a console with slow momentum.

The Wii U can be salvageable, but that is up to Nintendo and how much they want it.

SpiralTear1666d ago

Yes. Well said bubble for you.

As problematic as the current gaming ecosystem is, that ecosystem is not directly responsible for Nintendo's situation with the Wii U. Nintendo made mistakes with this system, it's clear as day they did, but being like this article's author and saying to the gamers "look what you did" isn't going to help Nintendo.

Nintendo needs to act now. Not us. Nintendo.

Neonridr1667d ago

lol, don't take this author's word here guys. Merely an opinion. I am sure Nintendo understands that they screwed up. Now it's their job to fix it.

Death1667d ago

What in your opinion did Nintendo screw up with the WiiU?

Neonridr1667d ago

They failed to differentiate it enough from their previous console. Poor marketing and a lack of consumer education led a lot of non-gamers and even some gamers to not even know what the console was. Is it something new? Is it an add-on for the Wii? Is it a handheld? That confusion really hurt initial sales, even though the console did sell through it's initial shipments, that was really only due to the hardcore Nintendo fans. Sales stalled immediately afterwards and haven't really recovered since.

A lack of killer first party software present at launch really hurt them. While NSMBU was a great game to play and I had a blast with ZombiU, there wasn't that Wii Sports type of game to make people be like, oh that's why I have to get the Wii U. Nintendo Land is fun and shows off the gamepad pretty well, but it was nowhere near on the same level as Wii Sports was.

The price was too high from the start. You think after the 3DS disaster they would have learned to price accordingly. The console should have launched at $199 for the Basic and $249 for the Premium. The $50 price cut has helped a bit, but imagine how many sales the lost from the get go because of the high barrier of entry for the consumers.

Lastly the lack of 3rd party support has definitely hurt sales. Sure they have the CoD's and the Ubisoft games, but where is the GTA's, the EA games, Elder Scrolls, etc? Not having these huge multiplatform games are preventing a lot of people from wanting a Wii U.

Those are just my opinions of course.

Death1667d ago

Yeah, you nailed that pretty well. I can't even think of anything to add to it. With that said, I have enjoyed the WiiU since last summer. It's a pretty solid console with a much better library of games than launch. I highly recommend any gamer give it a try and form their own opinion instead of listening to the net.

RosweeSon1667d ago

Haha that is pretty funny but it does work both ways and nintendo do need to step it up a gear but when they consistently make epic quality games something's bound be lacking a bit, ie online and virtual console.

TheEnigma3131667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

It isn't our faults, it's Nintendo's. Nintendo is failing to grow with their fan. Yes Mario and Zelda are great games, but their fans crave more. You just can't release the same type of games every gen and not create new ones or get 3rd party games. As gamers get older, they move on to consoles that they feel are more mature and fit their taste.

I really hope Nintendo gets it together with the WiiU.

Dehnus1667d ago

Their fans? Their fans are not the problem, it's people claiming to be their fans that want to turn it into a COD console. Making sure that the quirky gaming the Nintendo fans love and like is gone.

THey say the console is "Kiddie" because they feel threatened in their sexuality. They say the console is childish, as it has quite a few games your nephew can also enjoy while still being difficult enough for you as well.

I don't LIKE COD and the esport culture surrounding it. I miss the quirkiness of Unreal Tournament or QUake 2. The new games are just slow in comparison... yet "REALISM YEAH! AMERICA PWNS ALL!" Tom Clancy stuff is soon starting to become the bane of my console gaming. I"m more and more forced into a PC only game atmosphere if this also becomes a part of Nintendo. A game company that can't compete with MS or Sony in just selling consoles with a loss and only really showing graphics increases.

Hicken1666d ago

That was as ridiculous as the people you say are the problem.

SOME people have outgrown Nintendo's bread and butter. This isn't anything to do with maturity, per se, but more to do with "I enjoyed these things when I was younger, but now they don't appeal to me." What the hell does calling a game, or the library of a given console "kiddie" have to do with sexuality? I'd really like to hear your explanation on that one.

It is something of an undeniable fact that Nintendo's products are MORE geared towards children and families than other consoles and their offerings. So while it is painting the entire console with a broad brush, it is not, generally speaking, incorrect to say it's childish.

I find it funny that you end your rant on who's to blame by acting just like them in regards to other consoles: generalizing some mentality that belongs to a few as the outlook of the whole.

Nintendo doesn't have to get rid of the games they have that give them the image they've maintained for decades. But, especially if they're aiming for the core gaming audience like they say, they'd be wise to understand that a large number of the gamers who grew up with them- perhaps even a majority- are interested in more than just variations on the same franchises from their childhood.

As for you... I don't even know where to begin, but counseling might be something you wanna consider.

Dehnus1666d ago

Only on N4G can you make a personal attack like saying someone needs counselling for having an opinion.. and get agrees.

So because I do like the Muppets, and I do like Mario I now need Counselling? Seriously man go get a bloody life, a game's enjoyment is not measured alone by the amount of blood splatter that hits your screen.

If you like COD, fine. If you like the current culture in Gaming.. that is fine! For you there is the holy PS4, and I will not stop you getting it, liking it or enjoying it. That is your prerogative.

But you seem to dislike me enjoying something else and wish to ruin my gaming experience.

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