Shuhei Yoshida Comments On Dimming The DualShock 4 LED

GearNuke: "When the DualShock 4 was originally unveiled, complaints were thrown around on how its Light bar can reflect in the TV screen and how it glows in the dark. The Light bar was also blamed to result in a rather short DualShock 4 battery life. This annoyed some of the people and a set of complaints started. Sony outright slammed the possibility of disabling Light bar but seems like dimming it might be a better alternative solution."

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TimeSkipLuffy1304d ago

Turn off if not used is the best solution unless you give us a really trustworthy and logical reason why it has to be turned on all the time.
I wouldn't care because I do not have that problem but a friend of mine is really pissed and things start to sum up. Her PS4 is very very loud, game crashes, etc... and now she is gone to X1 camp and will stay there because she thinks its the better system overall despite of the non user friendly UI. One friend less to play with...

MRMagoo1231303d ago

Maybe your "friend" should have returned the ps4 for a working one, because i now know in my local area 42 ppl with a ps4 and none of those have been loud or crashing in games a lot , it could probably be all because of a faulty console, like the fans are loud because the systems not cooling enough and that would also probably make games crash.

WalterWJR1303d ago

Probably crashing on battlefield lol

admiralvic1303d ago

"know in my local area 42 ppl with a ps4 and none of those have been loud or crashing in games a lot , it could probably be all because of a faulty console,"

Do they actually USE the console? I only ask, because simpler games like Don't Starve and Resogun don't make a sound, but if I load Killzone, then the fans go off and it is quite loud.

Sethry1011303d ago

Says a lot about the quality of your consol when the highest problem it has is an annoying little light bar.

personally the light bar has never really effected me because I sit pretty far from the TV, but I do hate how it glows when charging while I'm trying to sleep.

Tru_Blu1303d ago

Walter exactly. I was about to ask if this game happened to be BF4.

zeee1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Well, to be honest, I would LOVE to turn off that light bar. It'd be nice to have that option. I want to save the battery as much as possible even though, it's only LED. I have turned off that little speaker on the DS4 and have also turned off Vibration (never really cared about Rumble that much) yet the battery still sucks compared to the rock solid, long lasting DS3 battery.

Lastly, the one that that I am VERY annoyed is the bluetooth headset support.

Seriously, this is messed up. I really REALLY want to use my PS3 wireless headset (not the Pulse but the first one). I want my virtual 7.1 surround sound man. It makes one hell of a difference when you are playing games like Battlefield. Plus, the comfort level is sky high compared to my Galaxy S4 stereo headphones.

Bennibop1303d ago

@NighmareLuffy I get the feeling you are trolling, your friend could have got a replacement but instead she moved to X1 which has a wider range of reported potential technical problems

TimeSkipLuffy1303d ago

I agree. I told her to send the console back because Amazon is offering a great service but she is the type that gets frustrated very fast. And because she always buy all consoles she got the choice which one her primary console will be.

nukeitall1303d ago


"Says a lot about the quality of your consol when the highest problem it has is an annoying little light bar. "

I think it is more a case of it being so annoying it overshadows everything else.

I really don't understand the point of this lightbar thing. Just turn it off, or is it not possible?

Maybe Sony didn't plan on it every being turned off, because they originallyl envisioned the PS Eye included with every PS4.

RumbleFish1303d ago

I'd like to turn it off. For now I have it covered with duct tape.

ITPython1303d ago

My PS4 is whisper quite even after several hours playing KZ:SF and a room with a temp of around 70 degrees.

Perhaps those that complain about a loud PS4 fan are either exaggerating, got an unlucky console, have their PS4 sealed up in an entertainment system with no airflow and/or they live in very hot areas.

