Hideo Kojima Shows the 4 Upcoming Versions of MGS GZ

Hideo on Twitter: "4 ver of GZ, from left: One, PS4, PS3, &360. As Snake's motions in title screen move randomly, they don't synch"

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first1NFANTRY1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

I agree, ps4 or ps3 no brainer. I hope u MS supporters actually buy the game now that it's multiplat.

No Revengence doesn't count since it wasn't part of the SOLID saga.

Roccetarius1496d ago

It wasn't part of the Solid saga, but i'm sure i heard it was considered cannon.

GadgetGooch1496d ago

The game is awesome why would people not want to buy just because they have an XBOX, pretty sure MGS 2 and 3 were on XBOX if I'm not mistaken....boring comment ....nothing to see here

xfear2diex1496d ago

do worry brotha we gotta buy this master piece
the hd collection was awesome especially mgs3

headblackman1495d ago

this isn't the first time that metal gear has been multiplat (so let's be clear) the first time that it was on the first xbox and it didn't do wel because the system wasn't doing well, so let's fast forward to what the xbox brand is today. the xbox name is a high end house hold name now that does the numbers and it has the the most benefits for developers, so there's no reason why it wont do excellent on both xb1 and ps4. xbox owners buy games last time i checked. look at the sales of multiplats and their dlc on both consoles and you'll exactly what i mean. so it's not the xbox owners that you should be talking to sir.

Z5011495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

"why would people not want to buy just because they have an XBOX"

Because [if you've forgot] ALOT of people who only had an XBOX [last gen] called MGS4 'Movie Game Sequel 4'

You're question is a bit weird to me, because had you been here [N4G] in 2008 or earlier. You wouldn't even have asked that question In the first place. So I'm assuming, you're new.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31495d ago

"I hope u MS supporters actually buy the game now that it's multiplat."

We buy games.

ShinMaster1495d ago

@ GadgetGooch

Because Xbox doesn't have a decent MGS fanbase. The fanbase is 12x larger on PLayStation than anywhere else.

MGS1/2/3/4 on PlayStation = over 4 - 6 Mil sold.
Any MGS game on Xbox or Nintendo = 0.60 or less.

PlayStation gamers actually buy the games.

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_FantasmA_1495d ago

Now you need 999 more people to agree with your lie so you can get 3 dollars. #$ellout

Patrick_pk441495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

The only and best choice on the list.


It might not be part of the Solid series, but it sure as hell is canon (sadly), the same as Portable Ops which Kojima ignores.

purp13m0nk3y1496d ago

I'd love to sit down and spend 10-15min playing each version. Its rare to have all four consoles set up in one room, let alone running 4 copies of the same game.

A have all four consoles but could never afford to set them up like that!

g-nome1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

On the ps4 version you can see the booger in Snake's nose.
..... But seriously it does look (a little) better than the others.

ooquis1496d ago

This just proves my point. This game on ps4/xboxone is not true next-gen. The division will make this game look silly.

--bienio--1496d ago

Or Pc version Mgs:Gz/Mgs5

theshredded1495d ago

u're silly since this is MGS GZ!MGSV The Phantom Pain will most likely release next year and this is Kojima!He will work day and night to make sure it is the best game the year it releases just like every installment of MGS

ooquis1495d ago

kojima can only surprise me. He's not the same Kojima that blew my mind many moons ago.

Patrick_pk441495d ago

@ooquis Remember GZ is basically a tech demo of the Phantom Pain. Ground Zeroes is just the prologue with small defining aspects. I myself can't wait to explore the open world playground in TPP.

mediate-this1495d ago

People are mad at fps games, but what about mgs rehash after rehash?? What are they eight games in?

microgenius1495d ago

you obviously know shit about video games
be careful when you talk about a mega master peace like METAL GEAR SOLID

ooquis1495d ago

Ok fair enough. Let me rephrase myself. I have my platinum trophies for MGS2,3 and 4. B.T.W MR."micro"genius i love u man.

Omar911495d ago

You must have focus lens embedded in your eyes since you can tell the difference from screens that are at a far distance…

Seriously though it doesn't seem like there's much difference, however, the pictures are kind of far to even tell.

microgenius1495d ago

so how on earth you can be in doubt about what kojima does?
i my self am a bit disappointed that it is no longer a PLAYSTATION exclusive
but fanboyism aside im more of certain that another genre defining master peace is about to come from kojima

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Agent_hitman1496d ago

I want to see some demo running on last gen machines

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