Barack Obama Plays Call of Duty: Ghosts(Parody)

In an attempt to get in touch with young Americans, Barack Obama goes to the best place to connect with the future of the United States, Call of Duty. Needless to say, he's greeted with a "warm" welcome complete with profanity, sexual inquiries and racist remarks within minutes but Obama is impervious. He's on a mission to raise awareness of the new public healthcare plans and push his latest attempt to secure the well being of his people with

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dedicatedtogamers1582d ago

Mr. President, how 'bout you play "Fix your broken, money-devouring health care plan"?

RamsesNum11582d ago

I have to admit, his impersonation is spot on.

RamsesNum11582d ago

Yeah, I agree. I've seen other Barack pranks like this but using a soundboard. This guy was able to give and take with the victims.

Shadonic1582d ago

no... no its not though this one is funny

i will show you the funniest one i've ever seen this linked one is the funniest one i've seen ever

vikingland11582d ago

That vid was funny but it makes COD players sound like they are obsessed with whacking it j/k.

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