ShadowReaper141302d ago

the only problem i have with my ps4 is when i flip to a different hdmi setting to watch cable or use my ps3 while something is downloading on my ps4 or something and then try to go back to the hdmi setting that is connected to the ps4. i get a black screen with no sound i have to turn off the ps4 and turn it back on and then it will be fine but i can't turn on the ps4 while watching cable then turn to that hdmi setting. Only a minor annoyance. I mean it could also be my tv because the ps4 is such powerful machine or something i have no idea why it does that. i was just wondering if someone else has this problem? or knows how i can fix it! :)

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xHeavYx1303d ago

Cool story bro, hopefully her imaginary PS4 has a guaranty

Plasticgearsolid1303d ago

You mean his imaginary friend's imaginary PS4

HardcoreGamer1303d ago

i dont know, if i bought a ps4 and it made all these problems, i would of move to xbox 1 aswell

after thinking about it while typing this.. NO I WOULDNT. its not enough to change to a difference console.

Prime1571303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

At the gamestop I worked at, I had a lady return 2 xboxes in ONE day. I was like, when do you give up? I mean they were readily available without shipping, I guess.

I've only seen one ps4 come back.

KonsoruMasuta1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Your friend must have had a super defective PS+ if she was having constant game crashes and it was loud enough to make her complain about it. Your friend should have used this thing we call a "warranty".

princejb1341303d ago

We'll I hope your friend enjoys your xbox. She won't be missed

VforVideogames1303d ago

Yeha she turn to the dark side.

Joey_Leone1303d ago

She's trippin, me and everyone else i know have no issues with the ps4, the only time i experience crashes is when i played BF4, and she said the PS4 is too loud? She must have had that system next to her head.

dillhole1303d ago

Well that sounds completely made up. Nice try though.

PersonMan1303d ago

My PS4 is perfect. Haven't had a single game crash and it has been as quiet as my PS3 Slim.

minimur121303d ago

I'm not sure if it's just my os4 but by the sounds of it, it just is, but sometimes when there's quite a demanding game on screen you can here the fans, thoughts people?

At first when I heard it I got a bit worried but after a while I've got used to it. At least I've got a warranty if anything f*!ks up

GW2121303d ago

I'm with you.

I actually have had a game crash (BF4 obviously) but that hasn't happened since the first week I got my PS4. 100% smooth sailing for the last few months.

I am still pleasantly surprised at how quiet the console is. I never hear the fan no matter what game I'm playing.

T21303d ago

@nightmare - ah yes the fully returnable ps4 under warranty is a huge issue but when people's 36o crashed 2-5 times they were loyal xbox camp huh? By that logic 50 percent of 360 owners would have switched within 2 years

TimeSkipLuffy1303d ago

she switched from X360 to PS3 because her X360 died several times. She always buy all consoles. She is truly a console freak XD
but now it turned around. Nothing I can do. She is like that.

TimeSkipLuffy1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

@Bennibop My friend is like that. She always buy all consoles and was too frustrated because the Killzone bundle send by amazon was delayed and then she got a faulty machine over christmas. She always enjoys the console she feel most comfortable with.
For me it is the PS4 despite missing features. I was always a playstation child (not Sony even if its a sony brand) but I respect other opinions, too. She was just unlucky and now she plays X1. There are people like that who get frustrated very quickly. Nothing to do about that.

she had the killzone bundle with CoD and BF4.
All crashed at some point.

I assume it was because of a faulty machine (known fan problem). I don't know if she is going to return it for another one. She does not care about PS4 anymore. In our company three ppl including me preordered a PS4. Two got problems with the fan / cooling system. I'm the only one who got lucky XD

It's sad to read that ppl always assume bashing of a console and madeup storys. If you like you can visit us here in Germany and convince yourself of the problem. She got no problem with that at all.
I just tell how it is. Sadly truth can hurt sometimes.

AshleeEmerson1303d ago

Lol, I usually don't respond but when it comes to expert trolling... you're doing it right! Congrats, now beat it. Says me, the internet bully.

Lukejrl1303d ago

Guys guys guys guys, why do you feel so threatened by what luffy is saying. I can not believe the time wasted on this comment whether what he is saying is true or not. He is being very polite and even somewhat believable. If you think he is lying then ignore him and move on.

Utalkin2me1303d ago


Cause this is a article about the led on the controller. He felt the reason to tell us his story that has no bearing on the article. His own fault for getting flogged.

il-JumperMT1303d ago

BETAfield 4 crashes do not count.