Tomb Raider Dev: Things Have Changed In Square Enix

Tomb Raider dev Scott Amos explains how the "failure" comment is now behind Square Enix, thanks to leadership and strategic changes.

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Imp0ssibl31644d ago

I loved Tomb Raider, glad to see Square acknowledges the potential of this franchise!

Alexious1644d ago

I do as well. It was dismaying to read the comments of the game being a "failure"; I'm glad they have changed their minds on that, as it was a great game.

Aleithian1643d ago

Agreed. Square has been suffering on the corporate side of things for years. I really hope this shift sticks and we see a smarter policy going forward.

SlapHappyJesus1644d ago

It's a good thing Square Enix acquired Eidos, being that their IPs and developers are the only ones consistently putting out releases of note as of late.
If Square goes down, taking Eidos with them . . . I am not going to be too happy.

Alexious1644d ago

It would be a shame indeed, they have a great portfolio.

Dannehkins1644d ago

I'd be pretty bummed out if a veteran like Tomb Raider was abandoned. This is a game that has gone through so many ups and downs - especially when Core Design was heading the originals.

It has a lot of potential and I think I found a new appreciation for Crystal Dynamics when they released the last Tomb Raider. Hadn't enjoyed a Tomb Raider game that much for ages.

WitWolfy1644d ago

I wonder when we can expect the sequel?

Aghashie1643d ago

Yup. I was thinking the same. Re-launch is cool, but I already got the game. I am more interested in a sequel.

On a second thought, if they do the upgrade thing for 10 bucks on the PSN, I might get it to beef up my PS4 library. Otherwise, I'll stick to my "last gen" copy. No fun paying full price for almost the same game twice.

Aleithian1643d ago

I'd do a $10 upgrade in a heartbeat. But it's unlikely. When the game gets down to about $30, I'll pick it up despite having the PS3 version. I want the improved version and the additional comic content, and I won't lie - a part of me wants to show my support for the reboot and new angle. I'm not one to besmirch portrayals of women in video games (e.g. I have no problem with the Dead or Alive ladies, etc), but I really like the approach they took to the new Lara. It's refreshing to see a different kind of character.

Aghashie1643d ago

@ Alethian

Yep, for $30 no doubt I'll grab a copy. But $60? No way. I got multiple gaming systems and new games are coming for them.

So, I'll wait for the price drop. If u get the game before me, be shure to tell me if it worth the wait/money. :)

Aurenar1643d ago

I think that the sequel will be something wondrous

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